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Hello everyone :)

How are you all?  I am doing good, it was my birthday last week, and I had a lovely day at the beach with my hubby, and saw my family too, and got some lovely cards which I will treasure forever, I got some lovely presents, including a beautiful bunch of yellow roses from my darling husband…..

This post is going to have all kinds in it, I have been snapping away all week with the camera :) So, please, do get comfy, as it is going to be a long one :)

I was in town the other day, and went in the Pound shop ( dont you just love that shop! ), I often go in here and get some great bargains, but this particular day, I spotted what I thought was a really good bargain, a set of 20, beautiful embroidery threads. I fell in love with the colours, and had to buy them….

I love the colours, and some are even multicoloured!….

I used to embroider, but I do not any more, well, in general I don’t, I may do it every now and again, but the reason I bought these threads is I thought I could use them in my crochet work, and the colours appealed to me so much ( I love colour ), so I had to buy them, and all for the princely sum of £1.00, bargain :)

Do you happen to like soup?  I love it, and I particularly love my husbands celery soup, it is delicious! I love celery anyway, but this soup is just gorgeous, I love to have a bowl of it with a nice crusty bun, yum! And, it is such a thrifty soup to make, it is so healthy for you, and it is very light, so perfect for these warm Spring days we are having :) ….


And just while we are on the subject of food, have you seen the new wrapper for Hovis Soft White bread? It is the Union Jack, which I just loved when I saw it……

And yet still on the subject of food, I won this wonderful recipe book from a Women’s Guild Special Meeting that I went to on Thursday. About twice a year, a few Guilds meet up for a special meeting, and I went to this meeting and really enjoyed it, and even won a raffle prize!…..

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at peoples craft supplies, looking in their sewing boxes, looking at their button collection, their wool stash, so, just in-case your like me and you like looking at these things too, I have took  few photos of my craft supplies to share with you :) Would you like to look in my button tin first…..

okey dokey, I will just take the lid off and show you :) ….

I always keep buttons, as they always come in handy, and they all go in here, there are buttons from all over in here the place in here, including some very old ones that were in my dear Nanna’s sewing box :)

Would you like to see where I keep my sewing threads now? Okey dokey…

I keep them in this box ( above ) which is a box I got free with some smellies, which was a present to me a few Christmases ago, and I just love all the different colours of these threads :) …..

The next tin I am going to show you belonged to Pam’s ( my dads lovely partner ) mam, and when she moved out of her home, this tin, and all it held, came to me, as Pam and her mam knew it would be well looked after, and the supplies inside very much appreciated and also that I would use these supplies, and I am so happy to have this treasure, I loved looking through it when I first got it, sorting everything out ect… there is some very old sewing thread in here which I love :) Everything in this tin ( apart from the embroidery threads which I put in ) was in this tin when it belonged to Pams mam…..

And now for my sewing basket, which I love!  John bought me the sewing basket, with its lovely little kitties on, as he knows, I am cat mad! One of the cats on the basket actually looks like our cat Jack :) ….

And when you lift the lid of my sewing basket you see this…

The elastic actually belonged to my Nanna and was in her sewing box :) When you lift the compartment, you see where I keep all my other sewing and craft bits and pieces, like ribbon ect… ( I always keep bits of ribbon, they always come in handy :) )….

And all these tins and boxes sit on top of my wool chest, in the corner which I like to call my craft corner :) ….

And I will show you inside the chest in just a second, but first, I want to show you my extra lovely sparkly wool…..

And some of my latest crochet ( the rest will come in just a minute :) ). Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I am thinking about entering a few County Shows this summer, with my crochet, and perhaps some baking and preserves too, and the crochet you have to enter has to be a piece of cotton crochet, so I immediately thought I would enter a doily or two. I had never crocheted a doily before, and always felt a bit scared of crocheting them, as they look so intricate and hard to do, but I knew I had to practice crocheting a doily, as this is what I want to enter into the competitions, so, I had some 5ply cotton, and decided this would be good to practice with, as it is thicker than the thread normally used to crochet doilies, so I would be able to see my stitches ect.. better while practising, so this is what I used. I printed a pattern out from the net, of a beautiful vintage oblong pineapple doily from 1944, and I set too with my cotton and hook and crocheted it up, and am very happy with it, here are some piccies of it while it was in progress….

and here are some piccies of the doily completed and been blocked….

