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Hello Everyone :)

How are you all today??? Hows the weather where you are?? It is very sparkly and frosty here, pretty to look at, but freezing!!!!

This post is going to be about all sorts, hence the title :)

The other day, we went shopping, and I bought more cruelty free products, you see, I have got rid of all our cosmetics, and my make up which were not cruelty free, so I had to replace them, so I went into Superdrug, and bought their own brand make up, which is called MUA, and all is BUAV approved, not tested on animals ect… and every single thing in this make up range is only…………. £1.00!!!!  So I bought….

Face powder and blusher


Mascara and eyeliner

And lipstick and nail varnish :) Oh, and I also bought..

Eco friendly powder puffs :)

And while in Superdrug, I also got stocked up on a few more essentials…

Superdrug is just brilliant, I love this shop, it is cheap, they have a wide variety of products, all thier products are excellent quality, and all are BUAV approved, what more can a girl want :)

We then went to the CO OP and bought more cruelty free, BUAV approved household essentials…

In the CO OP, it is really easy to see which are their products, and all carry the BUAV approved symbol on the front of their products, so it is even easier to identify which are cruelty free (all CO OPs products are cruelty free, but obviously they stock products by other brands who are not)

So now we are all stocked up on cruelty free products, and we both feel so much better for taking the time to research what is cruelty free, and then going out and buying them, and using them, it is great to know that none of our products have been tested on animals :)

The other day, I also went wool shopping ( I always call yarn wool, just a habit, :) ) and I got lots of lovely stuff, in a variety of colours…

Sparkly wool and…

Plain wool, in lots of lovely colours :) I love the brands Woolcraft and Stylecraft, their wools are a pleasure to work with, and they all have a gorgeous sheen to them :)

Would you like to see my wool stash????? Okey dokey then :)

(can you see Whiskey trying to climb into my wool chest, lol, little blighter!!!! :) )

I have other skeins of wool stashed hither and thither, but these are my main stashes, I have an absolute load in the chest!!! i love wool!!!!! In the above photo, you can also see my collection of retro Golden Hands magazines, I love these, and in the vase are my knitting needles, tunisian crochet hooks, and wooden roses John bought me :) And in the treacle tin, are my crochet hooks…

So thats my stash :) On top of my wool chest, I keep my sewing basket, a box of threads, and some teacup candles I made…

John bought me the lovely sewing basket, I love it :) He knows what I am like about cats, lol, I love them :) Would you like to see in my sewing box????…..

I love ribbons, and I always keep them when I buy something which has a ribbon tied on it, like pyjamas, a smelly gift set, anything:) The top compartment comes out, and under it is…..

my other sewing things:) I love my sewing box :)

I thought I would show you a few things in our home, so we will start in the kitchen…

Our back door, in our sunshine yellow kitchen…

I got this bag from the W.I, love it :)

Our calender which I got free with Country Homes and Interiors magazine

the tea area (please excuse the tiles, we are either going to re-groute, or rip them off completely and re-tile, the tiles were this awful dirty colour when we moved in, we hate them!!!)

A peg bag I made :) (naughty Jack sneaking on the kitchen bench!!!!)

My favourite tea towels

And now shall we go into the sitting room ( I was just missioning around, taking photos of anything, lol)

My settee pillow, with my retro pillow case on :) I do like to have a nice feather pillow kept downstairs, especially for me to lie back on and get nice and comfy on the settee, while I am reading, watching tv and crocheting :)

My Cath Kidston book and magazines, which I love to look through, for inspiration

And my latest W.I.P bag :) I got this bag last year for my birthday, it is a handbag really, and I used it as a handbag for ages, but it is now a bit past its sell by date, so to speak, so I am now using it as my crochet bag :) And in it, is my latest W.I.P, which is…

A pink and white baby blanket :)

Last night, I got all cosy on the settee, put on the weeks worth of Born and Bred I had taped, and had an enjoyable night watching that, crocheting, and findig inspiration from my inspiration books, and Cath Kidston magazines…

I love my insiration books, any pictures that I love from magazines, I cut out and glue in my books, for future inspiration :)

Okey dokey, I am going to do the house work now, have a nice hot bubble bath, put lovely clean jimjams on, and then spend the afternoon at my sewing machine :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

Hello Everyone :)

How are you all on this fine winters Sunday????

