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Hello Everyone! Long time no post! We’ve had quite a lot on lately. in just one week my dad, John and myself all celebrated our birthdays, and my birthday pressie from John was a wonderful day out in one of my all time favourite places, Beamish Museum. We had a great day! This was Julia’s first time at Beamish, and she loved it! We took quite a few photos, so lets get stuck straight into them :)

The first thing we did when we got there was crack open our picnic, we were so hungry after our journey there! As you can see above, Julia is enjoying her choccie chip muffin!

We then went to the colliery village, to look in the pit cottages, these cottages were actually real miners cottages, where the miner and his family lived, and these particular cottages were taking down, brick by brick from Hetton-Le-Hole ( a place not far from us ) and re-built in Beamish, fixtures and fittings included! All the builds in Beamish were actual buildings once in use, whether they be homes, shops, schools….., this truly is a living museum!

Firstly, the office where miners collected their wages, before heading home after a long shift down the pit. There is a coal mine you can go down in the colliery village, but I think we’ll wait until Julia is a bit older for that. I have being down this mine quite a few times, and it really touches a cord as my dear grandad was a miner, he suffered in later life from working down the mines from the age of 14 until he retired in his 60′s. He had arthritis, a very bad chest, and he lost his little finger in a mining accident. In his gnarled but tender hands, I could see soot trapped in his veins, reminders of a life crawling on hands and knees in the dark depths of the mine.

I imagine my grandads childhood home was like these pit cottages..

A miners widow knitting socks for her lodger, the mine bosses let her keep this cottage as she still had a son down the mine…
Now we head over to the school, Julia’s first time ever in school!
And into the village hall, Julia loved it in here!
We then leave behind the colliery village, and make our way up to the 1940s Farm. I love it here! We stopped at the farm cottages first and had a cosy chat with a land girl, who was wearing the most fabulous hand knitted jumper!
I love this cottage! Everything about it is so cosy! I particularly love the cream and blue enamel range, I could happily live in this cottage!
We then went into the farm house, which is just wonderful! This farm house was actually already in Beamish, an original building, with an original range!
We went to say hello to some of the farm animals, including these beautiful cows, who were either in calf or had recently given birth…
We then walked into town, paid a visit to the sweet factory…
Peeped into the town houses…
And did a spot of shopping in the iron mongers….
the haberdashers…..
and the grocers……
Before heading too Pockerly Manor, another building which was already at Beamish, and which Beamish have incorporated into the museum. The oldest part of this building dates back to the 1400′s, but we could not access this part with the pushchair, though I have been in the 1400′s building many times and it is fascinating! Pockerly Manor in the following photos date’s from the 1700′s….
And that was our day in Beamish, saying bye bye, until next time :)
In my next blog post I’ll write about my knitting, and the fabulous knitting books I got for my birthday which I just love! I can’t wait to show you them!
Right now I have a poorly Julia lying asleep on my chest, she has a nasty cough, cold and is teething, all making her feel quite unwell poor bairn. This is the first time she has been poorly, and it is awful to see, I wish I could take it away and it be me who is poorly instead.
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend :) xxx




These are the days of our lives, the days we will remember always, the happy, blissful days, the festive days, the fantastic days.

Christmas was simply wonderful this year!

We all went to the park, twice, we fed the ducks and other birds, and relished the sweet serenity of nature, the quiet of Winter, to escape, just for a little while, from the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

I crocheted us all Christmas stockings, and tried my best to cross stitch and embroider nicely on them, although they are not perfect, they are loved, so my making them was very worthwhile indeed.

Christmas Eve, we all put our new pyjamas and slippers on, and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol together, something we will do each year and make a family tradition, I read Julia The Night Before Christmas, before we tucked her in and left her to dream of sugar plums.

Christmas morning was wonderful, watching Julia open her presents and get excited over what she found beneath the festive paper! I am pleased to say she loves all her toys, including the dolly I crocheted for her! After present opening and breakfast, we all went to Johns parents to see family and have dinner there, it was lovely watching Julia with the other young children of our family, Julia is the youngest, we have two 3 year olds and a 2 year old in our family too, and watching her join in with their games, and interact with them is very sweet indeed :)

Boxing Day was a kind of second Christmas in our house, as my dad and Pam came over, they were unable to come over on Christmas Day, so we treated Boxing Day as a second Christmas. We all enjoyed a lovely tea together, and watched, happily as Julia opened her presents and delighted in what she received. Julia is such a loving baby, she loves to give cuddles, snuggling down into your neck and saying ‘ahhhhhh! ‘

I have just finished crocheting Julia a jumper, and am going to start on another one for her tonight, I have lots and lots of things planned which I want to make for our gorgeous girl.

Each night, once Julia is bathed, in her clean pyjamas, has had her bedtime bottle of milk, and is snug in her sleeping bag, cuddling her comforter, I read her a bedtime story, something we both love doing each night, and we are especially enjoying making our way through all her lovely new books, and also some old ones too, my childhood books.

Julia can now climb onto the settee all by herself, which she thinks is great fun! She adores cuddling into Foxy and Scrappy, they’re all the bestest friends! She is into everything now, our home is one huge adventure for her, an adventure she is loving being on.

We recently found out that Julia has to wear glasses for the foreseeable future, we collected them earlier this week ( 2 pairs ) and already one pair has been broken, so we’ll have to take them in to be fixed next week, and we are having some difficulty in persuading Julia to keep her other good pair on, she will wear them for a while, half an hour is the longest, but then she remembers they are there and will take them off, if anyone has any experience of toddlers wearing glasses, I would be very grateful if you could pass on any tips on how to get your toddler to keep them on.

It is a cool crisp day today, there is a hard frost on the ground but the sun is shining. Soon, we’ll all be having Sunday dinner, and enjoying a quiet family day together.

Happy New Year to you, with all our love from Julia, John, Melanie, Foxy, Scrappy, Jack and Whiskey xxx