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I love books about Christmas! I always have done, the very first picture in this post I adore, it is from Miss Read’s book Over The Gate, a story about rival neighbours which is very humorous! I love how the little girls and their mamas are dressed in this picture :)

Each Christmas I love to look through all the Christmas books in the house ( which includes Julia’s books this year too ), stories, compilations, craft books, cookery and crochet books, I love to leaf through the pages and be seeped in Christmas magic!

Each night, at Julia’s bedtime, I am reading Julia a story from the book My Christmas Treasury ( which is a fabulous book! ) and then singing her a carol from the book, she loves it, as do I!

I have just finished reading Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories ( which has only come out this year ), it is such a lovely book, with short Christmas stories and a long story running right through the book called Family Christmas, which goes through all the traditions of Christmas. I have recently attained quite a few Enid Blyton books ( more about which I will write in my next post ) after a long time of wishing for them, 2 of which you see here, the Christmas book and Julia Saves Up. I had the latter when I was little and loved this book, it has Christmas stories as well as normal stories in it’s pages, and of course with the title story been about a little girl called Julia, I could not resist!

The doll I was crocheting for Julia for Christmas turned out not so good, so I have crocheted the doll you see above instead :) It is a Waldorf inspired doll, done using this pattern, I really enjoyed making this one, and with the pattern been so versatile, I will definitely be using it again! I shall wrap this dolly up for Christmas for Julia, I can not wait to see her face when she opens this! We managed to get a wooden dolls cot to match the highchair and pram ( see previous post ), so she will have the set come Christmas morning, the cot was really hard to obtain, and I thought it would have to be after Christmas when we got it, but thankfully they came back in stock and we got it for our gorgeous girl :)

Julia is cutting new teeth on an almost daily basis now! She loves to show us her tooty pegs bless her, our beautiful baby girl :)

I am loving the build up to Christmas, it is probably my most favourite time of the year, and Christmas with a toddler in the house is magic! I am loving the wrapping of presents, the making and buying of gifts, the writing out and delivering of cards, I loved putting the tree up and seeing Julia’s reaction to it ( wary at first, but now she won’t leave it alone! ), listening too and singing Christmas carols, reading Christmas stories quietly and aloud, planning on what Christmas fare to cook and bake, I am really looking forward to going to the Women’s Institute ( of which I am a member ) Christmas party with a good friend of mine, that will be fun! Yes, I love Christmas :)

Thank you for reading everyone, bye for now :) xx




Our Week – I put Julia in her Christening outfit ( she was Christened in August ) and got some more shots of her before she grows out of it, she is growing so fast now! Our beautiful girl, oh how I love her!


We made bread ( 2 types ) which Julia loved ( first loaf was made in the bread machine, but then our bread machine broke, so the second loaf was made in the oven ), and I made a lemon cake, another hit with the family! :)

We got all wrapped up, cosy and toasty and went for wonderful Autumnal walks ( I love this time of year )

We’ve been reading together, wonderful books from kind friends and family, and books that John and I have bought for our sweet girl, Julia loves to hold the board books while we’re reading, they’re strong and durable, perfect for one year old chubby hands and a one year old’s curiosity where everything goes into her mouth :) Her other books with paper pages myself or daddy hold whilst reading, just in-case those little chubby hands tear their pages……. this is a book house, I am a book worm, John likes books, and Julia is showing a definite and thrilling interest in them too, we have so many books in this house, and now Julia’s room holds quite a lot of books too, some from my childhood which I have gave to Julia, and some of my own childhood favourites which we have bought for Julia like the following piccie, I had the book Goose Eggs when I was little and loved it, then when I was pregnant I bought this book ( I no longer have the actual one from my childhood ) along with 3 other books in this wonderful series

and last week I ordered the last book in this series for Julia, and it is wonderful, definitely a one to read every Christmas!


I love reading to our girl

( the Beatrix Potter and Brambly Hedge books were mine when I was little )

( my dear grandad bought me the Beatrix Potter books when I was very young )

And speaking of books, I have recently ordered quite a few books for Julia and they’re just starting to arrive, the ‘new ‘ books we will wrap up for Christmas for Julia, but where I could not buy new, because these particular books are out of print, so I have had to order used, we will give to Julia now, these books are mainly Little Golden Books which I have only just discovered, but love! I suppose they’re the American equivalent to our Ladybird books? Little Golden Books have been going a long time, some books are still in print, some aren’t. One of the companies illustrators was a lady called Eloise Wilkin, and her illustrations are simply stunning, some of the best I have seen, they are wonderful, and the books I have ordered are mainly the ones with her illustrations, though that is not to say other illustrators for the Little Golden Books are not wonderful, because they are, I also love Sharon Kane

and this little book

But I particularly love the Eloise Wilkin books


I love these little books, as does our Julia, I think she’ll share with me :)

And more are on the way, so I’ll be posting about them as and when :)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, bye for now :) x