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Hello everyone :) It has been a while since my last post, I’ve been getting over some kind of virus, coping with a really painful neck ( so painful I have had to aquire a neck brace which I wear when the pain is really bad ) and I’ve basically just been doing things around the house ect… So not much to report :)

I managed to get some really super cute photos of Whiskey in her ( my ) dolls cot, lieing snuggled on the granny square blanket I made for her…

and here she is cuddled into Little Dolly, whom Whiskey absolutely loves!!!!

Isn’t Whiskey super cute!!! All our animals are, we love them all so much! I also snapped some pics of Jack in his new favourite place to sleep. Half of his body is on the tower of my computer and the other half is on the chair I sit on while on the computer, lol, cats are peculiar creatures!!!!

John and I have been bottling our wine, here is the beetroot and carrot wine, which John said tastes very nice indeed :)

Oh yes, before I forget, here are some piccies of the other washing machine curtain I made from an old tablecloth, this is my favourite one as the little yellow duckies match our yellow kitchen :)

Have you heard of the shop Berry Red ? Its a great online shop that sell many things similar to Cath Kidston, and they also sell Greengate products. Well, anyway, they do a catalogue now, adn I subscribed, it came and I love it!!! The things they sell are just gorgeous! This catalogue is definitely well worth a look :)

Okey dokey, I am going to go now, but before I do, I will show you the cluster stitch blanket I have finished, at last!!! I really love this blanket, John does too, he said it is the best blanket I have made :) This blanket is for our bed, and to go with it, I have edged some plain pillow cases in some of the same colours as the blanket, just to make them a little more pretty :)

I can not wait to go to bed tonight, and sleep in a cosy crochet cocoon :)

Ok, I am going to go now and start crocheting something new :) I hope you have enjoyed reading this post :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and leaving your lovely comments, they really mean a lot to me :)

Take care everyone

Bye For Now :) :) :) :)

Seven years ago today, John and I married, and what a wonderful day that was, and every day since has been wonderful. I love my husband so much, he is so kind, loving, affectionate, handsom, loyal, lol, I could go on and on forever about him, I adore him. We gave each other gifts and cards, got gifts and cards from other people, including this lovely bed set from my dad and his lovely partner Pam……

It is a plain white bed set, which we have been after for ages, as I want just a nice plain set, to put underneth our gorgeous floral patchwork quilt. :) I have put this away until the bedroom has been decorated, then it will go on the bed along with our quilt.

I got up early this morning, as I had a few jobs to do, I have done the housework, planted these….

Fushcias and germaniums, and I planted them just in time, as it has started to rain again, I have had a bath, and now I am sitting on our comfy settee, with my patchwork quilt…..

thrown over me, laptop on knee, cuppa by my side and I am happily relaxing. John has had to work today, so we have not been able to spend the day together as planned, but hopefully he will be home early, so we can have a wonderfully romantic evening together. Once I have uploaded this post, I am going to browse through my favourite blogs, take a look online for inspiration for our home and for things to make, then I may do some baking and get on with my crocheting. The crochet shrug I am making with the delightful wool John bought me, has had to be put on hold, as I have ran out of wool for it. I’ll be buying more of the same wool tomorrow, when I call in the wool shop, so I can finish it, here it is so far…

I just love the colour, it is so bright and cheery, perfect for a summers day. :) Because I dont like to not have a project on the go, I began making this last night…

It is going to be a tissue box cover, I am going to add ruffles to it to pretty it up, and it should be finished by tonight. I dont know what to make with the red wool John bought me..

(sorry, the picture is a little over exposed), there is 150 grams here all together, any suggestions on what I could make with it? Speaking of things John bought me, the other week, when John went out alone, he came back home with this delightful present for me…

Is’nt it wonderful! …

I absoulutely love it, I am loving all the Union Jack things which are in the shops at the moment. :)

So, anyway, while I have been poorly, I have been doing alot of reading, and some of my fave things that I have read recently, have been these…

and these…

I do love my books and magazines. :)

I am loving the garden at the moment, nearly every day I spot some thing new, which has seemed to have appeared over night, I love it. :) Last week John and I planted some cress in a tub on our window sill, and here it is now…

I love how fast cress grows, we havnt even put it in soil, just on some wet tissue! John and I do like to have rather a lot of cress on our salads, or in our sandwiches, it has a lovely mild peppery flavour, is good for you, and grows like nothing I have ever seen before, the perfect window sill vegetable. :) A few weeks ago, I planted some marigold seeds, propergated them, then potted them on, and here is how they are looking…

I love marigolds, they are so old fashioned and country gardenish. :) I have quite a few to put out in the garden. I am going to start hardening them off now, then plant them out the end of May.

On Saturday, John and I went into town, as I wanted to buy this cardigan from Primark,which I spotted on this delightful blog and this delightful blog, but unfortueately, our store did not have them in, :( , so I was rather disapointed as I love it. I’ll just have to keep calling in. :) Other things that I have spotted which I really would love to buy are on this page here, I love the pither from Dun Elm, and the basket from Sainsburys.

While searching for inspiration on the net last night, I thought I would type in Cath Kidston style crochet blanket, and search on Google images to see if anyone had made one, using her colours ect…, little did I know that Cath actually has (or had) a crochet blanket…

but at £160, it is a bit pricey, and any way, I dont even know if she is still making and selling these, so…….. I am going to make one myself, using the same colours, or colours as near as possible to the ones in this blanket, as I just love it. Would’nt it be great if CK brought out a crochet book, I would certainly buy a copy. :)

I have just discovered Green Gate and I absolutely adore the things they sell, does anyone know how I could get one of their catalogues delivered? I looked on one site, Lily Blue to try to get one, but they do not have any left. I am also still hankering after the Rosali bedding, but I can only find it on ebay. I’ll have to wait a few weeks before I can buy it, as there are other, more pressing things to spend our money on at the moment, so it will just have to wait, but it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. :)

Ok, off now to make myself another cuppa, then spend a happy few hours looking at blogs and surfing the net. I love days like this. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

Bye for now, take care everyone. :) xxxx