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Hello Everyone :)

How are you all today???

I have quite a bit of news to convey in this post, so lets get cracking :)

I have been contacted by Lets Knit magazine, and they want to do a small feature on my blog, with some piccies!!! Wow, is’nt that exciting!!! So I said yes, that would be wonderful, and I am to be featured in the May issue, which will be out in April :)

John and I have been so busy decorating this past week, we have put the paper on our fireplace wall, put our newly painted fireplace back on the wall, papered one wall in our bedroom, and completely re-arranged our bedroom too, phew!!! That was hard work!!! Here are some before photos for you, which I took a while ago….

And here are the new ones, I love this wallpaper :)

I am so happy with our wallpaper, I love it so much, I just cant stop looking at it, lol :) Our home is becoming a floral haven, I love it :)

I have crocheted a few more tea cosies,

I hope you like them :)

Okey dokey, I am going to watch Pride and Predjudice now, the Colin Firth one, and crochet, because I have done all my housework, changed the bedding ( I love nice clean sheets night!! ), done the washing and had a nice bath, so I am all done for the day :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

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    Lots of luck with your shop Melanie.
    Your decorating is beautiful. It made me gasp – no wonder you keep looking at it!

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    Hiya Lynn :) Thank you so much for wishing me luck and liking our decorating :) xxx

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    love the wall paper and love the blue tea cosy :) what a cosy post xx

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    Thanks Neen, I love cosy :) xxx

  5. First of all congratulations on the ‘Let’s Knit’ feature, how exciting!!!
    Your wallpaper does looks great !
    I do love that little bee. :)
    Vivienne x

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    I wouldn’t stop looking at that wallpaper either!!

    Victoria xx

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    Pom Pom 

    Hi Melanie :)
    The wallpaper turned out GREAT, didn’t it?
    That’s exciting that you’ll be featured in a mag! Yahoo for YOU!
    You are a speedy crochet whiz!

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    lovely makeover I adore that wallpaper and I would love it in all my rooms (well it is hard just to stick to one colour when there are three colour choices )I don’t think my hubby would like that though men just don’t get flowers .I love the cosies , one day I am hoping I am clever enough to make my own .
    I’m going to haver a look at crochet corner now
    xx fee

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    Hiya Vivienne :) Thank you, it is exciting that I’ll be in a magazine :) Thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

    Hiya Victoria :) I just cant take my eyes off the wallpaper, I love it :) xxx

    Hiya Pom Pom :) The wallpaper did turn out great indeed!!! Thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

    Hiya Fee :) I adore the wallpaper too, it is gorgeous isnt it :) I am sure you’ll be able to crochet cosies before you know it :) xxx

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    It looks lovely, so pretty. I am so pleased for you being featured in a magazine, i will have to go and buy it, love june xx

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    Thanks June, I am so excited about been in a magazine :) xxx

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    Loo xx jumbles and pompoms 

    Good luck with the bookshop, Mel. I’m so excited about you being in a magazine. Do let us know all about it. Love love love the wallpaper even more now it’s up!

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    Congratulations on appearing in a magazine, I look forward to seeing you in print. Gorgeous wallpaper too. Dev x

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    Thanks Loo :) I will let you know more about the mag when I know more :) xxx

    Thanks Dev :) I am so excited about been in a magazine, lol :) xxx

    Thanks to you both on your compliments about the wallpaper :) x

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    wall paper looks lovely up and you’ve done a great job with the fireplace.. i love it when i first decorate some were it feels all lovely and fresh doesnt it!

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    Hiya Charl :) Thank you :) Yes I agree, when you first decorate somewhere it smells so lovely and fresh, and looks so clean too :) xxx

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    congratulations mel on your mag feature! and good luck with your shope your tea cosies are lovely! fliss xxx

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    Thanks Fliss :) xxx

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