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Hello Everyone :) Long time no see!!! Sorry I have not done a post before now, I have been quite busy with gardening, crocheting ect…, but I have finally made time to do my blog :)

You may be wondering what the title of this post means??? Well, I have been baking and brewing :) I have baked a spiced apple sauce cake, the idea for this came from LRTC, as Dorcas ate one and I thought, mmm, that sounds tasty, so I baked one, and it really does taste as good as it sounds :)

and, I have been brewing too, lol. Yesterday John and I went for a lovely long walk, and I took my rubber gloves with me, why, to pick stinging nettles!!! :) I gathered a huge bag full, John held the bag open for me, and it took quite a while as all the nettles are still very small, but that is perfect, as they are young and will taste better :)

And when we came home, I washed the nettles, boiled a large pan of water, put the nettles in the boiling water and left it to infuse, then strained them, added lemon juice, sugar, cream of tartar and yeast, to make nettle beer for my darling John :) I dont drink, but John does, and I thought this would be nice for him to try, plus its an excuse for me to go foraging and to brew, 2 things I love doing :) The beer is now fermenting in the boiler cupboard…

and on Sunday, I shall bottle it, and in about a month it will be ready for John to drink :)

On the crochet front, I have crocheted quite a few things, , I have designed and crocheted some shell stitch tea cosies, which have roses on top… (please excuse all the photos in this post, I took them, hence why they are not very good, lol :) )

My favourite is the green one :)

I have also designed and crocheted this bright, shell stitch beach bag (please excuse my arm in this shot, lol )

I have crocheted a shawl inspired by the one Emma wears in LRTC….

There isĀ  a crochet and knit along in the LRTC group on Ravelry you see, to crochet or knit a shawl worn by Emma or Queenie in the series, and so this is my Emma Shawl…

It is really thick and warm and I just love it, I wear it over my pyjamas to keep me warm on a night :) And now I am working on my Queenie shawl which will look something like this…

Also, I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I have been reading my herbal books….

My Lark Rise book…

my magazines….

And a lovely early birthday present from my darling John, two fabulous crochet books :)

Oh, and the postie has just been and delivered the latest Cath Kidston magazine, so I shall be reading that later today too :)

I have been re-watching my favourite series of all time, you guessed it…

and as you will have probably spotted, the new series 4 dvd is there too….

This is another early birthday present, from my dad and Pam :) I just love my LRTC dvds, I would not part with them for the world!

So yip, its my birthday next week, and I have been getting some early birthday pressies! I am so lucky :) So, I got the books from my darling John, the dvd from my dad and Pam, and my dad and Pam also really kindly bought me the most gorgeous dressing gown with matching pyjamas I have ever seen, and some lovely slippers…

They remind me very much of Cath Kidstons pj’s and dressing gowns, but I prefer these, as there are more flowers on them :) The dressing gown is super super soft, I just love it!!! Click on the piccies to view larger size :) I am such a lucky woman :) I am surrounded by love and kindness.

Right, I am going to do the rest of the housework now (I have already done the washing and hung it on the line, and changed the bed sheets ) then I am going to dig up some veg, prepare the soil to grow a herb garden, and plant some rhubarb :) Then, I shall have a lovely hot bubble bath, put my new pj’s, dressing gown and slippers on, and watch LRTC while crocheting my Queenie shawl :)

Just before I go I thought I would share photos of the lovely flowers John kindly bought me, bless him :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

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  1. Nice to have you back Melanie. :)
    I have both those crochet books, they really are great, some really fun things to make in there!!!
    Love your sweet little tea cosies.
    Happy Birthday for next week, you’ve got some lovely presents.
    Vivienne x

  2. #2

    Thanks Vivienne :) I really love those books, they are fab, and I am loving my early bd pressies :) xxx

  3. #3

    Hi Melanie, it is always a pleasure to see that you have posted again..
    I really want to get back into regular blogging, hopefully soon.

    S x

  4. #4

    Ooooh you have been a busy bee and grappling with stinging nettles!

    I missed Series 4 of Lark Rise so I must sort out getting the DVDs

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xxx

  5. #5

    What a lovely post Melanie. You sure are a very lucky girl! :o ) I hope that you have a lovely birthday xx

  6. #6

    Hi Sarah :) I hope you do get back into blogging, love reading your posts :) xxx

    Hiya Victoria :) Amazon have series 4 on special, you could try there :) xxx

    Hiya Nicola :) Thank you, I am a very lucky girl indeed :) xxx

  7. #7

    I love your adorable tea cosies,and the dressing gown,so pretty and cosy!
    I’m sure John is going to love that nettle beer.I didn’t know you could make beer from nettles!..but Mr Boo has just informed me that Hall and Woodhouse make a beer called ‘stinger’ from nettles.There’s not much my other half doesn’t know about beer! Bet you’re getting excited about your birthday.I wonder what surprises are in store?! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. :0)

  8. #8
    Pom Pom 

    Hi Melanie! Love your pressies!
    Your tea cozies are adorable!

  9. #9

    Hiya Bellaboo :) Thank you for your nice compliments, the dressing gown is so warm and cosy :) Hope your having a lovely weekend too :) xxx

    Hiya Pom Pom :) Thank you for your lovely compliment :) xxx

  10. Ooh your cake looks delicious! You have some gorgeous pressies. Hope you have a lovely Birthday! X

  11. #11

    Thanks Kitten :) xxx

  12. Hi Melanie

    What a treat your post is. Full of things I like including the shawls. I wear them at home in the winter. Such a cosy feel to them. I’ve got the flowers crochet but haven’t seen the other one which looks very tempting! Really intrigued by how that nettle beer tastes. I must have a try, we certainly aren’t short of nettles here.
    Isabelle x

  13. #13

    I am liking the sound of the nettle beer, and the tea cosies are really pretty. I hope that you have a really lovely birthday, you have got off to a good start with some pretty and thoughtful gifts already. As usual such a lovely gentle blog to read. love june xx

  14. #14

    Hiya Isabelle :) I love shawls too, they are so warm and cosy :) The companion book to the flower book is really good, well worth a read :) I will let you know how the nettle beer tastes, if it tastes nice we’ll be making more :) xxx

    Hiya June :) I am sure I will have a very nice birthday indeed, and like you said, I have got off to a good start, everyone has been so kind to me :) Thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog :) xxx

  15. #15

    Looks good, nice and beautiful.:-)

  16. If I’ve missed your birthday, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fabulous day.

    Your crochet looks amazing Mel. The flowers on the tall tea cosys are marvelous. I love the beach bag too.

    Don’t suppose there’s any of that cake left? Which reminds me, I was supposed to look up a recipe for just that.

  17. #17

    Thanks Ali :) I had a great birthday, thank you for your lovely compliments about my crochet :)
    Sorry no cake left I am afraid, lol :) xxx

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