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Good news for all you lark Rise fans, there is to be a series 4 after all! Yey!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

But, rumour has it that they’ll only be 6 episodes in series 4.  :(   But Julia is keep asking for a Christmas special, so you never know.

I absolutely adore Lark Rise, and am so sad that it is over for another year, roll on the end of April when series 3 will be out on dvd!

Until then, I shall have to just read the books, and watch series one and two to get my Lark Rise fix.

So, who else is a Lark Rise fanatic?….

I know I am.  :) :) :)

Baking Again.

Sunday was a lovely day. Every Sunday, John and I go to Johns parents house for a lovely Sunday dinner. We’ve been doing this for years now, and have never missed a Sunday, unless we’ve been ill, on holiday or a day trip. Johns parents always cook a wonderful dinner, with a roast every week, but I obviously do not touch the roast with me been vegetarian, but John enjoys it immensely. After dinner, John and I wash up, dry, put everything away and clean the kitchen, then we all retire into the sitting room for a quiet Sunday afternoon. John reads the Sunday papers, his parents doze and watch Sunday afternoon films, and I sit in a big, comfy armchair and crochet,  John and I enjoyed a pleasant 45 minute walk home, and when we got in, I began baking. I baked a fruit cake for my dads birthday, and the recipe I followed for the cake was from this book…

I love this recipe book. Such homely, countryish recipes to be found in it’s pages. I adore Lark Rise To Candleford, the books and the tv series, so I was overjoyed when I bought this book last year. As well as recipes for food, there are also recipes for household cleaners, and beauty treatments in here, but on Sunday, I selected this recipe…

And proceeded to bake the cake. The recipe has 2 teaspoons of mixed spice in it, and ohhhh, the smell was delightful while the cake was baking. I was sitting watching Lark Rise on tv, enjoying the homely, almost Christmassy aromas floating round the house, from this cake. It was very easy to bake, and I will be baking this cake again. I was delighted at how it turned out, it had risen so much!…

I gave the cake to my dad yesterday, along with some tops and his card for his birthday, and he was delighted. :)


So, now that all the housework is complete, I am going to take myself into the sitting room, relax on the settee, and crochet.

Who is watching Sophie Dahls new cookery show, and the new series of Grown Your Own Drugs tonight? I am for certain, and am really looking forward to watching them. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone. Thank you for reading my humble blog. :) xxx