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This post is all about crochet :) I love to crochet, it is my passion, I love to design my own things and follow patterns, I love to go wool shopping, and adding to my already huge stash, I get excited when thinking up or choosing new patterns to do, I love the feel of crochet, I love how relaxed I feel when I crochet, I love the feeling of accomplishing something worthwhile when my project is done, I love crocheting for others and myself, for our home and competitions, I love everything and anything to do with crochet, and this post is dedicated to what is to me, the best of all crafts :)

Wouldn’t it be lovely if wool shops were like they used to be? I just love traditional, old fashioned wool shops, I have a wonderful memory of one where my grandad lived. It was not even in the shopping centre, but in the middle of a housing estate, as everyone used to knit or crochet, even then, not that long ago. It was a very old fashioned wool shop, which probably had not changed for a long time, wooden shelving and cubby holes behind the glass counter, and lining the walls, stuffed with wool of all different colours, glass display cabinets, that certain smell, a friendly lady behind the counter, there to help you and also to have a cosy chat, wonderful :) Even normal every day shops, the kind that are on every street corner, convenience stores we call them now, used to have a selection of wool, and knitting or crocheting paraphernalia in stock, as everyone used to knit or crochet! Imagine going into a local convenience shop for a loaf of bread and pint of milk, and also been able to pick up a ball of wool and spare crochet hook, wouldn’t that be wonderful!   I love the book Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym, it has a wonderful description of a very old fashioned wool shop in it, and lots of references to cosy knitting :) I would just love for wool shops to be like they used to be…..

I would love to hear your memories about traditional wool shops :)

I finished crocheting the vintage matinee set for Little J, and I love it! I really enjoyed crocheting this set, and Little J just looks gorgeous in it!

I’ve also just finished designing and crocheting a teddy bear pram mobile, for Little J’s pram :)

And I’ve also just finished designing and crocheting a little pixie style bonnet, inspired by the ones of the 40s and 50s :)

I just love Little J’s face on the next one

And speaking of designing, the book that I designed and made a few patterns for arrived last week! I was so excited to receive this, and see my work in it’s glossy pages! I was asked last year to design these, I was pregnant at the time, and now, here it is, in the flesh so to speak, I got my complimentary copy last week through the post, what a lovely surprise :)

Well, I’m going to do some housework and washing now, then relax with Little J, and do some more, yes you guessed it, crochet :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) x



Hello :)   Told you I would try to keep on with my blogging, lol, less than a week has passed since my last blog post, and here I am, doing another one! I am been good aren’t I, lol :)

This past week, I have finished my Sunshine On A Rainy Day cardigan, yay!!! :) I have designed this cardigan myself, and I am so happy with it. My friend has been teaching me all about the math involved with designing, and all the techniques, the measurements needed ect… and I am so grateful to her for teaching me, as it is wonderful to be able to design for myself now, I get a great sense of achievement from this :)

I have called this cardigan Sunshine On A Rainy Day, as the cardi is a lovely, sunny colour, and with all the rain we have been getting in the UK this year, when I wear this cardi, it will bring a nice bit of sunshine on a rainy day :) I used 3ply wool, from the stash  bought from Kemps sale in the Summer, so this cardi cost about 70p to make, lol! The buttons are from my step mams, mothers sewing box, which was kindly given to me :)

I really am delighted with this cardi, want to see?….


I am now crocheting a jumper of my own design, in emerald green and navy blue 4 ply, doing it in blocks of colour, I will add a V neck onto this one, and a pretty border too, I am loving this designing lark :)

We have a lovely park quite close to where we live, it is over by the beach, and has been there for many, many years. When I was little, every year, the Council would put up beautiful lights in the park, creating such a magical display :) But about 20 years or so ago, this was scrapped, on account of cost, which was such a shame, as the lights drew in crowds of people, and it was wonderful to walk in the park, at night, seeing these beautiful lights.

Well, this year, the Council have brought this back! I am over the moon about this, as I used to just love going to this park and seeing the lights! This year is a trial run, to see how popular bringing back the lights in the park proves to be, if it is very popular, then it will turn into an annual thing again, just like when I was little :) So we have the lovely lights in the park, and soon, we’ll have the beautiful Christmas lights in town too ( as we do every year, I love Christmas!!! :)

So hubby and I ventured over to the park to see the display, and it was just wonderful! :)

As you walk in the park, you are greeted by a dinosaur band, playing music to you, lol…

A little further along, and you see Alice in the magical world of Wonderland…

And opposite Alice, is a beautiful fountain display, which danced and changed colour in time to the music that was playing…

Walk a little further on, and you come to the bandstand…

and further on still, and you come to my favourite part of the park, the waterfall, all lit up, and looking like something out of a fairy tale :)

We had a wonderful night wandering around the park, it was just lovely :)

I have one or two things to do today, then I can put my feet up, and carry on crocheting my jumper :)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog :) I hope you all have a lovely day, bye for now :) :) :) :)