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I love lemons! I love the taste of them, the colour of them, the smell of them, they are a wonderful fruit :) And recently I have been doing some preserving and baking with lemons :)

I tried my hand at making a jar of lemon curd, as we had quite a few lemons that needed using (they were on special in the supermarket, lol ) so I decided that lemon curd would be a good idea. I have never made this before, but had a rather good recipe in my Peggy Cole book, so I used that and was very pleased with the results. It is delicious, so tangy and yummy :) … ( please excuse the photos in this post, they were took with my phone)

And what did I do with this lemon curd? Well, of course I had it on toast, but I also baked a lemon sponge cake, and filled the middle with the lemon curd, and put a thin layer on top also, so my sprinkles had something to stick too, and it was delicious, even if I do say so myself :) ..

And I have also made another lemon sponge cake, this time filled and topped with lemon butter icing, and green glitter sugar on top, yum :)

So, what else have I been apart from making lemony things :) Well, I baked John a plain almond cake, which he loved, he is a huge fan of almonds :) ..

I love crochet and knitting spotting :) Here are a few of my recent screen grabs :)

These is from Call The Midwife….

This is from Dexter…


And these are from Superscrimpers :)

It’s fun crochet and knitting spotting :)

My good friend Sarah and I have been going to each others houses on a Friday afternoon for tea, crochet and chatter, and it is lovely :) I really enjoy our Friday get togethers :) And also on Tuesday just gone, we went to our first Women’s Guild meeting together, and really enjoyed it :) The ladies there were all so lovely, friendly and very welcoming. The meeting we happened to go to was the AGM, so it was interesting to hear all about what is going to be happening in the upcoming year, and also it was a pie and pea’s supper night, and we were invited to join them in eating, but we declined as we had just had tea before we came out :) At each meeting there is a little competition, just for fun, and whoever wins the most competitions in the year, gets a prize at the end of the year :) So, the competition on Tuesday was a decorated egg, with it been near Easter, and because Sarah and I were new to the Women’s Guild, we were asked to be the judges, lol :) So we had to judge the egg’s, and choose our favourite, we decided on an egg decorated with the Union Jack, because we thought it was fitting with it been the Jubilee this year, and also the Olympics :) So that was fun :)

The Women’s Guild are monthly meetings, meeting up at our local community hall the second Tuesday of each month, but they also have in-between meetings too, and one is to be held on the 29th of this month, in the afternoon, and I am going to go, it is for tea and cake, and to decorate eggs for Easter, so that will be nice :) And they also have a craft group, which I am thinking of joining, and the Seaburn Show in September, which I have to find out more about, but it is, from what I can gather, very much like a County Show, which are held up and down the country in the Summer and Autumn months, and you can enter the competitions, for things like crochet, knitting, embroidery ect…, and also baking, preserves, photography and flower arranging, so that will be good. I think I will enter with some baking, preserves and crochet :) So all in all, the Women’s Guild is brilliant, I would recommend it to anyone, and I am really looking forward to becoming a member :)

Speaking of County Shows, I am seriously thinking of entering our local County Show in July. It is the Gateshead Flower Show, and I have had the programme sent out to me by post, on how to enter, what to enter ect…, and I am thinking of entering the ‘piece of cotton crochet’ competition, and the ‘any other craft article’ competition, and some of the baking categories and preserves too, so that will be good fun :) I think I will crochet a doily for the cotton crochet competition, so I will have to have a few practice runs first, before I make my final piece to enter :)  

Other news is my in-between scrappy blanket is finished now (I will take piccies soon and post it in my next post) and my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket is nearly done :) I am working on the border now :)

Okey dokey, better go now :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2012 :)

We had a very nice Christmas, we enjoyed spending time with one another and family, and everything was just lovely :) Everyone liked their crochet presents I made them I am pleased to say, so everything was just perfect :)

John and I received some wonderful gifts, I will show you some of the lovely things I got, but also, we received Christmas money too from family, and I spent mine on wool, lol, I have not took photos of all the wool I bought, but lets just say I bought a lot :)

On Christmas Eve I baked John and I  quiche for our supper, yum…

and we enjoyed a very lovely Christmas Eve together, then on Christmas morning, John got up first and left me to sleep a while longer in bed, bless him, then he came up to wake me, and we went downstairs and into the sitting room, and I was greeted with this…

John had lit all the candles in the sitting room, put the fire and tree lights on, to make the whole room look so cosy, warm, welcoming and festive, and there on our little table was my morning cup of coffee, isn’t he lovely!!!

So we enjoyed a lovely Christmas morning together, drinking our cuppas, opening our pressies, seeing our lovely animals all excited at their pressies we got them, it was perfect. Among the presents I got from my darling John were some wonderful crochet books….

This crochet border book which I love, and have took photos of my favourite border patterns from it…

(sorry that the pics are blurry :) ) and also these 2 wonderful crochet books..

I plan on making a blanket using the squares from these books, then adding a border from my border book :) John also kindly got me a lovely Christmas Crochet book, a Christmas recipe book, and Peggy Coles Countryside Year (by Peggy Cole) and English Cottage Interiors book, I love them :)

So we had a lovely morning, then my dad and Pam arrived and we all had Christmas breakfast together which was lovely and exchanged gifts, here are some of the things I got from my kind dad and Pam…

( in the back ground of the above photo is a snuggie blanket which I love :) )

I also got some lovely smellies and choccies, and this absolutely gorgeous quilt…

I love absolutely everything, we are so very lucky :) Once we had all exchanged presents and had a lovely morning together, we went to Johns parents to exchange gifts with all the family and to have yummy Christmas dinner.  Then John and I came home and enjoyed a lovely Christmas night together, perfect :)

On Boxing Day, I started crocheting a blanket with the wool I bought with my Christmas money. It is a blanket I have been wanting to make since the summer, when I first saw it on the tv series, True Blood, so on Boxing Day, with all Christmas crochet gifts done, I started to make it. I posted on Ravelry asking if anyone had a pattern for this blanket, and someone did, so I am following that pattern. Here are some screen grabs of the blanket in True Blood…

I have crocheted the 35 pink centre flower squares so far, and today I will make a start on the 28 white centre flower squares, here is what I have done so far…

here are the 35 squares I have done, though it does not look like there are 35 there does it, lol, but there is :)

I really love this pattern, I am loving making the squares for this gorgeous blanket :)

And on that note, may I wish you all a Happy New Year again, and thank you for reading my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)