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Hello Everyone :)

How are you all today??? The weather here is abit stormy, very windy and wet, but at least it is no longer minus temperatures!!! I am feeling much better now, apart from my neck which is still stiff and is driving me potty, I hate having a stiff neck!!!

So, who watched the first episode of Lark Rise To Candleford series 4 last Sunday night???? I did, I would not of missed it for the world!!! John always watches it with me, I think he does it because he knows it makes me happy, watching my favourite show with him, he likes LRTC, but is not a huge fan like I am, I feel so lucky to have such a lovely hubby :) Anyway, I sat down and began watching it, John came in from the computer room and asked if I would like a cuppa, I said yes please, and then in comes John with the tea tray, with the teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl all set up on it!!! He said he thought I would like a pot of tea while watching LRTC, how sweet!!! John knows me so well!!! I was touched by his thoughtfulness :) So we sat down, with our pot of tea, and watched LRTC, and really enjoyed it. John took some photos for me, using his phone, as he knew I would like some for my blog :) ….

How lovely is my darling John!!!!

Anyway, I have been continuing to crochet my chevron blanket..

and it is almost done now :) I have been printing out loads of crochet patterns from the net, and reading my favourite magazines

I love the following pictures, taken from Country Living

isnt that granny square blanket lovely!!!

the other day, hubby and I went shopping, and John kindly bought me 2 lovely bone china, floral mugs, I am in love with these…

John knows, anything with flowers on I will just love :)

Before I go, I want to share with you two funny piccies of our doggies eating a sweet each, which I gave them last night…

lol, I love to see their faces when they are eating a chewy sweet or toffee :)

I am going to do the cleaning now, then relax with my crochet and my LRTC dvds :)

I hope your all having a lovely day, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments.

Take care everyone

Bye for now :) :) :) :)

Hello Everyone :)

Before I get started on my post, let me pour you a nice cuppa tea :) And how about a choccie muffin to go with that????

First, we’ll add the milk…

Then we will pour the tea….

add the sugar and stir :)

Did you spot Foxy in the background??? :) I thought I would have myself a nice cuppa tea last night, using my tea for one set, so I set up my tray, put my crochet edged tray cloth on the tray, and my pretty china, and I took myself off into the sitting room, got cosy under the patchwork quilt on the settee, and watched Born and Bred while drinking my tea and eating my choccie muffin :)

And Foxy got herself comfy on my feet, lol, it was lovely having a proper tea with my tray all set up right, so cosy and indulgent :)

So, what have I been doing since I last potsed??? Well, I have been abit unwell I am afraid, I think I have this bug which is going around, which gives you a really stiff and painful neck, bad head and just generally making you feel unwell!!!! But I have been pottering around in the house, doing the washing

and drying

(I can not wait for the weather to improve, so I can dry our washing on the line in the garden, I love the smell of line dried laundry :) ) and I have been just cleaning, tidieing, the normal every day housewifely jobs , like changing the cushion covers on the settee…

this is a very important housewifely job, lol, are you like me, and enjoy doing things like this, changing cushion covers, making our beds look pretty ect… rather than scrubbing the cooker or cleaning the toilet :) granted, those jobs have to be done, but I so much prefer doing ‘pretty’ jobs :)

These are the cushion covers I got from the jumble sale back in November

they are all crocheted and I love them :) while we are on about home furnishings, here is a piccie of the yellow gingham kitchen curtains John and I received as a joint Christmas present from my dad and Pam…

I love them :)

I did go out on Tuesday and Thursday, but that made me feel worse!!!! January is a terrible time for illnesses, have you succombed yet????

I have been reading my favourite magazines and books…

and watching my favourite series :)

Are you all looking forward too tomorrow night, for Lark Rise To Candleford series 4 starting??? I can not wait!! But I read in the tv magazine that this may be the last series to be made, as apparantly the writer, Bill Gallagher, has not made up his mind as yet, whether to write any more!!! I really hope he does!!! Here is a link to the official BBC website for the show, on here you can watch clips from forth coming episodes :)

I have started a new crochet project :) I just love to crochet, and indeed, I crochet every single day, I am totally addicted to it!!! Would you like to see where I sit and crochet???

I love to sit on the settee, with my feet up, blanket cosily covering me, feather pillows fluffed up behind my head, and something cosy on tv, and this is where I crochet. As you can see, I have all I need right by my side, a basket with the wool I am using, my work bag to keep my project in, and on the windowsil, beside where I sit, I keep my cuppa tea or coffee, a perfect little crochet corner :)

This is me, last night, sitting on the settee, crocheting my latest project, can you spy Scrappy in the background??? those doggies do love their comfort, lol :)

And this is what I have been crocheting….

A chevron blanket, and I am loving it!!! This is such a fun and easy blanket to crochet :) ..

I can not wait until it is done, so I can wrap it around me to keep me nice and warm :)

So today, I am going to go off and read my favourite blogs, then continue watching LRTC while crocheting. I hope your all having a lovely day, whatever your doing :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)