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How beautiful was the Royal wedding!!! It makes you feel so proud to be British!!!!

We watched the wedding on tv.  We got ourselves all cosy and comfortable, cuppa’s on the table, everything at hand so we did not have to leave our television, and we watched mesmerised, the Royal wedding.

From the moment we tuned in, I cried!!! I cried and cried and cried all through the ceremony, when Catherine and William emerged from the Abbey, I cried all the way through!!! I was just sooooo happy for the Royal couple, a match truly made in Heaven!

How beautiful did Catherine look! Her dress was gorgeous, simple elegance. How happy did the couple look, I saw William mouth to Catherine she looked beautiful when she reached the alter, and I saw Catherine fighting back tears as the made their vows. William looked very handsome indeed, as did Harry, and Our Queen looked stunning in her summery yellow outfit.

The Abbey was just beautiful, with the fully grown tree’s lining the aisle, and the choir sang beautifully.

I love Our Royal Family, I am very patriotic, and I feel so proud to be British.

All of my housework ect is done now, so I am going to watch the Royal wedding coverage on tv now, and crochet red, white and blue things, in Honour of this special day.

I am sure all of you ladies who get the Cath Kidston magazine, or who browse the Cath Kidston online shop will of seen the delightful crocheted waistcoat?? I did, and I loved it, so I thought, hmmm, why not make that myself, so I did , and I love it :)

here is some piccies from the CK mag of the waistcoat….

And here is mine :)

Admittedly, it is bigger than the one the model is wearing in the photo, but I am bigger than the model, lol, I had to make it to fit me, and it does so very well :)

(please excuse the photos, it was a rush job as I wanted to get my blog done quite quickly as I have a lot on today :) )

I love the stitch in this waistcoat, so much so, that I am currently crocheting a blanket in the same stitch :)

I have recently bought 2 wonderful vintage crochet books from Amazon which have the most amazing patterns in which I am longing to try out…

John and I have been doing a lot of baking recently. We have started making our own bread, daily, by hand, as it tastes so much better than what you buy, you know what is in it and it is cheaper :) John bakes the most gorgeous bread, here is a loaf he made a few weeks ago, he made it in my cake tin :) ..

The bread was divine!!! The little biscuit thingys I baked :) John has also been making the most delicious pizza’s, again from scratch, making the dough himself, and the tomatoe base ect…. he cooks then in the oven, then browns the base off on the griddle pan, giving it a stone baked taste, yummy :) Here is a cheese and onion one…

a rocket and cheese one (for me)..

and a rocket and ham one (for John)..

absolutely delicious!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your wonderful comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)