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Our Week – I put Julia in her Christening outfit ( she was Christened in August ) and got some more shots of her before she grows out of it, she is growing so fast now! Our beautiful girl, oh how I love her!


We made bread ( 2 types ) which Julia loved ( first loaf was made in the bread machine, but then our bread machine broke, so the second loaf was made in the oven ), and I made a lemon cake, another hit with the family! :)

We got all wrapped up, cosy and toasty and went for wonderful Autumnal walks ( I love this time of year )

We’ve been reading together, wonderful books from kind friends and family, and books that John and I have bought for our sweet girl, Julia loves to hold the board books while we’re reading, they’re strong and durable, perfect for one year old chubby hands and a one year old’s curiosity where everything goes into her mouth :) Her other books with paper pages myself or daddy hold whilst reading, just in-case those little chubby hands tear their pages……. this is a book house, I am a book worm, John likes books, and Julia is showing a definite and thrilling interest in them too, we have so many books in this house, and now Julia’s room holds quite a lot of books too, some from my childhood which I have gave to Julia, and some of my own childhood favourites which we have bought for Julia like the following piccie, I had the book Goose Eggs when I was little and loved it, then when I was pregnant I bought this book ( I no longer have the actual one from my childhood ) along with 3 other books in this wonderful series

and last week I ordered the last book in this series for Julia, and it is wonderful, definitely a one to read every Christmas!


I love reading to our girl

( the Beatrix Potter and Brambly Hedge books were mine when I was little )

( my dear grandad bought me the Beatrix Potter books when I was very young )

And speaking of books, I have recently ordered quite a few books for Julia and they’re just starting to arrive, the ‘new ‘ books we will wrap up for Christmas for Julia, but where I could not buy new, because these particular books are out of print, so I have had to order used, we will give to Julia now, these books are mainly Little Golden Books which I have only just discovered, but love! I suppose they’re the American equivalent to our Ladybird books? Little Golden Books have been going a long time, some books are still in print, some aren’t. One of the companies illustrators was a lady called Eloise Wilkin, and her illustrations are simply stunning, some of the best I have seen, they are wonderful, and the books I have ordered are mainly the ones with her illustrations, though that is not to say other illustrators for the Little Golden Books are not wonderful, because they are, I also love Sharon Kane

and this little book

But I particularly love the Eloise Wilkin books


I love these little books, as does our Julia, I think she’ll share with me :)

And more are on the way, so I’ll be posting about them as and when :)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, bye for now :) x


Hello Everyone :)

How are you all? I am doing good, been kept busy with Little J, she is such a delight! She is teething at the moment, bless her, we’re using teething powders to help ease the discomfort and they seem to be working a treat! Everything she does fascinates her, and us too! I have been reading to her, she loves sitting on my knee been read a story, I must post piccies of the books I have been reading her, but one of them is a Miss Read children’s book called The Red Bus and Other Rhyming Stories, it is delightful :)

I have been crocheting ( of course! ), I do my crochet on an evening, after Little J’s bath, when she is dozing in her moses basket, and John and I are settled for the night, watching a film together, or a tv programme, and the animals are all sleeping peacefully in their own little places in the sitting room with us, this is when I get my work bag and get on with my latest crochet project. At the moment, I am crocheting a blanket for Little J, in pink and green lacy squares, using a pattern from my crochet motifs book, and I have just recently finished crocheting this Springtime outfit for Little J

and this cute little Easter Chick which I crocheted for Little J and as part of a KAL/CAL in the Woman’s Weekly group I am a member of on Ravelry

Little J seems to like her little chick :)

I love crocheting toys for Little J, she is acquiring quite a collection..

By the time she is old enough to play with these, I think she’ll have enough to fill her whole room, lol :)

Those of you who read my blog regularly will probably know that I love Miss Read, she is my favourite author, her books are an absolute delight and that includes the newest Miss Read book, ‘Mrs Griffin Sends Her Love’, I have been reading this book whenever I get a spare moment, and it is wonderful, extremely cosy and homely, as you would expect of a Miss Read, and also, I think quite insightful of Miss Read ( real name Dora Saint ) herself, this book is a real treat. I have also recently bought the Miss Read cookbook and The English Vicarage Garden by Miss Read, so now, I have all of the Miss Read books except I think 2 children’s books which are currently unavailable, but you never know, I may come across them in a charity shop one day :) Today, I’ll be reading more of the delightful Mrs Griffin..

and also listening for the first time to, this recording of Miss Read on Dessert Island Discs from 1977!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, bye for now :)