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Hello everyone :)

How are you all today??? It is all go in the household, we are busy decorating you see, nearly every room of our home!!! Poor John, good job he does not mind D.I.Y work :) Yesterday, John ripped up the stair carpet, and when his finger is mended (poor soul broke his finger last night!), John will be sanding the floorboards down and painting our stairs, landing and passage, I can not wait!!!

Also, John is going to re-paint the bathroom in a powder blue, re-grout the tiles, then hang this border which I ordered online…

I am really in love with this border, very cath Kidston wouldnt you say??? I am going to paint our bathroom shelf red, to match the roses, and buy a new shower curtain, bath mats, towels and storage boxes, all in reds and florals to match the border, I have a picture in my head of how it will look, I can not wait to see the finished result :)

So thats the stairs and bathroom John is doing, and he is also going to re-grout the kitchen tiles, paint our fireplace in this paint…

which is a lovely colour, it is eggshell paint, so is ideal for fireplaces, and it is an art deco white, called Chalk White, which is a warmer white than the white paints made today, so I am certain our fireplace will look lovely :)

And John is also going to paper our fireplace wall in this Millie Wallpaper. I sent off for some samples, the one with the cream background, and the ones with the blue background….

And I really love this paper, it is very thick, good quality, and so vintagey, so I have ordered 3 rolls of the one with the cream background for our fireplace wall, hopefully it will be here next week, and when I can, I will order a few rolls of the blue background for our bedroom :) Poor John, all that work, good job I have such a willing, hard working and placid hubby :)

I’ve been crocheting…


These blankets :)

I have also been sewing  :) I made some pillow cases on the sewing machine, then added a crochet edging to them…

I love these, the pillow cases are covered in flowers, anything floral I LOVE!!!! As you can see, our bedroom is painted red at the moment, I can not wait to get the Blue Millie wallpaper to paper our bed wall, paint the other walls in a lighter colour, and paint our bed white :)

I have also finished Johns Valentines Day Heart Cushion, which he loves, I have gave it to him early :)

When I gave it to him, I said “I am giving you my heart”, lol, how corny am I!!!!! :)

I have done the housework today, changed the bed linen, nice clean sheets tonight!!! so now I am going to work on my shop, then have a nice bath, read my new Cath Kidston magazine

and watch the wonderful Darling Buds Of May while crocheting :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your wonderful comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)


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