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Darling Deers

Hello Everyone :)

How are you all on this fine autumn day? I am grand, though I have swollen gums and galnds which are painful, but I am sure they will go soon, I hope anyway :)

The other day, John and I went to a deer park with our friends, and it was just wonderful. You could buy apples, that were grown there, to feed the deer, and you walked amongst them, they circled round you, and all clamoured after the apples which they loved! It was magical hand feeding the deer, and stroking them, and patting them, such beautiful gentle creatures

After we had fed and stroked the deer, we went into the hotel that is in the grounds to get ourselves cleaned up, and to have tea, which was lovely, it was a really enjoyable day :)

So, what else have I been doing, well, I have crocheted a pot cover for this fab Halloween plant that my dad and Pam brought up…

and I have been crocheting more sqaures, and joining them onto my settee throw, which is almost done, yay!!!!

I can not wait to get this finished and on the sette, I think it will look lovely and so cosy :)

Remember in my last post, I put up the pictures of the ribbon I bought from the craft fair, and I said I did not know what to do with the Union Jack ribbon? I have trimmed the shelf with it :)

The other day, I received my Sarah Raven catalog, and in it are some beautiful things, I particularly liked the tea cosies, but at £38, I think I’ll give those a miss, even if I do love them loads, lol :)

Tomorrow, our cat, Whiskey, is going to the vets to get speyed, I hope she’ll be ok, I just know I am going to be worrieing myself sick about her, until we have her back home. She will have the cone on her head, bless her, to stop her biting her stitches, and we will have to keep her separate from our other pets, incase they get at her stitches, poor little thing!

I am really looking forward to the tv next week, as 2 programmes, which I am dieing to see, are coming on. The first is Kirsties Home Made Home, which is on this Tuesday, on Channel 4, at 8.00pm. I loved watching the last series of Kirsties Home Made Home, and Kirsties Home Made Christmas, I taped them, and still watch them. On this series, she is helping members of the public turn their homes into more of a home made home, and featured among the crafts in this series are curtain making, and crochet, woohoooo, cant wait! The other series I am looking forward too is Turn Back Time, which is on BBC1 on Tuesday at 9.00pm. It is reality, historical show, where members of the public are given the chance to work in shops, as they would of done from the Victorian times up until the 1970s, so that will be interesting to watch :) I have been watching the current series of Ladies Of Letters, which I love, such a gentle and funny comedy, does anyone else watch this?

As I was looking at my favourtie blogs today, I spotted on BellasCountry, some gorgeous blankets from Dunelm Mill. They are called Ditsy blankets, and are super soft, and the designs remind me very much of Cath Kidston. I am loving them, and am really hoping to buy one or two :)

Okey dokey, I am going to bake a lemon syrup cake now, then have a nice bath, put on my clean jimjams, and crochet :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

Hiya everyone :)

Please prepare yourself as this is going to be a rather long post with lots of piccies :)

It has been so cold today! The first really cold day of this autumn I think, we have had the heating on all day, we even left it on when we went out so the pets were warm, and so we had a nice warm home to come home too. While we were out shopping, I spotted a pair of ladies foot warmers, lol, they are like ankle boots, made out of cloth, but really really padded inside, I got a pair and am wearing them now, John said I look like I have 2 sleeping bags on my feet, lol! My feet do look super fat with them on, because they are so padded, but I LOVE them, as they are so warm and comfy :)

Anyway, last week, John hung the new floral curtains in our sitting room…….

and since they did not come with tie backs, I thought I would crochet some, in green, to pick out the green of the leaves….

I absolutely love these curtains :)

On saturday just gone, I went to the Christmas Fair with Sarah and had a wonderful time. When Sarah picked me up, she kindly gave me a bag of vintage garden pot pourii, which smells divine, how kind of Sarah :) …..

The fair was great, lots of crafts there, paper crafts, bead crafts, wool stalls, fabric stalls, stalls selling jams and cakes, it was lovely :) Sarah brought her lovely daughter with her, and while there we met up with Sarahs mam, Sarahs niece, and Sarahs mams friend, all of whom were lovely and really easy to get on with :) We walked around all the stalls, and then came across a giant Victorian Knitted Christmas Display, which was just fabulous! Everything in this display was life size, and everything was knitted, apart from a few decorations on the tree, which was crocheted….

here is the life size knitted Christmas tree and….

the toys under the tree

knitted books and…

a knitted fireplace and….

knitted fire

life size knitted santa in his life size knitted sleigh…

knitted pressies…

and one of the ladies who contributed to knitting this fab display….

So, what did I get from the fair I hear you ask???? Well, I got some lovely ribbons….

I dont know yet what I am going to do with the Union Jack ribbon, but with the Halloween ribbon, I am going to use it to tie round my glass Halloween lanterns which I will be making :) I also got……

2 packets of Laura Ashely paper, which I will be using to back books in, and to make patch work wall paper for cabinets and doors ect……

I got some absolutely gorgous rose fabric and Christmas fabric….

I love the fabric I bought :) with the rose fabric I am going to make some new cushion covers, and with the Christmas fabric I am going to make a Christmas stocking with a crochet trim, and some Christmas bunting :)

When I came home, John and I went out to get some shopping in, and I spotted some lovely blue and white stripped pyjamas which I bought, they are long sleeve, so I am pleased with these as they are keeping me nice and warm on these cold nights :) ….

I did not get round to tidieing my book room and making it into my book/sewing room last week, so I did it on Sunday instead, would you like to see??? I will show you the side of the room which holds some of my books first…..

In the piccie above is the shelf which holds some of my favourite books, oldfashioned books, books about the countryside….

On the shelf above is my classic books, Dickens, Bronte, Austen, Gaskell, Hardy and Eliot, and other books…

Above are more Dickens books, more oldfashioned books and books of the countryside, and historical novels. I have loads more books up in the loft, but in my book room, and downstairs in the sitting room, I keep my favourite, most read books :)

On the floor in this room we have a stack of….

magazines, that I cant bare to part with, even though there are loads of pictures missing, as I took the scissors to them and stuck them in my inspiratiuon books, lol, but I only keep the mags that have good articles in, I throw others away :)

On the other side of this room is my sewing corner…

I am lucky that in this room there is a built in unit, which I have covered in a cloth, and put my sewing machine and fabric on…

The photo of the ducks, is the cloth that I have the unit covered in, it is a table cloth I picked up at a boot sale, and only paid £2.00 for!!!!

Ok, I think thats it, lol, I am going to sit down and crochet now, but before I leave, here is a piccie of my favourite teddy bears sitting on our bed…

and a photo of the book I am currently reading…

I am completely in love with the cover of this book!

On Friday, Sarah is coming over for cuppa, cake, chat and crochet, so that will be nice :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, buy for now :) :) :) :)