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Hi Everyone :)

I am feeling a bit better now, yay!!!!! I have been living on what I call poorly food, soup, rice pudding and yoghurts :) ….

Not that I’m complaining, I love this food :)

Last night, I was sitting in the sitting room, under my blanket, with the camera by my side, so I thought Id take some piccies of the view from my chair to show you :) ….

Well, here is little Scrappy, fast asleep on my feet, lol…..





Foxy on the settee with me, with yoghurt on her nose, lol…

Whiskey all cosy on the chair….


Cosy candles…

The Darling Buds Of May playing on tv….

And finally, a corner of our sitting room :) So that was the view from my chair last night :)

I have finished another inspiration book, I have 3 now, and I love each one of them :) Here are some pics of my latest one….

This is the book I used, I dont know whether to back it in fabric or not???? I think I will ….


And some piccies of the inside of my inspiration book :)

I love teapots, (wow, that was random was’nt it, lol), I always have done, and I have decided to start collecting them, teapots of all shapes and sizes. John knows I want to start collecting them, and the other day he came home with this little darling for me ….

I love this teapot, it is now living on the kitchen window sill, and there, my other novelty teapots will live, until I get sooooooo many, they’ll have to have their own cabinet to live in, lol

Do you want to see my new hair band and jumper dress that my dads lovely girlfriend gave me?……..

I love this hairband, it is so pretty :)


I love jumper dresses :) And this will look fab with my black tights, tanned boots and my brown suede jacket…

While I was in the bedroom, I thought I would take a piccie of my lovely bed jacket, I love this….

When I came downstairs, I caught Jack been naughty…

Chewing the spider plant on top of the fridge, naughty Jack!!!!!

I am now sitting cosily in the sitting room, under the blanket, the fire is on, the lamp is lit, the x factor is on tv, and I feel really happy :) I am now going to have some tomato soup with lots of black pepper and cheese sandwiches to dunk, then I am going to have some of this….


in this, my favourite cup…..

And then John and I are going to watch Furry Vengeance on dvd, and I am going to crochet my Christmas jumper while watching it :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

Hello Everyone :)

I am afraid I have succombed to this awful fluey, chesty thing that is going around, I may of known I would, I catch anything that is going! All of yesterday my throat was killing me, I could hardly talk it was that bad!  John was looking after me, bless him, he made all the cuppas all day, all the food, hung the washing out and got it in, he is so good :)

I may be poorly, but I feel wonderfully cosy! The weather is turning, and it is good to be able to snuggle under the blanket on the settee, with the lamp lit and the fire going, perhaps my hottle bottle snuggled into me for extra warmth, crochet and cuppa tea by my side, something cosy and comforting on tv, like The Darling Buds Of May……


When I am poorly, i like to use my time to do things I would not normally have time to do when i am well, and that is exactly what Little Dolly and I have been doing :) We have been playing the wonderful card game, Happy Families, with my Woodland Family cards, which I have had for years and years and years, and which my dear grandads lovely neighbour, Doris, gave me when I was a child……

We have been looking through my inspiration books, and Cath Kidston catalogues for inspiration, which is something I love doing!…..

And we have been reading books by one of my most favourite authors of all time, Miss Read…..

And because I have been poorly, Little Dolly has been doing little odd jobs for me, bless her, like watering the plants :) ….

Remember the oldfashioned dolls cot I showed you in my last post, how it had wool in it, well, I have taken the wool out of it, and put in one of my favourite teddy bears and my Tiny Tears doll instead :)

Tiny Tears is wearing her one and only outfit that I kept from when I was a child, I cant wait to make her a lovely crochet dress and have her on display, looking all pretty and oldfashioned :)

I love my Teddy Bear that is in the cot, my dad bought her for me a few Christmasses ago, her outfit is so pretty and oldfashioned, and she is wearing a crocheted jacket :) …..

okey doeky, I am going to have a nice hot bubble bath now, then cosy up on the settee, and get on with my crocheting. Oh, I have completed the back half of my Christmas jumper, want to see?…….

And I started on the front side last night. When I have done the front, and the sleeves, I will crochet a snowman to sew onto the front of the jumper, as I want this to be a proper proper Christmas jumper :) then I will sew it all up and put it away until the month of December :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and to leave your wonderful comments, which I love reading :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)