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Good news for all you lark Rise fans, there is to be a series 4 after all! Yey!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

But, rumour has it that they’ll only be 6 episodes in series 4.  :(   But Julia is keep asking for a Christmas special, so you never know.

I absolutely adore Lark Rise, and am so sad that it is over for another year, roll on the end of April when series 3 will be out on dvd!

Until then, I shall have to just read the books, and watch series one and two to get my Lark Rise fix.

So, who else is a Lark Rise fanatic?….

I know I am.  :) :) :)

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    I adore Lark Rise. One of the highlights of my week and I’m not looking forward to the end of the series. The question all last week in my house was Fisher or Daniel? They’re both gorgeous. x

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    Me :)

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    i only watch it now and again, i might start it again! fliss xx

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    wonderful news! sadly i missed the 3rd series altogether :(

    warm easter hugs xxx


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    I have loved every minute of this wonderful series:)

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    Pom Pom 

    Well, I think I will be. I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Thanks for letting me know how amazing it is! I know I’ll want all of the seasons I can get. Oh bliss! I can’t wait!

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    I’m pleased to see I am not the only Lark Rise fanatic here, lol. :) xxx

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    Yippeee, that is good news and a christmas special would be really great wouldn’t it? Must get myself the box sets one day. Dev x

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    oh yes we love it..thats my husband too!!!
    we’ve still got last sunday’s on sky+ to watch…..just realised!!

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    A Christmas Special would be fab Dev. xxx :)

    Claire, I watch it with my hubby too! xxx :)

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    I didn’t realise last Sunday’s was the last episode of the series. I have it taped ready to watch over the Bank Hol weekend.

    I do enjoy the programme and would love a Christmas special

    Victoria xx

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    You’ll have a lovely bank holiday weeknd watching that then Victoria. xxx :)

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    Hi Melanie,
    Yep the books and note cards are from poundland, they had a few different designs and they are really good for the money! x

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    Thanks for letting me know Gem, I think I’ll head in there now to buy some. :) xxx

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    hello sweetie

    thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    my daughter and i are going to watch the first series of larkrise again all over easter starting tomorrow evening. we are going to make a sort of eastery snack banquet to enjoy with it :o )

    hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

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    :) lol, i keep doing those smiles wrong will have to practice :) :) :) :) :)

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    Have fun Sumea with your Easter banquet and Lark Rise, it sounds like a perfect way to spend a long weekend to me. :) xxxx

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    i luv to write LRTC fanfic and i am totaly wating for series 4 only here in america we have to wait probaly until march to c it but hope margaret will get pregnat next series

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    I just started watching this show. It is right up there with Downton Abbey!

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    Fab isn’t it :) I am going to start re-watching again x

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