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Hello Everyone :)

How are you all today? I am doing good, though have come down with a cold so am feeling a little icky :(   But that means I have more time to crochet with been poorly, so there is always a bright side to everything, even been unwell :)

My Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket is coming on good, I have crocheted 38 motifs so far, and have another 34 to crochet to fit our bed, then I will sew the ends in, sew the motifs together and add the border :) I am a little stuck on how I am going to block the motifs, I have not the room to pin them all and spray them to block them you see, so if any one has any tips on how I can block these motifs, I would really appreciate you passing them onto me :) I am only working on this blanket on week day evenings (I do most of my crochet in the evenings), and on a weekend I am working on my In-between Scrappy Granny Blanket, so I can enjoy watching my programmes over the weekend, without having to concentrate on a pattern :) Would you like to see my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket so far? Okey dokey then, here are some piccies of it :)

I am afraid the light was not too good when I took these pictures, so please excuse the dullness of them, the true colour of the cream motifs is not really showing through, I will take better pics next time :)

So that is my main week day project, and my weekend, in-between project is this, my In-between Scrappy Granny Blanket….

As you can see, I am joining my scraps of wool whenever they run out, even if it is in the middle of a round, as I want this to be a true scrappy blanket, meaning I do not waste any bits of wool. I started off with my really tiny bits of wool, and as the blanket grows, I am using bigger and bigger scraps and odd balls of wool, which means it is an extremely colourful, and very interesting looking blanket, lol :)

I am really enjoying making this blanket, and seeing how it looks with all my scraps crocheted into it :) I will add a border when it is finished, to bring it all together, and I will probably use this as a settee blanket, to cover me over and keep me all snuggled of an evening :) When this blanket is finished, I will start on another in-between scrappy project :)

So, what else have I been doing apart from crocheting? Well, …… I have been cleaning and tidying, baking and cooking, reading and writing, taking photos…..

and  enjoying re-reading my favourite trilogy of all time, Lark Rise To Candleford, and am currently re-reading Over To Candleford (the middle book)

And I have been enjoying looking through my latest Cath Kidston magazine, and loving her latest creations

And really really enjoying looking through my latest Crochet Today magazine

 and planning what I want to crochet, which is nearly everything in the magazine, but what I want to crochet the most are these two jumpers

and this cushion cover

Love them!!! :)


I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend, I am going to get snuggled on the settee now to keep warm, watch LRTC and crochet :) I do hope this dratted cold goes soon!!! :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)


Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)


Please be warned, there are a lot pictures in this post, so I advise you to make yourself a nice cuppa, and sit in a comfy chair for this post, it is going to be a long one, lol :)

On the Saturday, I did some sewing and tidied my book/material room out, I put all my material into these 3 delightful ottomans…

and I sewed 2 new washing machine curtains, here is one of them..

I have not put the other one on yet, but when I do change them over I will take poics :) I made both from old table cloths, and with the material that was left over from this one, I sewed a new cushion cover…

and with the material that was left over from the other table cloth I used to make a washing machine curtain, I sewed a big draw string bag, to hang in the bathroom, to keep our toilet rolls in :)

I also sewed 2 other drawstring bags to hang in the bathroom, just to bring some floral prettiness to the room (the pics were taken on the kitchen door, as I was working in the room right next door to the kitchen )

and I also sewed another new cushion cover…

as I was trying to take this shot, Whiskey walked into it, the little sneak, lol..

I also changed our bedding from this…

to this…

I love our new floral bedding :)

On the night, I sat down with my magazine I had got the previous day..

read through it, then began cutting out pictures that I loved to glue in my inspiration books ( the saucer you see has glue in )

On the Sunday, John and I went to his parents for yummy dindin, after dinner, John and I washed up and cleared away, then joined his mam and dad in the sitting room, I crocheted, John read the papers, and we all chatted happily :) When we came home, I put on my flowery pyjamas, flowery dressing gown and flowery slippers..

and then relaxed in our cosy sitting room with John and our animals..

and as you can see, decided to take random snaps of what our room looked like at the time, with the tv on, my drinks at my side ( tea and orange juice ), my diary, notebook and novel by my side..

and what I was currently crocheting..