I really like this doily, so now that I know how to crochet it, I am going to crochet it again, using the right size thread ( size 10 ) and hook ( size 1.5mm ) and I may very well enter this doily pattern into the County Show competition’s, once it is done in the correct thread and hook :) But, anyway, while crocheting this doily, I really enjoyed it, and I must admit, I became hooked on doily making, so immediately after this doily was finished, I used my 5ply cotton again ( for practising ) and I crocheted a set of 2 matching doilies from a pattern off the net. I love these matching doilies, but the pattern had quite a few errors in it which I had to correct as I went along, but I got there, and here are the matching doilies completed and been blocked :) ….

And when these 2 round doilies were finished, I really wanted to carry on crocheting more doilies, but I did not have enough 5ply left, nightmare! So, I looked through my stash to see what I had, what I could use to crochet a doily, and actually came across some crochet thread that I had forgotten all about! I actually had this thread given to me from someone, and I put it away in my stash, saying to myself one day I will use it, and on Wednesday, that day arrived :) I was very nervous about crocheting with a thread ( size 10 ) and a small hook ( 2.00mm, though the pattern called for a smaller hook, but a 2.00mm is the smallest I had ) as I have heard that crocheting with thread is very fiddly and can drive you a bit mad, but I knew I had to try it, as with me loving crocheting doilies so much, I really wanted to make them with the right things, so, I printed another pattern out, this time for a vintage round pineapple doily, and set too with my thread and hook and began crocheting, and I have to say, I found it really enjoyable working with thread and a small hook, the stitches that I was making are so tiny I was amazed by them! I am still crocheting this doily, and here it is here….

When all the doilies have been blocked, I will post more piccies of them :) But, anyway, back to that wool chest :) Now I can show you inside it, you see, inside the chest is some of the crochet thread I have bought this week with my birthday money. I am really really into crocheting doilies, and since working with the red thread and finding out I can work with it, I have invested in a load of crochet thread ( size 10 ) to keep me well stocked up on my doily making :) I bought a lot of the thread online, as the wool shops around here do not really stock crochet thread, though yesterday I went to a wool shop which is a canny way from where I live, I went with Pam, and found they sold a few balls of crochet thread, so I bought some from there, a ball of white, navy and a pink sparkly one too, but all the rest I bought online. I bought 21 balls altogether, in 50 gram, 60 gram and 100 gram balls. Some have arrived already, but I am still waiting for 9 balls to arrive, but here is what I have now…..

And here it is, safely stashed away in my wool chest…..

I also have more wool stashed away somewhere else, but I will just show you this chest for today :) When the rest of my crochet thread arrives, I will post piccies of that, and also of the new set of crochet hooks I have bought for my doily making ( I needed to buy a set of very small hooks, the set of 10 I have just bought go from a size 0.5mm to a 2.75mm, they go up in quarters ) and also of the set of new hooks I have bought to replace the ones I am currently using, as with using them constantly, they have become scratched, so the wool sometimes snags, so I have ordered a replacement set, so I will post piccies of them when they arrive :)

Phew! Right, now, last but not least, I will show you two blankets I have recently finished crocheting :) You may remember from a few posts a go, I mentioned I was crocheting a lace bedspread, which I called my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket, as it is so old-fashioned looking, countryish and cottagey, that it reminded me of the wonderful series Lark Rise To Candleford. Well, I finished it a few weeks ago, and am so so so so so happy with it! It is a king-size bedspread, so it drapes right over our bed, and I just love it :) …..

And also, I finished crocheting my In-Between Scrappy Blanket, which I crocheted up entirely out of my scraps and odd balls of wool :) I am using this blanket to cover me over on the settee, while I am sitting crocheting, and watching telly :) ….

And that is it ( I think :) ) for this post, wow, that was a long one, lol.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments, which I love to read :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)