I thought I would share with you all my Cruelty Free shopping. Basically, what this means is I only buy products that have not been tested on animals, and whose ingredients in the products have not been tested on animals either. I have been doing a lot of research into this, from such sites as BUAV and PETA, and have found a whole range of products out there which are cruelty free.

For things like kitchen cleaner, laundry detergent ect…. I am only going to buy and use Astonish products, which are cheap, BUAV approved and contain no ingredients in them which have been tested on animals, and the CO OP’s own brand cleaning products, which are ditto Astonish.

And for things like cosmetic, make up, fragrance, ect…. I am only going to use Superdrug, M&S or again, the CO OPs own brands, as all are BUAV approved, so nothing in their products has been tested on animals.

it is so easy these days to buy and use only cruelty free products, loads of companies are going cruelty free, all you have to do is look for the Leaping Bunny symbol. I would recommend only buying products that have been BUAV approved, as companies that have just stuck on their products ‘Not Tested On Animals’, may have ingredients in their products which have actually been tested on animals. I dont have to tell you the horrors that go on in the world of animal testing, I am sure you all know already, but perhaps you did not know just how easy it is to go Cruelty Free, just stick to those companies listed above and you cant go wrong :)

Also, those companies make really wonderful products at affordable prices, I went shopping the other day and only bought Cruelty Free products, I found it cheap and easy to do….

The Superdrug moisturiser is a dream to use, it smells lovely, absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling so soft and lovely, I love it :) And all the products I bought from Superdrug are suitable for vegetarians (like me) and vegans, so they contain no animal by products at all, an added bonus!!!!

So please, go cruelty free.

Oh, and one last thing, John and I have stopped using PG Tips tea, Lyons Tea and Liptons Tea as all of these tea companies test on animals, yes, you read right, they are now testing tea on animals, and not by making them drink the tea, no, by doing awful, horrendous things to the animals (I wont say what, as it is disturbing, but if you want to know, you can easily find out on the web, just type in tea tested on animals), they test the tea to back up their claims of health benefits, which is ridiculous, as things that may be beneficial to our health, may not be to an animals health, so it is totally pointless. We only buy Typhoo tea now, who have gave written conformation that they do not test on animals, as has Tesco tea and Twinings tea, so there are alternatives to animal cruelty.

Even some pen inks are tested on animals, BIC are notorious for testing on animals, so I will not be buying BIC products any more, nor will I ever be buying any Proctor and Gamble products, as they are really notorious for testing on animals, they even test their Duracel batteries on animals!!!! Proctor and Gamble make so many well known household brands like Ariel and even Pringles crisps, so if you want to boycott them (which I am doing) just look at the list of products they make and so not buy them.

Even things like sanitary towels and toilet roll are tested on animals, but I have found out that Velvet toilet roll, and Andrex toilet roll  does not test on animals, nor does the CO OP, so I will be buying our toilet roll from one of those, and my sanitary products from Superdrug or CO OP, so I know they are cruelty free. Oh, and for all you crocheters and knitters out there, please be warned that some  wool from Austrialia is very cruelly obtained, again, I wont go into details as it is very horrendous and disturbing, if you want to find out more (please be warned, the following links are graphic), please click on this link, this link and this link (please be warned, the links are disturbing and graphic), so just stick to buying acylic or British obtained wool, and you will be fine.

Really, there are so many products tested on animals, but for every product out there which is tested on a defenceless, innocent animal, there are many that do not, it just takes a little time, look at your product before you buy it to see if it is Cruelty Free, do some research online to find out what is and what is not tested on animals, it only takes a little time, but if you do this, perhaps one day, animal testing for cosmetics and household products will be abolished.

Okey dokey, rant over, lol :)

here are some things I have crocheted ….

Note:- the last pic of the blanket, the blanket is folded in half, it is twice this size, but it is so big, it would not fit in the studio backdrop, hence why it is folded :)

And here is You Little Monkey, who is my own design :)

I am busy crocheting a heart shaped pillow, which is going to be Johns valentines day pressie :)


I have bought some lovely wool….

Okey doeky, I am going to go now, but just before I do, let me show you what book I am currently reading…

I love Miss Marple, and this book is a pleasure to read :)

I am going to relax and get ready for LRTC tonight, yay!!! Oh, and its official, this is to be the last series of it ever to be made!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)