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Hello Everyone :)

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted! I have been quite busy of late, and then my blog went down so that needed fixing, but it seems as though everything is now working, so I can do a catch up post at last :)

Are you all getting ready for Christmas? I am, I have been crocheting like crazy, making ornaments for the house, and am now crocheting gifts for family to wrap up and give them come Christmas day :) But more of that later :)

We have been quite busy in the house of late, getting a new stair carpet put down ect… We were going to paint the floor boards, but noticed our little doggies slipping on the bare wood, so we opted for a carpet instead, so they can walk easily on it without slipping :) And now, I am starting on my Christmas cleaning, so the house is all nice come the big day, and in December some time I will start on my Christmas cooking :)

We have been Christmas shopping and have bought the bulk of the pressies, so we have those in now, all ready to be wrapped up, but we do still need to buy a few more bits and pieces, before all the Christmas shopping is done :)

On Thursday coming we are going to put the tree and decorations up and I can not wait!!! I love this yearly ritual, of listening to Christmas songs and Carols, while John and I decorate our home, to make it look truly festive and Christmassy, it is wonderful and I love it :)

So, anyway, before I go on any more about Christmas, did you all have a happy Halloween and Bonfire Night? We enjoyed Halloween, I put out all my crocheted Halloween ornaments, and John and I carved 2 pumpkins, which we lit and put in the sitting room, and it looked quite cosy in a spooky kind of way on Halloween night in our home :)

We enjoyed watching spooky things on telly and had a lovely night :) Bonfire night was ok, though the poor animals were terrified of all the fireworks going off, I was pleased when it was over and done with!

And now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over and done with, the next big thing to look forward too is Christmas, and I am definitely looking forward to it, I adore the build up to Christmas, planning everything, putting the tree up, going Christmas shopping, sending out cards and wrapping the pressies, doing my Christmas cleaning and cooking, making things for Christmas, I love every single moment of it and make the most of it every single year, that is why I like to have the tree up quite early so we can make the most of it, as after all, Christmas only comes once a year :)

I have already been watching all my Christmas cookery and craft shows that I have taped in years past, and I am going to start watching Christmas films too, I love Christmas films :) I am really looking forward to watching all the Christmassy things that will be coming on telly soon, I love to watch the different shows the different channels put on telly each year, makes me feel so Christmassy :)

Anyway, I think you can probably tell I am really looking forward to Christmas, and am in a festive mood already :) So, let me show you my Christmas crochet :) My first Christmas make this year was the crochet ginger bread house…

For the house itself I followed a pattern, but the idea of putting the house on a board covered in white paper to resemble snow, and then adding a pond, little duckie and tree’s was my own idea, as I wanted to make a proper wintery, Christmassy, Fairy Tale scene, and I am very pleased with how it has turned out :)


I have also crocheted a Nativity scene

This is my own pattern, and I wanted to make a Nativity scene myself instead of buying one, so I could put part of myself into it. Mary is in blue, Joseph in green, the shepherds in brown, the 3 wise men in rich colours holding a ‘gold box’ each, and in those boxes are their gifts to the Baby Jesus, and the Baby Jesus is lying in his crib, wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Other Christmas decorations I have crocheted are Frosty The Snowman

and Christmas tree decorations, including 2 Christmas puddings, a Christmas cupcake and a Christmas stocking :)

And for Christmas gifts that I am crocheting, I have a huge list of idea’s to do, but whatever is left unfinished this year from my list, I will make for next Christmas, I plan on making a very early start on my crochet Christmas gifts next year :) So far, I have crocheted Pam (my dads lovely partner) a fancy red beret

For Pam and my Mother In Law, I have crocheted them each a pink bamboo face cloth

and to go with these I am going to buy a fancy soap to wrap up with them, so that should make a nice gift :)

And I have crocheted a nap blanket for my dad and Pam, to keep on their settee for when they want to take a nice afternoon nap :) I have crocheted it in colours to match their sitting room decor, as that is where the blanket will live, on their settee in their sitting room :)

And right now I am crocheting Pam a pair of bedsocks in self patterning sock wool, and then I will crochet my dad a pair of socks, then make a start on a rather large crochet project, a blanket to fit my mother and father in law’s bed, so I will have to work like crazy on this blanket to get it finished it time for Christmas!!

And just before I go, I will show you a hat and scarf set I have crocheted for myself for these cold winter months :) I used the gorgeous, chunky, multi coloured wool that my dad and Pam kindly gave me, and which I just love!

I have worn these recently, and they are so warm and keep me so snug :)

Okey dokey, I am off now to do some cleaning, have a nice bath and then carry on crocheting Pams bedsocks :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your lovely comments, I will try not to leave it so long before I do another post :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)



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