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More beautifully illustrated Eloise Wilkin books for Julia, aren’t her illustrations a pure joy! I can not get enough of them, they’re definitely some of the best children’s illustration’s I have seen, and Julia loves them too :)

Feeling Christmassy now, the This England current issue is packed with Christmas things, love it! We’ll be putting our tree and decorations up soon, Julia’s second Christmas, she enjoyed looking at the tree lights last year, but was too young to grasp what was going on, this year, she’ll be more aware, excited and will have an incline that something special, magical is happening. We have a fair  few things in for Julia, waiting to be wrapped up and popped under the tree on Christmas Eve, ready for our precious girl being carried down on Christmas morning, to open all her lovely pressies from Santa Claus, mammy, daddy and family and friends, our girl, so well loved, so well thought of, I adore her, love her so much! At the moment I am crocheting a rather special doll to wrap up for her, it is to be big enough to go in the wooden dolls pram and highchair that will be waiting under the tree for Julia come Christmas morning, a baby doll, but I am trying to make it a Julia doll, giving it the same beautiful blue eyes and caramel coloured hair with side parting, just like Julia has, the doll will be made soon, then I’ll crochet a few outfits for her, and then I’ll crochet some dolls clothes for the Baby Stella Doll that will be hiding nestled under the tree for Julia, and I’ll also crochet some tiny clothes for a little 6 inch baby doll that will be in Julia’s stocking :) How I love Christmas! As I type this I am listening to a Christmas songs playlist on YouTube, Christmas is magical, wonderful, and Christmas with a toddler in the house, a pure joy!

I crocheted a bonnet, beanie and mittens set ( with a crocheted cord to thread through Julia’s coat ) for Julia in red and navy blue with pink trims to match her coats as I could find nothing in these colours in the shops! So I just set too, and made them up as I went along, and thankfully they fit nicely, I got a very sneaky shot of Julia modelling her red bonnet, awww, little red riding hood :)

I am enjoying re-reading my Winifred Foley books, and am currently reading Back To The Forest which has been re-published as Shiny Pennies and Grubby Pinafores, it is a wonderful read, and I am thoroughly enjoying it all over again.

Julia had her last injections until she is 3 and a half this week, 3 separate injections bless her, she sobbed, poor bairn, but was very brave, love her. I’ve been poorly with the flu for almost a week now, well, ’tis the flu season! It is just starting to go now.

Poor Scrappy had to be taken to the emergency vets as he was vomiting blood poor boy, turns out he had a bacterial virus causing him to vomit, but with vomiting he burst a blood vessel, causing him to vomit blood! When we saw all the blood we were worried sick! All kinds was running through our heads, but the vet gave him a good examination, said he is fit and healthy apart from this virus, gave him a shot of antibiotics and tablets for at home, and he is a lot better now thank goodness. We have to take him back for a follow up next week, so fingers crossed all goes well, poor Scrappy, we’re all so happy it was nothing more serious, we love our fur babies so much.

It is a cold, grey gloomy day here today, I am looking out of the window as I type this and can see the golden leaves falling to the sodden wet grass, a day for snuggling up indoors, and on that note, I am going to make myself a nice cuppa hot sweet tea, and give Julia a bottle of warm milk, and snuggle down under the blankets, nursing flu’s and legs poorly from injections.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, bye for now :) x

( Gentle Warning :- Picture Heavy Post :) )


Goodness me, where does the time go! It does not seem like 5 minutes since the last time I blogged, yet since then Julia has been Christened and celebrated her 1st birthday, we’ve been super busy decorating the house ( and still are! ), and now we’re into Autumn and thinking about Christmas!

Julia has two teeth now, is crawling all over, and walking ( holding onto furniture ), and my clever girl has taken her first steps unaided! Really, where does the time go, it only seems like last week since she was newborn, and now, she is a toddler!

We’ve been enjoying trips to the Catherine Cookson museum 

I watched Baby Boom, a film I love but had not watched in years! Loved it!

( I want to live in that house, and cook baby food in that kitchen! )

( I want to shop in shops like this! :) )

Love, love, love this film!!!!!!    

Julia and I have been watching the beautiful Beatrix Potter cartoons together,

I’ve crocheted the No Sweat jumper by Doris Chan , kind of enjoyed crocheting it, but pleased it is finished

Tonight I am going to begin crocheting Julia an orange cardigan and a pumpkin hat to go with her Halloween outfit :)

And we’ve been having lots of fun, playing with Julia’s new toys, even the doggies want join in! They’re never far from Julia’s side, Foxy and Scrappy both adore Julia,



Julia is always smiling, she is such a happy baby, I love her so much!

We’re a happy house :)

And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Weekend xxxxxxx