I decided to knock up a mini granny square blanket, to put in my beloved wooden dolls cot, which my dear grandad bought me when I was very young, as Whiskey has claimed this cot as her bed, so I thought it would be nice to crochet a blanket for her to snuggle into when she is in the cot :) ..

can you spot Whiskey checking her new blanket out in the next pic ?

Unfortunately, every time whiskey has been in the cot, on her new blanket, I have not had the camera to hand, but here is Little Dolly modelling it for you :) ..

In the next pic, the files you see are full of my crochet patterns, I backed the files in some left over Millie Rose wallpaper :)

On the Monday, I helped John decorate our bathroom…

John painted the walls, and the shelf, and put the border on, while I scrubbed the bathroom to sparkling whiteness and painted our accessories red. We did our bathroom red and blue because of the border we bought, and I have to say, I love it :)

I also crocheted the pink trimming to go on our bathroom shelf…

and I hung the bags up on the bathroom door..

On the Tuesday, John and I had a day trip to Hexham with my dad and Pam. We had a lovely day, we visited the Abbey..

and looked around the shops. I bought the Easy Living magazine, which came with a free Cath Kidston tote, but I have forgotten to take a pic of the tote I selected, it is the navy one with flowers, not the medallion one, and I got a copy of Country Homes and Interiors mag too..

I was intrigued by this pic in Easy Living magazine, a crocheted bicycle wheel guard!

and I loved the fact that in this months CHAI magazine, there were some crochet patterns!

I also bought a fab little casserole dish, which has flowers on

and John and I bought, from a charity shop, a glass demijohn for only 99p, bargain!!! Here it is fermenting some wine, in our wine cupboard..

and while in Hexham, we also bought a new shower curtain for our newly decorated bathroom, I love this shower curtain!

On the Wednesday, I started the spring cleaning, and spent a solid 8 hours scrubbing every inch, every nook and cranny, everything in our kitchen. On the night, I decided to snap more shots of our sitting room..

My grandad kindly bought me this delightful dollies swing, and the dolly (tiny tears) who sits in it :) I have had these, and the cot for years, and would not part with them for the world!

On the Thursday, Johns mam and dad called in for tea, we ate sandwiches made with Johns delicious home made bread…

My dad also called in on Thursday, and John had a shoot on, so a busy day. I decided to wash our woollens in  Dri-Pak soap flakes, I love these soap flakes, they are excellent for woollens as they keep them so soft, as opposed to alot of washing powders which are very harsh on woollens..

You have to dissolve them before putting them in the washing machine, a lovely domestic ritual in itself..

And when the water is clear, you simply add to your washer drawer like you would normal washing powder

I had planned on spring cleaning the sitting room on the Friday, giving it a proper turn out, but unfortuneatley, on Thursday night I began to feel quite unwell, and still do, I think I must have some kind of bug, my head is so dizzy and aching, my stomach is killing, and I feel as weak as a kitten, so instead, I have spent the weekend watching Miss Marple..

and crocheting, I have crocheted some trimming for the book shelf in the sitting room, which holds my favourite books (all my other books are in the book room upstairs )..

And I blanket stitched the edges of the tea towels I bought from Dunelm a while ago, then added a crochet border to those..

and I crocheted a new bathroom bin cover..

I am now going to finish off on here, then spend the day snuggled under the blanket on the settee, crocheting and watching Miss Marple.

Let me leave you with some pics of our gorgeous animals in their various favourite places where they like to relax and sleep.

Scrappy on the hearth rug..

Foxy, on my feet on the settee…

Whiskey, snuggled into the cushion on the armchair…

and Jack, looking grumpy (he had just woke up) on the back of the settee..

And with that, can I just say, I hope you enjoyed looking at my week in pictures, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your wonderful comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)