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Hello :)

Sorry it has been so long in posting, but I have been so busy! Isn’t this time of year a really busy one, what with the gardening, cooking, preserving, and everything else, phew, I’ll be glad when winter comes so I can have a rest!

John and I have dug over a new veg patch, about 10x20ft, and we have planted it up and are now anxiously waiting for our yummy veg to grow :)
We have also been working on the front garden to try to get it looking lovely, as someone has pulled down our arch, which was over the gate, with the wisteria growing round it! I was so upset about this, as I love the wisteria, but we managed to save the stump of the wisteria, which we are just going to let grow, without training it around anything, as we do not want anything else to be vandalised in our garden. We have been plating out loads of flowers, and the front garden is starting to look lovely again, I really must remember to take photos!!

This is going to be a really picture heavy post, as I have been taking photos of everything, so I can post them on here, but I did mean to post them a long time ago, but with been so busy, I just have not had the time, so I am afraid they are all going on in one go, lol, so I will try to keep my writing to a minimal, so the post is not too long :)

On the cooking front, I have been going a bit crazy really, making all kinds. I tend to bake on a Saturday, but if the mood takes me, I bake during the week too :) Here is what I have been making :)

John and I love cheese, onion and tattie pie, so I tend to make these quite often, and I always make my own pastry :)

Here is the mixture to go into the pie, I could eat it just as it is!

And the pastry cases…


Ready to go into the oven…


I have also made a selection of lemon cakes, a lemon icing cake..

I loved this one :)

A normal lemon cake for Johns uncle..

and a lemon syrup cake for us…

I have baked quite a few batches of almond biscuits over the past few weeks, for John and I, and for Johns parents, and my dad and Pam..

I like to wrap the biccies in greaseproof before putting them in the tin, so that they do not break..

I’ve also baked two trays of choccie chip cookies..

A Victoria sponge cake filled with double whipped cream..

A days baking, with a special big biccie for John saying Love You :)

I have baked a rhubarb crumble with custard when we had Johns parents over..

And I have baked a choccie cake…

And I have baked some ginger bread people using a very old fashioned recipe from my Lark Rise Recipe Book :)

Oh yes, and I made some tattie cakes for supper one night when we had some left over mashed tattie, yum , love these :)

And still on the subject of food, John and I have been blackberrying, in our garden, and round about where we live, and really enjoyed doing it too, I love to forage with John, it is so enjoyable and a lovely thing to do :) We have picked lots of blackberries, and will be going blackberrying again in a few days, as I plan on making a lot of things from the berries this year, for now we are freezing them until I need to use them :)

I am really loving the fact that all the berries are coming out ready to pick and be turned into delicious things, not just blackberries, but elderberries too, and soon, I will be gathering rosehips to turn into syrup to eat on our morning porridge, yum! I love this time of year, the weather turning just a fraction cooler, hinting that Autumn will not be far off, and I love Autumn, and winter, in all its cosy glory, and I can not wait for those Seasons :)

Okey dokey, now for the crochet :)

I have been doing a lot of crochet lately, I do so love it :) I have crocheted a family of blankets, for a little boy, a little girl, and a baby girl, which I have traded with Nicola from Smilernpb, for lovely smellies which now fill our bathroom shelves :) Nicola and her children are absolutely over the moon with the blankets, so I am very happy about that :)

Firstly, the little boys blanket…

The little girls blanket…

I have shot through some dark colours every now and then , just to give the little girls blanket some contrast and interest :)

The baby girls blanket..

and the family of blankets together :)

Still on the subject of blankets, I have crocheted a baby blanket for our niece who is due to give birth this Friday! she is having a little boy, hence the blue ribbon :)

I have crocheted two pretty petals cushions, the idea of which, I got from the wonderful blog, attic24. The pattern is for a potholder, but add a back, stuff it, and you have a fabulous cushion!

The first one I made, I made very big, so it now lives on our bed :)

and the second one I made, I crocheted smaller, and it now lives on our settee..

I have crocheted  new wash cloth, which I love to use, as it is so soft :)

And I have crocheted a  football scarf,

And last, but not least on the crochet front, I have begun work on my Autumn crochet projects, starting with a pumpkin tea cosy :) I am also going to crochet a carved Halloween pumpkin, to sit on our hearth on Halloween, and I may crochet some mini pumpkins, and ghosts, for Halloween too, when my Autumn projects are done, I will start on my Christmas projects, I know I know, it is only August I hear you say, but I think it is never too early to be thinking of what to make to decorate your home, and to give away at Christmas time :)

Phew!!!!!! Now that that’s the cooking and crochet out of the way, I can tell you the other things I have been doing :) The other day, I decided to make another little cat basket for our two kitties, so that they did not have to share, bless them. I took an old wicker washing basket, and two old crochet blankets I have made, which now have holes in them thanks to the kitties, and made a very comfy basket for them. Jack has claimed this basket, and Whiskey sleeps in the other, iglow type cat basket, but, during the day, when the Jack is not in the basket, Scrappy decides to squeeze himself into it for a snooze, lol, now Scrappy is a big dog, and he hardly fits in the basket, but he loves it! John and I were in stitches the first time he did it, here he is here..

Lol, silly doggie! :)

I have also been working my way through all 4 series of LRTC, getting snug on a night, watching these wonderful programmes..

