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All Sorts

Hiya Girls :)

Where has this week gone! It does not seem like 5 minutes since I did my last blog post! This post has all kinds in it, lol, firstly, let me show you the latest piccies of the kitties….. :)

here is our Jack, looking grumpy, lol…

Whiskey been mischevious, as always :) ……

They are getting on so well now, having play fights, tumbling all over the place, it is so much fun to watch, I could watch them for hours. :)

Last week, I just fancied a quiche, a nice home made quiche, so I set too, made the pastry, completely by guess work, no meaurement or anything, I blind baked my pastry, then grated cheese onto the base of the quiche, I whipped up 3 eggs with milk, added a load of grated cheese, onion, black pepper and a little salt to the egg mixture, poured this onto the base of the quiche, added chopped vine tomatoes and more onion, then baked it, and this is the result….

Yummy! I was so proud of this, as this is the first time I have made pastry from guess work instead of measuring everything out, and I just made the filling from the top of my head, and honestly, it was lovely, lol, I know you should not blow your own trumpet, but I am really proud of this quiche, and I shall definitely be making more in the near future….

John absolutely loved it…

We had it with baby tatties and salad leaves from our garden, delicious. :) With the pastry that was left over, I added some sugar to it and made a batch of jam tarts….

This afternoon, we are going over to Johns aunties, as it is her birthday, and she is having a party/bbq, all the family are going, so I am really looking forward to it, I am going to bake a lemon cake to take over, and I shall be wearing my new dress and cardi that I bought last Monday…

with a nice pair of shoes, and my new handbag…

I bought these two bags last week also, I’ll be using the purple one today, and to complete my outfit, I’ll put on some of my pretty jewlery…

I got another dress last week aswell, which I love, it is very 1950s I think, which is what I love about it….

I have not wore dresses for years, or skirts, until very recently, I have always lived in jeans, but as I get older, I want to be more feminine, and I am just loving all the 1950s type dresses and skirts that are in the shops at the moment, and I am really looking forward to ‘creating’ the new me, the new 1950s me, lol. :) I am going to get my bum length hair cut on Tuesday, I am thinking shoulder length, with layers, in a side parting, with a side sweeping fringe, then I can style my hair 1950s fashion, and I am also thinking about colouring my hair a nice red shade, think Rita Hayworth, something like this…..

or this….

I love these colours, and styles, I just love everything about the 1950s, the fashion, the hair, the make up, the home decor, absolutley everything, and I am going to try my best to be a 1950s housewife, :) .

I am still reading my Miss Read books, and I have been dipping into my Ma Larkin recipe book and my mags….

I absolutley love this two page spread in Your Home magazine, look at all these lovely florals!!!!!

I love the Cath Kidston bedroom…..

And I am in love with this settee from Ikea, how gorgeous is this!

This is definitely one of my most favourite spreads I have ever seen in any magazine. :)

Oh, I have finally got round to putting my crochet trimming up on the bathroom shelves, yay!!! Wanna see?……

i love it, and I’ll be making crochet trimming for every shelf in our house, lol. :)

Okey dokey, I am going to do the housework now, bake my cake, have a bath and get ready for the party tonight. :)

I hope you are all having a fab weekend, I am listening to The Puppini Sisters as I type this, and it is doing my poor Johns head in, bless him, just shows how much he loves me to be putting up with The Puppini Sisters, lol.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leaving a comment.

Bye for now girls, take care. :) xxxxxx

Hello girls.  :)

Before I get cracking with this post, I will show you a few piccies of the gorgeous cardi that Ann kindly sent to me…

Isn’t it lovely, I love floral clothing, so feminine and oldfashioned.



I just love this cardi, and I felt so girly wearing it yesterday. Also, ann kindly sent me a lovely brooch with the cardi which I adore…

Thank you Ann, you are so kind. :)

Ok, well, you remember the crochet I showed you in the last post? well, I got a bit tired of doing that, so I took the squares I had already made, and decided to pretty the toilet (yes, the toilet, lol) up with them  :)

And I think they add that extra bit of cosiness, prettiness and homliness to our bathroom. I still have not been to the wool shop yet to buy the wool to finish off my summer shrug, so instead of starting on something which I have to follow a pattern too, I have instead been making granny squares to turn into a retro blanket for our settee, and the thing with granny squares is, that you can pick them up and put them down whenever you like, the perfect inbetween projects filler. :)

I finished reading Miss Clare Remembers a few days ago, and started on the next book in the Fairacre series…

which I am loving, I find myself permanently smiling when I am reading a Miss Read book, lol.

Last Thursday, John painted our bedroom in the nice warm roasted red colour, and it looks lovely. You may have guessed that we like warm colours in our home, what with our sitting room been newly decorated in primrose, our bedroom painted in red, our kitchen will be painted in lemon pie and our dining room will be   painted in putting green (ok, green is not a warm colour, but we still love this shade :) ). Anyway, with our bedroom been newly painted, I got to put our new bedding on, which I had kept put away until this time, and what follows is rather a few piccies of our bed, and if you get sick of looking at them, I do apologise, but I must explain, I am now in love with our bed, the patchwork rose quilt which lays on top of our duvet, well, I just can not stop looking at it, lol. Whenever I am in the bedroom, I stop, sit on the bed, and admire our quilt, I have been after a quilt like this for years now, so I am so so happy that we have finally got one. Do you think it strange that a quilt can make someone so happy? :)

Over the headboard, I have draped an embroidered, vintage tablecloth, as I think it looks much better than the black metal headboard.

Ohhhhh, how I love our bed now, I look forward to bedtime every night now, lol. My bedside cabinet that I was going to crochet a cloth for, well, I have decided to run one up on my sewing machine instead, with white fabric, and add some crochet edging to it, you see, I like to have a drink by my side when I am in bed, incase I wake up thirsty during the night, and if I use a crochet cloth for my bedside table, well, it will be bumpy, making my glass wobbly, which means it may fall and spill, so I have decided to make a fabric cloth instead, so it will be nice and flat, and oh dear me, my bedside cabinet certainly does need a cloth over it, as it is looking rather worn and tired now.


Today, John is going to hang this rather lovely plate up in our bedroom…

I have had this plate for years and years, I bought it with my pocket money, from the little shop inside our church, when I was in primary school, and my dad hung it above my bed for me, now that I have my own home, it will be hung above the bed that my darling husband and I share. :)

Over the weekend, inbetween crocheting, reading Miss Read, watching The Darling Buds Of May, and making  our bedroom and toilet look pretty (lol), I have added a few more cushions to the sitting room….

This one I made myself a while ago….

And this one I got for free with our new quilt. I love the little finishing touches in a home, they make all the difference, they can make your room look instantly cosy, loved and lived in, and make a house a home.

Okey dokey, I am going to do the housework now, then tackle this…

pile of ironing, have a lovely bath using my favourite vintagey products…..

Then read, crochet and watch buds of may, until it is time for the first night of Britains Got Talent finals to start, when hubby and I will be getting settled together, with a nice cup of tea, and scrummy eats, to enjoy watching the rich variety of acts on this entertaining show.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and for leaving comments. :)

Bye for now everyone, take care. xxx :) :) :)