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Hello Ladies, how are you today?

I believe I still have a touch of this virus, as one day I am ok, the next i feel poorly again! Sick of it now!

This week, we have been painting, and I baked a cake. I am going to call it Triple Choccie Cake, as it has 3 different types of choccie in it, normal cocoa in the sponge, nutella chocoalate spread in the middle, and melted cadburys chocolate on the top, and it was yummy, even if i do say so myself :) ……..

John was calling it death by chocolate cake, lol :)

Also this week, I finished putting the black border on all my granny squares, and have begun joining them together….

I can not wait for this throw to be finished, I think it will look lovely on our settee, very retro :)

I have been searching the web for images of 1950s style crochet dresses and skirts, and have found 2 images that I think look quite 50s, this skirt certainly does….

i love it, love how it flares, so I am going to try my level best to crochet one similar :) I also found this dress….

Kind of 50s dont you think? Anyway, I’ll be crocheting one similar, but with sleeves and a fuller skirt :)

While searching the web for 1950s hairstyles I found this wonderful picture…

This picture did make me laugh, substitute her knitting needles for a crochet hook, and it could be me, lol :)

John is working today, I am going to clean the house, then watch Miss Marple while crocheting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :) xxxxxx