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Little Dolly

Hiya everyone :)

Please say a big hello to Little Dolly :) Little Dolly is such a cutie isnt she!!!!!

Little Dolly was born on Saturday night, i.e, thats when I had finished crocheting her, lol :)

Today, Little Dolly has been playing on my oldfashioned dolls swing, which is just the perfect size for her……

Making John a pot of tea…..

And me a pot of coffee…..

She has been reading through my favourite crochet book, which came through the post on Friday……

i love the following pattern, for a dolls Christmas dress,

and I think i will be making it for my Tiny Tears doll, which John has recently got out of the loft for me. I love my Tiny Tears doll, my dear grandad bought her for me many moons ago, when i was very young, and I will never part with her. I wanted to get her down from the loft to give her a good clean, and make outfits her, and I will display her in my oldfashioned dolls swing which my dear grandad also bought me :) Little Dolly loves this outfit too, and cant wait to have her picture taken with Tiny Tears when she is wearing it, but Little Dolly was rather taken with the following pattern…….

She loves the pattern for the Gingerbread Man cushion cover, and has begged me to make it for her! I have promised I will do, if I get the time, Little Dolly can be so persistent!

She has her eye on this…..

my oldfashioned dolls cot which my dear grandad bought me when I was a child….

It is currently holding my wool, but Little Dolly has taken a shine to it, stating it is the perfect size bed for her, and she will feel so snug in it, so I have removed my wool from it, and I am going to crochet a nice little blanket for the cot, and that can be Little Dollys bed :)

Little Dolly loves the Union Jack, and she is in love with this stool, she begged me to take her photo while standing, proudly, on it…..

After all these photos, Little Dolly was quite tired, so she snuggled under the patchwork quilt on the settee, and agreed to have just one more photo taken, before she fell asleep :) …..

ive really enjoyed my day with Little Dolly :) Right now I am watching the tv and am going to get on with crocheting my Christmas jumper :)

I am so excited because one of my favourite tv series of all time is now been released, at long last, on dvd, and that is Heartbeat!!!! Series one is getting released the 27th of this month, so I have pre-ordered it, and I can not wait to get it and watch it :)

Okey dokey, from Little Dolly

and myself, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Bye for now everyone

Take care :) :) :) :)

Hello Ladies :)

How are you all on this fine September day? Ok, so it may be fine today, and dry, but I think it is turning cool.

I have been harvesting lavender :) I have left the harvesting of it to the very last minute, as I love to see it in the garden, attracting all the wildlife, the bee’s, the butterflies, the ladybirds :) But the good thing with leaving your lavender this long to harvest, is that nature has already dried it out for you, no need to hang it up and wait for it to dry :)

Yesterday I went out into the glorious sunshine, into the front garden, took my hessian bag and pink, flowery secetars, and proceeded to cut all the lavender down. I then came into the kitchen, and began stripping all the stalks of the lavender buds……..

The smell was Heavenly, I adore the smell of lavender, so this was a very pleasant job indeed :) ……

All the stalks and leaves that are left over………

I have tied them up into neat bundles, lovely :)

After I had finished stripping the stalks of the lavender, which took hours, I then decided to pretty the jars up, so I took the green polka dot fabric and made lid covers with it……

I am over the moon with the amount of lavender I got, about 600g I think, maybe more? I am going to make little lavender bags, sachets ect…. with it, to scent our linen, our drawers, our home, and to give away to family and friends :)

Today, John and I are going for yummy scrumptious Sunday dinner at Johns parents :)

I hope that your having a wonderful day, whatever your plans are, bye for now everyone, take care :) :) :) :) xxxxx