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Hello Everyone :)

I hope you are all well and enjoying 2012 so far, I know I am :)

I have finished my True Blood Water Lily Blanket, yay!!! You can see screen grabs of the original blanket on my previous post, but here is my True Blood Blanket….. :)

I have to say I love this blanket, I am so happy that I crocheted it, I love it :) yay!!!! :) :) :) :)

I am currently crocheting a lace blanket :) This is the first time I have ever crocheted lace before and I am loving it! I am using a lovely cream aran wool, and the shade of the cream suits this blanket perfectly as it is quite an antique shade of cream, and this blanket is very old fashioned. I am calling it my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket, as this blanket really does remind me of the wonderful TV series, Lark Rise To Candleford, as it is such an old fashioned, countryish, cottagey type of blanket, and I can quite imagine Queenie from Lark Rise crocheting this blanket for her and Twisters bed :) The blanket is made up of motifs, sewn together then a border added on, here are some photos of some of the motifs I have crocheted..

This is such  lovely blanket to make :)

And also I am going to start crocheting an In-Between Scrappy Granny Blanket :) I will only crochet this blanket when I am watching LRTC, or some particularly good film that I do not want to miss, as I can crochet a granny blanket without having to look at what I am crocheting you see :) So I will crochet my main project (which at the moment is my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket) while sitting down watching things that I do not mind if I miss any, from having to take my eyes off the screen to look at what I am crocheting, and I will crochet my In-Between Scrappy  Granny Blanket while watching things I do not want to miss, like LRTC :) I am calling it the In-Between Scrappy Granny Blanket because it is my in-between project, using only scraps and odd balls of wool I have kept :) I have not started crocheting it yet, as I have not watched LRTC, or something else I do not want to miss as yet, but I plan on watching my new LRTC blu-ray…

over the weekend so I will start on it then, and continue with my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket until and after then, when not watching LRTC :) Yes, I am a LRTC fanatic, lol :) Here is a piccie of my work bag I am using to hold all my scraps of wool that I will use up first on my blanket, then as the blanket gets bigger, I will use up my odd balls of wool :) In the plastic bag inside my work bag are my teeny tiny balls of wool I will begin the blanket with :)

I am always going to do this, even when this In-Bewtween Scrappy Granny Blanket is finished, as it is a good way to be able to keep my hands busy (which is a must for me, I hate to sit doing nothing) while watching things that I do not want to miss anything of, and I always have scraps and odd balls of wool to use up, so this is a very good idea for me personally, plus, I think, you can never have too many crocheted blankets :)

So that is the crochet side of this post done :) Other news I have is that we have bought a new HD telly and Blu-Ray player, and are very happy with them, and so impressed with the picture quality, isn’t HD amazing! But, all of my Lark Rise To Candlefords are on dvd, right ok, I thought this would not pose a problem as the new telly and blu-ray player upscales dvds into HD quality, well, it does do that with all of our dvds except my LRTC ones! I tried watching them on our new set up, and the picture went all funny! ?I was quite upset as LRTC is my favourite series of all time that I love to watch again and again, so I went online to try to find an answer as to why this was happening, and found out that quite a lot of people who have BBC dvds, and have tried playing them on their blu-ray players, have the same problem as I did with my LRTC dvds (which are BBC), but all their other dvds worked fine and did upscale, just as ours did! So I think perhaps the BBC use inferior quality discs that do not upscale and go all funny on a HD set up, or it is some kind of scam to get you to buy their blu-ray versions if and when you buy a HD telly and blu-ray player? Has anyone else had this problem?

So anyway, I bought LRTC series 1-3 on blu ray (series 4 is not out on blu-ray yet) from Amazon, and series one was delivered yesterday, so I will watch that at the weekend, and hopefully the picture will be spot on :) It is just annoying that I have had to replace my perfectly good LRTC dvds with the blu-ray versions. And I have just realised that most of my period dramas are BBC, but I am certainly not going to replace them all, I will just have to get used to watching them with a slightly strange picture to them, but I could not do that with my LRTC, I had to buy the blu-ray versions of those, as it is my favourite, and I do watch it a lot :)

Anyway :) I am going to get the housework done now and have a nice bath using my new Yardley Cocoa Butter Soap which they have just brought out and which smells divine! I bought this the other day while out shopping and the best thing is, it is not tested on animals, yay!!!

And then I shall put my feet up and carry on crocheting more motifs for my Lark Rise Crochet Lace Blanket :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)



Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2012 :)

We had a very nice Christmas, we enjoyed spending time with one another and family, and everything was just lovely :) Everyone liked their crochet presents I made them I am pleased to say, so everything was just perfect :)

John and I received some wonderful gifts, I will show you some of the lovely things I got, but also, we received Christmas money too from family, and I spent mine on wool, lol, I have not took photos of all the wool I bought, but lets just say I bought a lot :)

On Christmas Eve I baked John and I  quiche for our supper, yum…

and we enjoyed a very lovely Christmas Eve together, then on Christmas morning, John got up first and left me to sleep a while longer in bed, bless him, then he came up to wake me, and we went downstairs and into the sitting room, and I was greeted with this…

John had lit all the candles in the sitting room, put the fire and tree lights on, to make the whole room look so cosy, warm, welcoming and festive, and there on our little table was my morning cup of coffee, isn’t he lovely!!!

So we enjoyed a lovely Christmas morning together, drinking our cuppas, opening our pressies, seeing our lovely animals all excited at their pressies we got them, it was perfect. Among the presents I got from my darling John were some wonderful crochet books….

This crochet border book which I love, and have took photos of my favourite border patterns from it…

(sorry that the pics are blurry :) ) and also these 2 wonderful crochet books..

I plan on making a blanket using the squares from these books, then adding a border from my border book :) John also kindly got me a lovely Christmas Crochet book, a Christmas recipe book, and Peggy Coles Countryside Year (by Peggy Cole) and English Cottage Interiors book, I love them :)

So we had a lovely morning, then my dad and Pam arrived and we all had Christmas breakfast together which was lovely and exchanged gifts, here are some of the things I got from my kind dad and Pam…

( in the back ground of the above photo is a snuggie blanket which I love :) )

I also got some lovely smellies and choccies, and this absolutely gorgeous quilt…

I love absolutely everything, we are so very lucky :) Once we had all exchanged presents and had a lovely morning together, we went to Johns parents to exchange gifts with all the family and to have yummy Christmas dinner.  Then John and I came home and enjoyed a lovely Christmas night together, perfect :)

On Boxing Day, I started crocheting a blanket with the wool I bought with my Christmas money. It is a blanket I have been wanting to make since the summer, when I first saw it on the tv series, True Blood, so on Boxing Day, with all Christmas crochet gifts done, I started to make it. I posted on Ravelry asking if anyone had a pattern for this blanket, and someone did, so I am following that pattern. Here are some screen grabs of the blanket in True Blood…

I have crocheted the 35 pink centre flower squares so far, and today I will make a start on the 28 white centre flower squares, here is what I have done so far…

here are the 35 squares I have done, though it does not look like there are 35 there does it, lol, but there is :)

I really love this pattern, I am loving making the squares for this gorgeous blanket :)

And on that note, may I wish you all a Happy New Year again, and thank you for reading my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)