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Hello Everyone :) I’m knitting! But first things first, what have we being up too of late, well…….  I’ve being baking, a nice lemon sponge with lemon butter icing in the middle and lemon icing on top, walnut cake with vanilla butter icing in the middle and icing with yummy walnuts on top, this walnut cake proved to be a hit in our house so I made another last weekend too. I love baking! This weekend I’ll do a ginger cake with ginger icing for the top, yum!

Julia loved her Valentines teddy bear! I really enjoyed seeing her tear the red paper it was wrapped in open, and then seeing the surprised look on her face when a big pink teddy bear emerged from within! I crocheted this teddy, and I also crocheted the navy blue and light blue jumper which Julia has on in some of the photos above, there is something about making things for Julia which fills my heart with pure joy!

Woman’s Weekly have brought out a new Vintage series, I have the first two magazines in this series which you can see above, and the third is out now and is the Woman’s Weekly Keepsake Book Of Vintage Makes , I can not find this series in the shops around here so have to order online, it is a really good series, I love it! I’ve also being buying and reading Simply Knitting magazine which is great, lots of lovely things in it which I hope to be able to knit some day!

And yip, I am knitting! I have tried my hand at knitting before, but have never really got away with it, so gave up and went back to crocheting ( which I love! ) but this time, I persevered as I really want to be able to knit all those beautiful patterns out there, the vintage ones, the baby ones, the Susan Crawford ones, the Christmas ones ( I have an ambition to knit Julia and myself Christmas jumpers this year if I am good enough by then, I would knit John one too but somehow I don’t think it is his thing :) ), so I kept on and my knitting, found a simple pattern and knit, knit, knit, and found that I really enjoyed it! I would look forward to sitting down at night time, when Julia is fast asleep in bed, watch some TV with John, and knit. I have discovered that I am a continental knitter ( probably because I am used to holding the wool in my left hand with crocheting ) which I am pleased about. So I knit and knit, and the end result is the red cardigan with white ribbed edging which you see above, for Julia :) And I can not tell you how happy I am with this! After quite a long time of wishing I could knit, I have finally knitted something and really enjoyed doing it, and I feel so proud seeing my beautiful daughter wearing it! It is only a simple garter stitch pattern, with a knit 1, purl 1 ribbing, but it has pockets too which I am very proud of! And now, I am knitting Julia a coat and beret set, from a  pattern which was in last weeks Woman’s Weekly magazine, this pattern is a little more complicated which I like, and is done in mainly stocking stitch, which I am enjoying doing, I love the look of this stitch, so plain, yet so effective! I am keeping on with my crocheting too of course, I crochet during the day ( when I have the time that is :) ) when Julia is up, as I find it easier to crochet with Julia running around and climbing on my knee for snuggles, and I knit on a night when Julia is in bed :)

Julia’s glasses are in for a repair right now, in fact, we’re getting a different frame for them as the ones she has are breaking too often, so we’ve chosen a frame which is made from very bendy metal so hopefully Julia’s little toddler hands won’t be able to break these so easily :)

Today is a wet and gloomy day, but signs of Spring are around, we have a few daffodils in bloom in our garden right now, adding a splash of vibrant colour to this gloomy day!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, thank you for stopping by! Take care, bye for now X