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The weekend was such a peaceful, quiet and relaxing few days, I spent my time watching the fabulous Darling Buds Of May

crocheting a new hat, which will come in very well for the cold days ahead

the pattern for which can be found on this wonderful website, I really enjoyed crocheting this hat, and it is so lovely to wear, very comfy indeed :)

And I spent some quiet time reading my new crochet book

I love quiet weekends :)

I have been very naughty as far as my blogging is concerned! I said I would keep up with it, yet months have past, and here I am, finally, creating a new blog post! This is a new year, and one of my resolutions is to try my very best to keep up with my blog posts, and to also check in on my favourite blogs :)

The days have been fairly quiet of late, filled with cosy crochet, home baked cakes, cups of hot chocolate, snuggles under a handmade quilt, Winter walks, and enjoying the snow :)

I have enjoyed using these quiet days to do some crochet work I have been wanting to make for quite a while now, I crocheted the Bon Voyage Jumper, by the wonderful designer Emma Varnam, the pattern for which I got from the fabulous magazine, Inside Crochet.

And I took time out to crochet this gorgeous cardigan, by the fabulous designer Doris Chan.

And most recently, I have crocheted a pair of manly socks for my wonderful dad, which I am really looking forward to giving to him, when I next see him :)

I’ve also been browsing through some of my new crochet stitch books, which were a Christmas present, and thinking up designs, to put these gorgeous stitches into,

and gazing longingly at the beautiful colours, found in these gorgeous threads, a gift from my husband, and dreaming up projects to do on my trusty sewing machine, to put these beautiful threads to good use,

Quiet Winter days, filled with homely potterings, the waggling of a crochet hook, and crafty musings, are the most wonderful days :)