I love how snug and cosy our sitting room looks on an night :) I always watch my programmes before John and I get settled to watch a film together, then the room is all set up, cosy and comfy for John, I and our 4 pets to all get settled together, it is my favourite time of day, I love it :)

I took the next one quite late at night, when we were all settled, as you will see by the time on the clock, lol :)

I have been gathering and drying lavender from our garden, here is a small selection of it, I still have a lot more hanging up drying..

and I have turned the lavender into lavender bags, which smell divine and are scenting my drawers :)

I did make more, but I have gave some away, and I will be making more lavender bags from the other bunches I have drying :)

And finally, let me show you some of the gorgeous floral things I have been buying recently from the fab shop, B&M :)

I love this shower cap!

I have been after a floral shower cap for ages, then spotted this in B&M for only 99p!

Right, and thats it I believe, that is everything I have taken photos of over the past few weeks :) So, until next time,. which will hopefully not be so long, can I just say, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and leave your wonderful comments, which I really do love to read :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

Hello Everyone :) How are you all on this fine day? Isn’t the weather just lovely! I can not believe how good a Spring we are having!

Please be warned, there are a lot of pictures in this post, if you would like to see them bigger, just click on them :)

As you have probably gathered from the title of this post, I have crocheted a few red, white and blue things, to be patriotic and to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and indeed, to celebrate been British, but before I show you those things, I have a few other things to show you, and the story behind the other things is this.

My dads partner, Pam, who as you know is lovely and I love her to bits, well, her mam, Amy, has moved in with Pams sister, as she can no longer manage on her own. My dad and Pam did offer to have her live with them, but she can not manage the stairs, and as Pams sister lives in a bungalow, this is ideal for her Amy.  Last week, my dad and Pam started clearing out Amy’s house, and John and I helped.  Amy only wanted to keep a few things from her home, the rest she said family could take, including John and I, which is so kind of her, and the rest of her things, furniture I mean, was to go to charity, things like bedding, ornaments ect the charity shop did not want, so that was going to get put in the tip, until I rescued it, lol :) I could not bare the thought of her lovely things just been thrown away, so I rescued as much as I could and gave them a new home :) Here are some of the delightful things Amy really kindly gave us..

Some lovely wall plates, which are now in our kitchen. We got some gorgeous Wedgewood plates too, to match a teapot Amy gave us, but we have not hung them yet, when we do, I will take piccies for you :)

A spotty teapot, to add to my collection :)

Floral cups, to add to my other collection, lol :)

Pretty cameo wall hangings, which are in our sitting room…

A lovely free standing lamp, I love this, I have been after a free standing lamp for ages now, and it matches our wallpaper so perfectly! We also got a table lamp to match, and when these are lit on a night, our sitting room is a truly cosy place to be :)

Pretty floral ornaments…

Framed tapestries which are hanging on our stairs…

And a Wedgewood (tall one ) and Royal Doulton (small one ) teapot to add to my teapot collection :) The Wedgewood one is the one which came with matching plates. Amy also kindly gave us a gorgeous gilt mirror, which we will hang above our fireplace, another mirror to hang in the computer room, some office furniture, which we have put in the computer room, and a lovely old, wooden cigar box which I am using as my jewlery box.  We felt awful taking all these things, but we were assured that they were  going to be  dumped, in the scrapyard,  and she would rather give them to us, knowing they are going to a good home :) Plus, this way, we have saved things going into a land fill, added bonus :)

Also, Pam rescued for me, from the bin, lol, her mams old sewing kit :) Pams sister had put it in the bin thinking no one would want it, but Pam said she knew I would love it, and I truly truly do!!!!

Opening this old tin, Amys sewing kit, was like opening a treasure chest for me, it was full of old sewing stuff, wooden bobbins with gorgeous threads on them, old buttons, it was lovely!!!

I put the buttons in my button tin, which is quite full now…

The flowers that you see the tins sitting on, is the blanket I got back in November, from Dunelm Mills. I thought I would put it on our settee, as a throw, to add more flowers to our room, and I love it more on the settee than I do on the bed, so it is staying there :)

The bag you can see in the bottom right corner, is my W.I.P bag…

Which is always at my side, and in it is the cluster stitch blanket I am busy crocheting..

I love these colours together :) And speaking of crocheting, here is the things I have been busy crocheting of late..

Slippers for Pam, as she loves these type of slippers :)

Some cupcakes to go on our cake stand, another gift from Amy :)

A patriotic cupcake, lol :)

Patriotic potholders (the plaque you see is something I won from Rosie In The Middle blog, I love it :)   )

And last but not least, my favourite Patriotic make, a red, white and blue tea cosy :)

I even crocheted the top centre rose in red, white and blue, lol :) ..

The table you see the teapot sitting on was another gift from Amy, Pams dad made it and I love it, I have it by the side of the settee where I sit, to keep my cup ect… on, very handy, and I love the multi coloured tiles on it :)

The teacosy lives on the spotty teapot, on the kitchen window sill when not in use…

And in the spirit of been patriotic, I just thought I would tell you that very soon, when it gets delivered, I will be the proud owner of a William and Kate teapot, which John bought me, yay!!! And, I have printed out a copy of the official Royal Wedding service programme, which I will keep forever…

And on that note, can I just say, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leaving your lovely comments, which I do appreciate very much :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)