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I am being efficient! Only two weeks and here I am making another blog post! I will try to post more regularly :)

Well, as promised, here is part two of our Summer Days Out post, plus some pics of what I have been reading and making.

John, Julia and I all had a lovely day out at a local park, where we had a picnic, watched the swans and ducks ( or coocaws as Julia calls them ), and walked through the woodland, so peaceful and wonderful!

We all enjoyed a perfect ( if cloudy ) day at the beach with my dad and step mam, this was actually Julia’s first time on the sand, and oh how she loved it!

John, Julia and I all had another perfect day at Beamish Museum ( we love this place! ) Walking up to Pockerly Manor…

and inside the manor, talking to the doctor who informed us that he was waiting for the mistress to come downstairs to pay him, after his attempts to save her husband from small pox! ( his attempts failed apparently ) ……

Julia and myself on the Merry-Go-Round, which was Julia’s first time and she absolutely loved it!


We’ll be going back to our favourite museum in the very near future :)

The day after we went to Beamish, we went to a very old church quite close to us, to watch a Medieval re-enactment, which was wonderful! A battle, Anglo Saxons against the Vikings!


After the battle we walked around the church grounds to watch the medieval people in their tents, going about their every day activities, this lady appeared to be doing a form of primitive crochet?


This particular church and grounds was chosen for this re-enactment as the church was built in Medieval times

After the re-enactment, we all walked to the beach which was very close by, it was a lovely walk, finished off by a picnic, ice cream and paddle :) The pier is currently under construction

John’s mam loved her cardigan which I crocheted for her birthday! I really enjoy making things for others, here is the cardigan :)

I finished crocheting the baby doll for Julia’s birthday, which has now being put away until October

So come October, dolly in pink dress ( which I made for Julia last Christmas ) will have a play friend!

I am currently crocheting a popcorn hearts blanket for John’s mam and dad for Christmas, I am crocheting this in green and pink strips which will be sewn together, with a border added. I only work on this when Julia is up and about, as I can crochet quite easily with Julia running around and unexpectedly jumping on me, lol, and if Julia wants to sit on my knee, have cuddles or play, I can put my crochet down in the middle of a row and come back to it easily, unlike knitting! With knitting I have to finish a row before I can put it down, and can not knit with Julia jumping on me, so knitting I reserve for when Julia is tucked up in her cot asleep at night :) Anyway, here is the first strip of the blanket…

I crocheted one of these blankets for my dad and step mam a couple of Christmases ago, it is a lovely pattern which I enjoy doing. I am knitting a cardigan for Julia, which includes fair isle and intarsia techniques, and I am quite proud of this so far, since it is my 4th ( or is it 5th? ) ever knit, I started to teach myself to knit in earnest in February just gone, and I love it! So this is what I am working on in the few hours between Julia going to bed at night, and our bedtime, it is a pattern from Susan Crawford’s Vintage Gifts To Knit book… 

At the moment I am reading one of my new Alison Uttley book, Ambush Of Young Days, then I’ll be reading my other new Alison Uttley book, Carts And Candlesticks.

I am really pleased with these two books, which have been on my book list for a while now, they were usually so expensive to buy, like so many of Alison’s memoirs, but every so often I’ll check Amazon for these books ( and others by her ) and sometimes, they’re listed for only a few pounds, which really is excellent for these particular books, so I snap them up and add them to my ever growing collection of Alison Uttley memoirs of her country childhood, she is one of my favourite authors and to me, she and Flora Thompson have wrote the most wonderful memoirs of country childhoods that I have ever read (and I have read a few, lol ). The above books are in good condition considering their age, with the Carts And Candlesticks one having never been read by the look of it, so I feel very lucky to have acquired these wonderful books

Speaking of books, I have started buying ( already! ) books to put away to read, with Julia, over the Christmas Season. I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of year, I adore the build up to it, and try to cram as much Christmas into it as I possibly can, and that includes reading many Christmas books, and so, I have started buying Christmas books already. We already have quite a few, but there is just something so magical, so charming about Christmas books, that in my opinion, you can never have enough! I am trying to buy one a week, mostly from Amazon, so that come Christmas, we will have quite  a collection to read! This one arrived last week, and it is a charming story about the first Christmas stocking, I’ll be showing more of this book ( and others ) closer to Christmas :)

Well, that is it for today, I am going to ice our weekend cake, and print some photos out for the albums just now. Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day!

Bye for now x




Spring Fever is in the air! Look around and you can see signs of it everywhere! I just love to see birds coupling up, and seeing their courting rituals! The pigeons that come into our garden are so sweet! They’ll hop along the fence, the male chasing the female, showing off to her, and eventually she’ll give in, stay still for him, and they’ll snuggle and cuddle, and groom one another, so sweet! And on Thursday night, we had two surprise visitors to our garden, two ducks! We live close to a beautiful park, a field with a little stream going through it, and another park with a man made lake in it, so these ducks could of came from any of these places, I think these two ducks are definitely a couple.

They arrived when Julia was in bed, just as we put her to bed actually, so unfortunately she did not get to see our little feathered visitors. John and I went out to feed them some bread, and it was so sweet as the male duck was letting the female have the majority, and you could see how alert he was, watching out for his companion. After they fed, they settled in the grass, had a snooze, then about an hour and a half later, they went. But, they returned the next night ( last night ), the same two ducks, at almost exactly the same time, just as we put Julia to bed! Again, they fed on bread, rested, snoozed, then about an hour and a half later, flew off! I wonder if they’ll return again tonight, I do hope so!

John baked another delicious cake! This was a vanilla and chocolate cake, which was just divine!


It was vanilla sponge on the bottom, then a layer of chocolate butter icing, then a chocolate sponge, topped with vanilla butter icing and chocolate shavings, yum!


I finished knitting Julia’s teddy bear cardigan, and I am so pleased with it! I really, really enjoyed knitting this :)

The teddy bear buttons I got a really good deal on from ebay, I won auction for 48 of these buttons ( 24 brown, 24 white ) for just over £1.00, bargain! The flower on the cardigan I crocheted,


Our beautiful girl! She would not keep her glasses on though, lol :)

My new Susan Crawford  knitting book arrived a few days a go, I love it!

I am definitely going to try my hand at knitting the Christmas jumper, hopefully for this Christmas

And I love this cardigan which I am going to knit for Julia..


I love this little knitting book!

More buttons, another ebay buy…

At the moment I am knitting Julia this cardigan…

It is done all in one piece to the armholes, then divided for shaping, at the moment I am knitting in the little Westie Doggies :)

Well, that’s it for today! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, bye for now :) xxx