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Hello Everyone. :)

Sorry I have not been on this past week, I’ve been unwell you see, hence the lack of posts. I am still feeling unwell, but I am not going to let that ruin my weeknd. I had planned on doing the garden today, but I awoke this morning, looked out of the bedroom window, and saw that it was chucking it down, and the rain has not let up all day, so that has dampened my plans to garden (excuse the pun, lol), so instead, I am having a crochety, crafty, bakey kind of day. :)

I tidied up this morning, put the clean bedding in the tumble to dry, then I got this book….

Off the shelf, and proceed to make a lemon syrup cake..

There it is, all ready for the oven…

And here it is all lovely and golden, with the sticky lemon syrup poured all over it, I’ll be looking foward to a slice of this later. :)

I was going to bake my dad a fruit cake for his upcoming birthday, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, as no where around here sells bags of dried fruit, so I’ll see if my mother in law has any spare that she can lend me tomorrow, and I’ll make one when we return home. If she has not, I’ll bake a different cake for my dad, perhaps a choccie one, or even a lemon one, like the one above, as I know he loves my lemon cakes. :)

Since yesterday, I have been typing in all kinds of phrases on Google images, that relate to all things countryish, cottagey, flowery and cosy, and I have found loads and loads of wonderful photos and pictures, which I have printed out, and I am going to now glue them all into a prettily fabric backed notebook, and call it my dream book, as all the piccies in the book relate to my dream kind of life, living in the country in a cosy cottage, with fabulous decor, aga, and a lovely cottage garden, and whenever I am feeling down, I will pick up my dream book, and the photos will certainly cheer me. :)

I’ve recently crocheted this hot water bottle cover

I designed it myself, it was very easy to make. The green wool is 100% pure new lambs wool, and the red wool is mohair, both wools are luxurious, a great treat.  I love it, and today, it has been in use while I have been lieing on the settee, nursing a poorly stomach.

I am going to continue watching Escape To The Country now, which is on all day on the channel called Home, and while watching that, I am going to continue working on my dream book, and then crochet.

Oh, next week lots of good things are on tv, to sit watching while crocheting, I’ll definitely be watching Sophie Dahls new cookery programme, the new series of Grow Your Own Drugs, and I’ll definitely, definitely, certainly will be watching Most Haunted Live In Prague, which is on every night for 4 hours, from Thursday to Monday, yey!!! I love that show, hubby’s not too keen though, lol.

I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend, no matter what the weather is like. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and as always, all your comments are greatly appreciated.

Bye for now everyone. xxxxxx

Yey, my quilt is all done!!! I finished it on Wednesday night, but have only just got round to blogging about it. I worked on it Friday night, Saturday, Tuesday and finished it Wednesday and I am so proud of it, I have always wanted a quilt and now I have one, yey!!!! I took a few piccies as it was progressing, want to see?…

Pinned together, ready for sewing wadding in..

The basting part was the most tedious part, but it is essential to quilting…

Sewing it…

Finished, yey!!!! I love it…

Most of the fabric I used were old sheets, quilting is fab for recycling!…

A closer look, so snuggly! …

Ok, some of my stitches are a bit wonky..

But hey, this is my first attempt at quilting….

Phew!! Time for a cuppa me thinks!!!

Today I bought this gorgeous skirt. I never wear skirts, I’m a jeans girl, but for a long time now I have been wanting to wear a skirt, and I saw this and I just had to have it. I wanted a 1950′s looking skirt, this is pretty 1950′s dont you think? Anyway, I love it, I just hope I feel comfortable wearing it. Speaking of the 1950′s, I have been doing loads of research online about 1950′s housewives, 1950′s home decor, 1950′s dress style, hair and make up. I found quite a few interesting articles and some fab piccies, but I was wanting to know, do any of you ladies know of any really good 1950′s websites, where I can get loads of info from? Also, I am wanting to decorate our home in a 1950′s type style, any suggestions on how I can acheive this? I have bought this book, I’m just waiting for it to be delivered, I’m sure I’ll get some good ideas from this. Here are some piccies from the book herehere and here. That is the kind of 1950′s decor that I love, any idea’s how I can achieve this look? Also, any idea’s on how I can achieve the 1950′s look, my dress, hair and make up? And still on about the 1950′s, can you think of any good films and tv shows that were made in the 1950′s, and ones that are set in the 1950′s? Obviously, top of my list is The Darling Buds Of May, can you think of any others? And books, books set in the 1950′s? Sorry for asking so many questions, lol. :)

I am going to attempt sewing a 1950′s style pinny now, then continue crocheting the blanket for my Mother In Laws Mothers Day pressie, and of course, watch The Darling Buds Of May.

Have a lovely weekend girls, I’m happily listening to Dreamcoats and Petticoats while typing this.:)

Thanks for reading, all your comments are really appriciated.

Bye for now. xxx :)