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As I type this I have this gorgeous girl on my knee

kicking her little feet

and playing with her adorable chubby hands

She is amazing :)

I’ve been baking some yummy bread of late

from this recipe off Lucys blog and it is very yummy indeed :)

I’ve also been making more winter warming soup

and delicious buttery flapjack, topped with melted choccie, yum!

Little J had her first trip to the park recently, this is a local park, only a couple of minutes walk away, I do like to walk here, always makes me happy :)

And Little J also went to our local museum and winter gardens for the first time recently too :) I bundled her in her pram, all snug and cosy

for our walk to the museum, I carried her around the museum, so she could look around and see all those lovely new things, but she decided to have a little cat nap on my shoulder instead :)

she did wake up after a while, and we enjoyed walking around looking at the exhibits, my favourite been the display of baby clothes, and the knitting display


On a night, I’ve been crocheting Little J’s matinee coat and matching bonnet, I just love crocheting for Little J :)

The matinee coat is finished, and now I am working on the bonnet

I just love this little coat, I’ll be bundling our little one in it very soon :)

And just before I go, here is a lovely piccie of Little J, lying contently by my side on the settee, with her little guardian, Foxy in the background :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) x


Our Week


I have decided to share photos of our little one, she is just too gorgeous not to share!  This week I have been looking through photos and can not believe how the time has flown by! Here I am back in August heavily pregnant, it does not seem like 5 minutes ago!

And our little one, lying on my chest, just a few minutes after been born :)

Love, love, lover her so much!!!!!!!!! How she has changed! Here is Little J, taken a few weeks ago, wearing the bonnet I crocheted for her :)

How gorgeous is she! She is simply amazing, and so beautiful! And here she is wearing the Christmas outfit I crocheted for her :)

I adore this girl! :)

So this week has been a kind of stay at home, lets get cooking week, with a few bracing walks with Little J :) January means hearty, home made soup

packed full of root vegetably goodness :)


January is also the month for warming home baked ginger cakes, covered in yummy chocolate…

Yum :) And why not make a batch of cripsy cakes too, love these!

Hubby made a batch of cakes, his own recipe, a concoction of digestivey biscuity base, with a filling of whipped up condensed milk with dessicated coconut folded into it, and topped with melted choccie, all left to set, cut into bite size squares, which taste absolutely delicious! These did not last long!

And while not cooking, baking and eating, I’ve been browsing through some of our recipe books, looking for comforting new recipes to try…

I took a small selection of some of my books, and pondered over which to begin reading…

I settled on this one

As you can see it is well read :) I love this book, it is by my bedside now, and I read it while nursing Little J to sleep at bedtime, and also if she wakes in the night for a feed, I’ll read it while rocking her back to sleep, baby snuggles and a favourite book, bliss :) Little J is starting to sleep through now, she is amazing :)

I love Little J’s new dress I put her in one day last week, this is the first time she has worn it, now been big enough to fit into it, goodness me, how she is growing!

and look at those little shoes!

And here is our gorgeous girl, all bundled in her Winters coat, ready for an outing in her pram :)

Our darling girl :)

My dad and step mam came over yesterday, and my step mam so kindly brought these for me

The diary and address book she bought as she knows I love this kind of thing, and also because the cat on it looks like our Whiskey, and the teapot and cup are heat pads, you crack them and the crystals in them heat up, ideal for putting on crampy tummies and backs :) My step mam is so very kind, she is always bringing little gifts up for myself, hubby and Little J, and always buying my dad little treats, we are all blessed to have her in our lives :)

Righty ho, I am going to bake some flapjack now before  hubby does Sunday dinner , do the housework and washing,  have a lovely bubble bath while hubby looks after Little J, and then we’ll all get settled for a cosy Sunday night, watch a film, and I’ll continue crocheting Little J’s vintage matinee coat :)

Happy Sunday everyone X