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Hello Everyone :)

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, quite a bit has been happening around here.  But I am back now, yay!!!! So lets get on with this post :)

Last time I wrote, I said I was going to a jumble sale, well, I went and I got some fantastic bargains. I only spent £10 all together, adn look at what I bought!….

These fabulous aprons which I am just in love with :)

This wonderful 1950s style shopping basket…

I have been after a basket like this for ages now, and when I spotted it in the jumble sale I was over the moon! I take it out with me every time I go shopping :)

I also got..

Burts Bees Hand Repair Kit

A unused candle making kit

A pink Candlewick bedspread and…

A mustard colour Candlewick bedspread (love these)

China, this set came with tea cups, which I have used to make my candles in, which I’ll show you in just a sec :)

I also bought a load of doilies, as I love doiles, lol, can you tell :)

And a lovely ornament….

More ornaments…

erm…. what else, let me see….

Lovely, framed, embroidered pictures, which have gone on our stairs and in the bathroom, I also got some lovely vintage pillowcases…

And pretty salt and pepper cellars…

Oh yes, the jug also came with the china I bought :)

And I got all that, for a tenner! Bargain I’d say :)

Ok, so what have I been up too I hear you ask??? Well, John and I put the tree up about 3 weeks ago, I know I know, that is really early to be putting the Christmas tree and decorations up, but I simply adore Christmas, and I love to make it last as long as possible, hence why the tree went up so early, lol :)

and here are some piccies of our festive and cosy looking sitting room…

(the tazmanian devil stocking hanging from my book shelf, was a prize John won for me when we were on holiday, on our first Christmas together, he had to throw some basket balls from a distance and get them in the net to win a  prize, and this is what he won for me, lol, so every year, it goes up :) )

I love sitting in our sitting room at night, with the Christmas tree lights twinkling, the fire reflecting in the streamers, it is so cosy, ohhhhhh how I love Christmas :)

I have also been crocheting, I have made 2 blankets to put on the two leather armchairs, for the animals to sit on, so that they’ll be nice and warm…

Oh, speaking of animals, here is a sneaky pic of our gorgeous Foxy, as you can see from the photo, I had been lying down on the settee, hence why the pillow is there, crocheting, hence why my crochet is on the floor, and I got up to do something and Foxy straight away jumped into my seat, lol, she alsways does this, so I thought I would capture it on camera :)

I have also crocheted a nice thick, and really warm pair of winter bedsocks for myself…

And while we are talking about crochet, here is a pic of a Christmas stocking I crocheted last year, which has been stored in the loft with all the other Christmas decs until now….

I have also been making lovely tea cup candles with my candle making kit, and some of the tea cups I got from the jumble sale…

I have been reading my favourite magazines…

and books…

and John and I have been Christmas shopping, we now have almost all of our pressies in. When we were shopping, I spotted this lovely Fairisle jumper in Primark, I just had to have it, I love it!….

I have won a give away, yay!!!! Rosie from Rosie In The Middle had a give away, to win a Family Rules plaque. You had to leave a comment, and what rules you would like on your plaque, and whoever won, Rosie would make the plaque, with their rules on for them , and I won!!!! Here is the lovely plaque which I love…

Is’nt it gorgeous! And as an extra little gift, Rosie also sent me a beautiful, hand made Christmas Tree ornament

Thank you Rosie :)

Well, we have been getting unbelievable snow for 10 days now, none stop. The snow must be over a foot deep now, and more keeps on coming every single day. As well as snow, we have also been getting gale force wind, minus temperatures, and thunder and lightening, yes, you heard me right, thunder and lightening! We have had thunder snow, as it is called, and the last time it thundered, lightened and snowed at the same time was in 1981, I was not even alive then! John and I were sitting together, watching tv, last sunday night, at 11.30pm, when all of a sudden, our room just lit up blue! we got such a shock, then the loudest thunder we have ever heard rumbled across the North East! We thought a bomb had gone off, it was quite surreal! Everyone across the North East heard and saw it, and it did it again the next day, how bizzarre!

The picture above is one I took last week of our back garden, the snow is now about twice as deep as it is in this pic! John and I have ventured out in it, and believe me, it is freezing! We are staying home today, too cold to go out! So I am going to do a little housework, then sit in the sitting room, with the fire on, the lamps lit, and the Christmas Tree lights twinkling, I will watch something cosy on tv, and carry on working on the jumper I am crocheting :)

I hope that your all staying warm and cosy, and are having a wonderful day :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)