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Hello Everyone :)

How are you all today???

I have quite a bit of news to convey in this post, so lets get cracking :)

I have been contacted by Lets Knit magazine, and they want to do a small feature on my blog, with some piccies!!! Wow, is’nt that exciting!!! So I said yes, that would be wonderful, and I am to be featured in the May issue, which will be out in April :)

John and I have been so busy decorating this past week, we have put the paper on our fireplace wall, put our newly painted fireplace back on the wall, papered one wall in our bedroom, and completely re-arranged our bedroom too, phew!!! That was hard work!!! Here are some before photos for you, which I took a while ago….

And here are the new ones, I love this wallpaper :)

I am so happy with our wallpaper, I love it so much, I just cant stop looking at it, lol :) Our home is becoming a floral haven, I love it :)

I have crocheted a few more tea cosies,

I hope you like them :)

Okey dokey, I am going to watch Pride and Predjudice now, the Colin Firth one, and crochet, because I have done all my housework, changed the bedding ( I love nice clean sheets night!! ), done the washing and had a nice bath, so I am all done for the day :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

Catching Up

Hello Everyone :)

I have been busy these past few weeks, , doing things in our home, visiting the dreaded dentist!!! But now, thankfully, I can sit down and do my blog :)

I have been crocheting…

Cath Kidston inspired tea cosies….

(I am currently crocheting a Bumble Bee tea cosy :)

my Floral Cushion Cover

I have made this cushion cover in colours to match our new decor, :)

Ok, so thats the crochet part out of the way, now onto news about our decorating :) It has been going slowly, as poor Johns hand is just starting to heal, but yesterday, John sanded down our fireplace and gave it one coat with the 1829 paint we bought, it needs another few coats before it is done, but it is looking fab already!!!!

The wallpaper for our firplace wall arrived, yay!!!!

There is a story behind this wallpaper. As you know, I ordered 3 rolls of it (the amount we need for our firplace wall) from A week after I had ordered it, it had still not arrived, so I phoned them, asking when will it be delivered, and they told me it had been discontinued and so they will have to refund me!!! I could not believe it, they had accepted my order and payment, yet had not been in touch to say it had been discontinued, that the manufacturer of this paper has stopped making it!!! I felt annoyed and sad, as I had set my heart on this wallpaper. Anyway, that same day, John and I went to all the wallpaper shops within a few miles of us, and we saw no wallpaper we liked, I was feeling very disheartened. So when we came home, I decided to look on ebay, and there for auction, was 5 rolls of the exact same Millie wallpaper that I had ordered, then been refunded for, running out the next day!!! I could not believe it, so the next day, I went on Ebay, put my bid in, never thinking I would win, as there was another 20 bids on, but I did!!! Yay!!!!! So I have got an extra two rolls, which may do for our bedroom, now that I can not get the Millie Blue wallpaper, plus we have the wallpaper we really wanted for our firplace wall, yay!!!!!!!!

The other day, my dad and his Partner Pam (who is like a mother to me) came here for a cuppa. Pam knows how much I love anything floral, and she had bought a present for me, something floral, something I adore :) …..

Floral teacups and saucers!!!! I love these!!!!

Ar’nt they gorgeous!!! I thought I would put them with my other floral cups and take a piccie of them all together :)

Can you tell which cup I was using, lol :)

I love florals!!!!!

I am going to get going now, to watch cosy dvds, and crochet :)

I hope your all having a wonderful weekend.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)