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This post is all about crochet :) I love to crochet, it is my passion, I love to design my own things and follow patterns, I love to go wool shopping, and adding to my already huge stash, I get excited when thinking up or choosing new patterns to do, I love the feel of crochet, I love how relaxed I feel when I crochet, I love the feeling of accomplishing something worthwhile when my project is done, I love crocheting for others and myself, for our home and competitions, I love everything and anything to do with crochet, and this post is dedicated to what is to me, the best of all crafts :)

Wouldn’t it be lovely if wool shops were like they used to be? I just love traditional, old fashioned wool shops, I have a wonderful memory of one where my grandad lived. It was not even in the shopping centre, but in the middle of a housing estate, as everyone used to knit or crochet, even then, not that long ago. It was a very old fashioned wool shop, which probably had not changed for a long time, wooden shelving and cubby holes behind the glass counter, and lining the walls, stuffed with wool of all different colours, glass display cabinets, that certain smell, a friendly lady behind the counter, there to help you and also to have a cosy chat, wonderful :) Even normal every day shops, the kind that are on every street corner, convenience stores we call them now, used to have a selection of wool, and knitting or crocheting paraphernalia in stock, as everyone used to knit or crochet! Imagine going into a local convenience shop for a loaf of bread and pint of milk, and also been able to pick up a ball of wool and spare crochet hook, wouldn’t that be wonderful!   I love the book Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym, it has a wonderful description of a very old fashioned wool shop in it, and lots of references to cosy knitting :) I would just love for wool shops to be like they used to be…..

I would love to hear your memories about traditional wool shops :)

I finished crocheting the vintage matinee set for Little J, and I love it! I really enjoyed crocheting this set, and Little J just looks gorgeous in it!

I’ve also just finished designing and crocheting a teddy bear pram mobile, for Little J’s pram :)

And I’ve also just finished designing and crocheting a little pixie style bonnet, inspired by the ones of the 40s and 50s :)

I just love Little J’s face on the next one

And speaking of designing, the book that I designed and made a few patterns for arrived last week! I was so excited to receive this, and see my work in it’s glossy pages! I was asked last year to design these, I was pregnant at the time, and now, here it is, in the flesh so to speak, I got my complimentary copy last week through the post, what a lovely surprise :)

Well, I’m going to do some housework and washing now, then relax with Little J, and do some more, yes you guessed it, crochet :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) x



Hello Everyone :)

Wow, such a long time since I last posted! I have been quite busy of late, but am hoping to start catching up on my blogging again soon :)

This is a catch up post, such a lot has happened since I last posted! I have to see a pysio about my neck, as it is causing me real problems and pain, so hopefully the pysio can help with that :) I have flu at the moment, well, it is flu season, so that is to be expected I suppose, so keeping myself warm and hydrated, and spending time catching up :) All the animals are doing good, which I am so happy about :) And in general, life is good :)

The Shows I entered were wonderful, and I came placed 4 times! I got three 1sts, and one second! I entered the Herrington Village Show first, and got 1st’s on the two craft things I entered…

and for the Sunderland Horticultural Show, I entered the Venetian Opera Bag…

which came 2nd….

a jumper, which originally got 2nd ( as on photo ) but has now been bumped up to 1st, as the one that came first in the Show was disqualified….

and I also entered a floral corsage…

and a hat….

which did not come placed :) I really enjoyed the shows they were wonderful, and I can not wait to enter again next year :)

A lovely friend of mine is teaching me all I need to know about designing for myself, which I am finding wonderful! I have almost finished crocheting a cardigan of my own design, and am thrilled to be designing for myself, it is wonderful! :)

Have you seen the new style of Inside Crochet magazine? It is wonderful! A new publishing company have taken over this magazine, and it is just fabulous! The patterns in it are amazing, as are the articles, photography and layout of the magazine, I love it, and have earmarked so many patterns I want to do, lol, there is not enough hours in the day! But at least now I have the wool to do it! A few months ago, my local wool shop, Kemps, had a massive sale on, and were practically giving the wool away! They had bought all the stock from a closed down wool shop, and were selling it off super cheap, a 500g  bag ( or more sometimes ) of wool for only £1.00, and they had all kinds of wonderful wool, mohair, pure wool, DK, aran, brushed wool, cotton, all kinds! So I was constantly in there ( as were so many others ) buying sack fulls at a time, lol, I got loads, so am delighted with my purchases, and now have a stash big enough to last a life time, lol :)

There is a lot here, I know, and it looks like, with the amount I bought, I must of spent a fortune, but I didn’t, it was all so cheap, and too much of a bargain to pass up on :) So I was constantly in Kemps, when this sale was on, spending every spare penny I had on it, as this kind of bargain will never come around again! :) I got some cardboard boxes, and spent some time sorting it all out, according to colour, so when I want to do a project, it is easy to find :) I also labelled all the boxes, writing on each box how many number of balls of each type of wool is in there, eg 40 DK, 30 4ply ect… I do like to be organised, lol :)

Just a few examples ( above ) of my need to be organised, lol :)

Hasn’t this year just flown over! I can not believe Christmas will be upon us soon! Time to start on my Christmas crochet I think!

I am going to try my best to blog more regularly again, and read blogs again too :) So hopefully, I’ll be doing another blog post pretty soon :)

Until then, bye for now everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful day :) :) :) :)