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Call The Midwife Series 3 starts on Sunday night, and I for one can not wait!

I love this series! I read the books a few years ago, and really liked them, so was over the moon when the BBC announced they were making a series of the books!

John bought me the box set for Christmas, love it! :)

I adore the vintage baby clothes in this series!

Can not wait to watch the new series, are you watching too? :)


Hello Everyone :)

I hope your all keeping well and happy :)

This is going to be quite a pretty post, filled with all the pretties I have been making. I do love pretty things, don’t you :) I ave been also experimenting with photograph filters on the photos in this post, to try to make them look more dreamy, soft and old fashioned, so I hope you like them :)

Just before I get stuck in with my post, I will tell you the latest news about the competitions I am going to enter this year. Well, I was going to enter the Gateshead Flower Show competition in July, in the craft, baking and preserves categories, the craft I enter been doilies, as it stated you had to enter a piece of cotton crochet. Well, I have since decided not to enter this competition, as it is a bit out of the way for us, a canny way to travel, so I am going to enter the competition which is closer to home, and which is officially called The Sunderland Horticultural Show, but is known locally as the Seaburn Show ( Seaburn been the place it is held )

This show is only over the river to us, and is right beside our beach, not far at all to travel, in fact, my husband and I often walk to Seaburn Beach, so this shows how close it is. The Seaburn Show has been on every year for the past 25 years, but even though it is practically on our doorstep, I have only just learned of it because of the Women’s Guild. The WG encourage members to enter into this show every year, and have gave us the schedule for the show. It is not only WG members who enter though, it is open to anyone, man, woman and child, who wish to enter.

So, because this show is closer to where I live, I will enter this one. It is exactly the same as the Gateshead Flower Show, just on a smaller scale, but having said that, it is still quite a big show.

Anyway, for the craft section of this show ( which is one of the categories I will be entering ) there is no section for doilies, I will continue crocheting doilies, as I love them so much, but just for our home, unless that is, next years show has a category for them. The categories in this show for things I want to crochet and enter are a bag, a hat with a side decoration, a flower corsage and a Christmas tree skirt, so I have been searching for patterns ever since I got the schedule, and I think I have found a few that I will make and enter. I have definitely found the pattern for the bag I wish to enter, but will continue looking for the corsage, hat and Christmas tree skirt.

The show is on in September, so I will have plenty of time to make the things I wish to enter. I only have the schedule for the crafts section, I will hopefully be getting the full schedule for everything I can enter soon. I believe at next month’s WG meeting ( where I will become a fully fledged member, after paying my annual subscription :) ), the Chairwoman will be talking more in depth about the Seaburn Show, so I will learn more then, and I am also going to phone one of the shows organisers to get more info. I will keep you posted :)

I went to Aprils WG meeting on Tuesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it! I love The Women’s Guild ( official name  Townswomen’s Guild ), and would recommend it to anyone! On Tuesday nights meeting a speaker was on talking about myths, legends and ghosts of Sunderland ( where I live ) which was very interesting. The ladies there are just lovely, and I am fast becoming friends with them all, they are so friendly and welcoming :) Next months meeting the stall ( they have a stall every month, which the women donate things too, to raise funds for the Guild ) is going to be plants, so I will pot up a gooseberry bush, and take it in to donate to the stall.

Speaking of gooseberries, I have a marvellous little tip for you. Well, last year, we chopped our gooseberry bush back for the winter, and John decided to take the chopped off branches, and stick them in the soil, in our borders, just to see if they would grow, and they did! No rooting powder, no potting on, simply stick the chopped branches in the soil, leave them, and they will soon root and produce. Ours have firmly rooted and have green buds all over them! So now, we have about an extra 6 gooseberry bushes growing in our garden, and they were all totally free! I will pot up on of these to put on the WG stall next month :)

Okey dokey, now for my pretties :) Can you remember in the last post the doilies I posted? Some were blocking, and one I was still crocheting? Well, they are all done, blocked and complete now, and here they are :) ….

This is the Pineapple Doily from 1944 ( the first doily I crocheted ), and it now lives on my bedside cabinet….

I love it :)

The round doilies now live on our hearth….

And the red doily I was busy making when I did my last post…

now lives on our bathroom windowsill and suits the bathroom very well :)

Since then, I have crocheted a matching set of very delicate, very pretty pink doilies, using some of the crochet thread I bought with my birthday money…..

Which now live on our little table in the sitting room…..

I love them :) And I am now crocheting  a very pretty roses and leaves doily from a pattern from 1955 ( the doily this doily is sitting on I did not make, but bought from a jumble sale a while ago :) ), here is my roses and leaves doily so far…..

When this doily is finished, I will block it then post piccies of it :) Still on the subject of doilies, the other day I decided to sort all my doilies out that I have collected over the years, and put a few out on display. I heaped them all together on our bed to take a piccie for you, as I think they looked very very pretty all collected together….

I do love doilies and pretty things :)

So, I guess you could say I have been spending my spare time pottering around the house, and prettying things up, adding  doily here and there, and also, adding lace to things :) Last week I decided to take an old lace curtain, cut it up, and trim and line my baskets which I keep my wool and crochet thread in, and I am very very happy with the results :) I took this old basket….

And prettied it up with lace, and put my crochet thread in it instead of wool, and I added a doily ( not of my making ) to the table to make it look extra pretty, and this is how it looks now….

I am very happy with how it turned out, I love it :) I also took the other baskets, which live on top of one of my crochet chests, a long with my crochet hooks, Tunisian crochet hooks and knitting needles, and I prettied up these baskets with lace too, and added a lovely doily ( not of my making ) to the chest for extra prettiness, and put all my sparkly wool in one basket, and my white and cream wool in the other…..

and while I was on a mission to pretty things up, I took an old sweet jar, washed it out, and filled it with my ribbons, then tied a bit of lace around the jar, for extra prettiness :)

While I was in a pottering mood, I decided to tidy my wool chest out, and make it more organised :) ….

I am very happy with all my pretties :)

Well, that’s about it for this post :) I hope you have enjoyed sharing everything with me :) As ever, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)


I am going to spend the rest of today relaxing, crocheting, and watching my favourite Saturday night programme, Britain’s Got Talent, and then watch the wonder series Ladies Of Letters :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)