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Hello :)   Told you I would try to keep on with my blogging, lol, less than a week has passed since my last blog post, and here I am, doing another one! I am been good aren’t I, lol :)

This past week, I have finished my Sunshine On A Rainy Day cardigan, yay!!! :) I have designed this cardigan myself, and I am so happy with it. My friend has been teaching me all about the math involved with designing, and all the techniques, the measurements needed ect… and I am so grateful to her for teaching me, as it is wonderful to be able to design for myself now, I get a great sense of achievement from this :)

I have called this cardigan Sunshine On A Rainy Day, as the cardi is a lovely, sunny colour, and with all the rain we have been getting in the UK this year, when I wear this cardi, it will bring a nice bit of sunshine on a rainy day :) I used 3ply wool, from the stash  bought from Kemps sale in the Summer, so this cardi cost about 70p to make, lol! The buttons are from my step mams, mothers sewing box, which was kindly given to me :)

I really am delighted with this cardi, want to see?….


I am now crocheting a jumper of my own design, in emerald green and navy blue 4 ply, doing it in blocks of colour, I will add a V neck onto this one, and a pretty border too, I am loving this designing lark :)

We have a lovely park quite close to where we live, it is over by the beach, and has been there for many, many years. When I was little, every year, the Council would put up beautiful lights in the park, creating such a magical display :) But about 20 years or so ago, this was scrapped, on account of cost, which was such a shame, as the lights drew in crowds of people, and it was wonderful to walk in the park, at night, seeing these beautiful lights.

Well, this year, the Council have brought this back! I am over the moon about this, as I used to just love going to this park and seeing the lights! This year is a trial run, to see how popular bringing back the lights in the park proves to be, if it is very popular, then it will turn into an annual thing again, just like when I was little :) So we have the lovely lights in the park, and soon, we’ll have the beautiful Christmas lights in town too ( as we do every year, I love Christmas!!! :)

So hubby and I ventured over to the park to see the display, and it was just wonderful! :)

As you walk in the park, you are greeted by a dinosaur band, playing music to you, lol…

A little further along, and you see Alice in the magical world of Wonderland…

And opposite Alice, is a beautiful fountain display, which danced and changed colour in time to the music that was playing…

Walk a little further on, and you come to the bandstand…

and further on still, and you come to my favourite part of the park, the waterfall, all lit up, and looking like something out of a fairy tale :)

We had a wonderful night wandering around the park, it was just lovely :)

I have one or two things to do today, then I can put my feet up, and carry on crocheting my jumper :)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog :) I hope you all have a lovely day, bye for now :) :) :) :)


Hello Everyone :)

Wow, such a long time since I last posted! I have been quite busy of late, but am hoping to start catching up on my blogging again soon :)

This is a catch up post, such a lot has happened since I last posted! I have to see a pysio about my neck, as it is causing me real problems and pain, so hopefully the pysio can help with that :) I have flu at the moment, well, it is flu season, so that is to be expected I suppose, so keeping myself warm and hydrated, and spending time catching up :) All the animals are doing good, which I am so happy about :) And in general, life is good :)

The Shows I entered were wonderful, and I came placed 4 times! I got three 1sts, and one second! I entered the Herrington Village Show first, and got 1st’s on the two craft things I entered…

and for the Sunderland Horticultural Show, I entered the Venetian Opera Bag…

which came 2nd….

a jumper, which originally got 2nd ( as on photo ) but has now been bumped up to 1st, as the one that came first in the Show was disqualified….

and I also entered a floral corsage…

and a hat….

which did not come placed :) I really enjoyed the shows they were wonderful, and I can not wait to enter again next year :)

A lovely friend of mine is teaching me all I need to know about designing for myself, which I am finding wonderful! I have almost finished crocheting a cardigan of my own design, and am thrilled to be designing for myself, it is wonderful! :)

Have you seen the new style of Inside Crochet magazine? It is wonderful! A new publishing company have taken over this magazine, and it is just fabulous! The patterns in it are amazing, as are the articles, photography and layout of the magazine, I love it, and have earmarked so many patterns I want to do, lol, there is not enough hours in the day! But at least now I have the wool to do it! A few months ago, my local wool shop, Kemps, had a massive sale on, and were practically giving the wool away! They had bought all the stock from a closed down wool shop, and were selling it off super cheap, a 500g  bag ( or more sometimes ) of wool for only £1.00, and they had all kinds of wonderful wool, mohair, pure wool, DK, aran, brushed wool, cotton, all kinds! So I was constantly in there ( as were so many others ) buying sack fulls at a time, lol, I got loads, so am delighted with my purchases, and now have a stash big enough to last a life time, lol :)

There is a lot here, I know, and it looks like, with the amount I bought, I must of spent a fortune, but I didn’t, it was all so cheap, and too much of a bargain to pass up on :) So I was constantly in Kemps, when this sale was on, spending every spare penny I had on it, as this kind of bargain will never come around again! :) I got some cardboard boxes, and spent some time sorting it all out, according to colour, so when I want to do a project, it is easy to find :) I also labelled all the boxes, writing on each box how many number of balls of each type of wool is in there, eg 40 DK, 30 4ply ect… I do like to be organised, lol :)

Just a few examples ( above ) of my need to be organised, lol :)

Hasn’t this year just flown over! I can not believe Christmas will be upon us soon! Time to start on my Christmas crochet I think!

I am going to try my best to blog more regularly again, and read blogs again too :) So hopefully, I’ll be doing another blog post pretty soon :)

Until then, bye for now everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful day :) :) :) :)