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Hello ladies :)

Thank you for all your well wishes, I was starting to get better, then I had what you could call a relapse last night. I felt so ill last night, sick, dizzy, my heart was racing, it was awful! I had an early night, and while in bed, I felt my heart jump in my chest, then it started racing for a few beats, then went back to normal! Anyway, I feel a little better today, so I am going to get on with a few things while I am feeling well, and pray that I do not have a relapse again!

I just thought I’d let you know, that as I type this, Jack the cat is sitting on my knee, purring away and licking my hand, bless!!!!!

I have finally sewn all the ends in on my granny squares, so today, I am going to start joining them, with a black border, while watching Miss Marples ‘The Body In The Library’ ( Geraldine McEwan), and then tonight I am going to watch the wonderful Darling Buds Of May :)

But first I am going to clean the house, bake a cake, change the bed linen and have a nice bath.


I just thought I would share some gorgeous artwork with you that I have recently discovered, it is by a chap called Robert Duncan…

Robert has many more paintings, and all are stunning. He is now my favourite artist, and I simply must get my hands on some of his artwork to display on our walls :)

One more thing before I go, I am now on a mission to collect vintage books. I have loved vintage books for a long long time, but since reading this post, I am so so wanting to start my collection right now :) So if any of you know of any good shops that sell vintage books, please do tell :)

Okey Dokey, time to go, thank you so so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave comments :)

Quick edit… I have just bought this dress and can not wait to wear it  :)

I hope your all having a lovely weekend :)

Take care, bye for now :) :) :) :) xxxxxxx


Hello Ladies :)

Please dont come too close, or you may get the lergy! Yip, I have succombed to the virus which John has and I feel so poorly, though thankfully, I am not as poorly as John has been……yet!!!! I am aching from head to foot, am stiff, especially my neck, my neck is killing, and I am soooooooooo tired, weak and sniffly :(

So, everything has been put on hold until the lergy decides to leave our house, the painting and decorating has been put on hold, painting Johns parents kitchen for them has been put on hold, cleaning and ironing has been put on hold, the baking I had planned has been put on hold, everything has been put on hold and it is a nightmare!

I finished my slouchy beret, yay!!! And I love it, roll on the cold weather so I can wear it, lol…..


I bought some wool the other day,

The shade is called Pomegranite, and I think it is such a pretty colour :) I also bought more of this…

So I can finally finish off this…

So, I am now going to have a nice bath, put on clean pyjamas, sit under the blanket on the settee, crochet, watch daytime tv (heartbeat repeats-loving the new series btw, who else is watching it?) and try to get better :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave comments.

Take care everyone

Bye for now :) :) :) :) xxxxx