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Please open the door and step inside our Cosy Christmas Wonderland, (also know as our sitting room :) )

We decorated our sitting room last week :) I like to really go to town on our sitting room, making it look extra cosy and Christmassy :) We put a few more decorations around the house, but the sitting room is where most of them go, and I love it :)


We actually have more decorations than this in our sitting room, streamers on ceiling, snowmen on the window sill, my crochet gingerbread house on the tv, tinsel and decorations on the photos, they are all over, and I absolutely adore been in this room, with the fire on, lamp lit, and the tree lights sparkling, it is so cosy, so Christmassy and so lovely, I feel completely happy when in this room, I wish we could leave the decorations up all year round :) Absolute cosy, Christmassy bliss :)

Have you put yours up yet? I am really looking forward to looking through my favourite blogs and seeing all your lovely Christmas tree’s and decorations :)

We are nearly all done and prepared now for Christmas, the house is decorated, most of the presents have been bought and are put away ready to wrap, I am nearly done on my Christmas crochet gifts, I am going to make a start soon on some trial runs for my Christmas baking, so all that is left to do really is to send out the cards (most of them are wrote out ready to send), get the rest of the pressies in and wrap them all, do my Christmas baking and cleaning (which I will start on about a week before Christmas) and get our Christmas grocery shopping in (again, about a week before Christmas) and we are all done :)

As you can probably tell, I like to be organised, and I have a To Do notebook :) I feel very happy as I am ticking off all the things I have wrote in my To Do book :) I adore Christmas, and I like to make the most of it, so I like to be very organised at this time of year, and keeping a  To Do books helps me to to that :) I have already wrote out crochet gift idea’s to make for next Christmas, lol, I plan on making an early start on them next year, so I can make more, and so that the things I make are better than what I have made this year, as this year, I started on my crochet Christmas gifts quite late, so am only making simple things, as I do not have the time now to be making fancy things, but next year I will :) And on that note, let me show you the recent Christmas crochet gifts I have made and am making :)

I have crocheted for my dad and Pam, matching slippers :)

They love anything like this, so I thought it would be a great idea to do them matching pairs, I can just see them sitting together on Christmas night with their matching slippers on, very snug under the blanket I crocheted for them (shown in the previous post ) :)

I made Pams slippers quite girly, with a pretty flower on the front

And I have kept my dads quite manly looking, with them been brown and trimmed in grey

I do hope they like them :) I am currently crocheting a big, double size blanket for my mother and father in law, to go on their bed, to give them extra warmth on these cold winter nights :) I am crocheting it in mainly green to match their bedroom, but with some pastel colours thrown in too, I have been working on this for 8 days now, and am half way done :)

I have done this blanket in simple stripes, for quickness really, as with it been so close to Christmas, I did not want to risk doing anything more fancy and time consuming just in-case I did not have the time to get it finished, wrapped and give to my in laws on Christmas day, but next year I will make them (and my dad and Pam ) a fancier blanket :)

So, thats it for my Christmassy part of this post :) What else have I been doing, well now, let me see :) I have cleaned my in laws huge sitting room rug for them, and cleaned their windows to save them doing it, I have been watching Christmas films at every spare moment I get, and I have been loving watching I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Does anyone else watch this? I love it, and I have also been enjoying watching the X Factor and can not wait for the final (I want Marcus or Amelia to win :) ), and I have been browsing the BBC website to see what they are showing this Christmas, and there is plenty to keep me happy, Dickensian things, cookery shows, comedy shows, here is the link so you can see what the BBC has to offer us this Christmas, I have been shopping and cleaning, going for fresh winters walks, and baking too :)


I made this cake the other day and adore the pink glitter on it :)

It is a lemon sponge cake, filled and topped with lemon butter icing, and decorated with little sweeties and edible pink glitter :)

I am in love with edible glitter now, lol :)

And thats it for this post :) I am going to do some cleaning and ironing today, then get myself all snug and cosy, wrapped up in my granny square blanket on the settee, in our Cosy Christmas Wonderland, and carry on crocheting my in laws blanket while watching lovely Christmas films, then tonight, hubby and I, and all 4 of our lovely animals, will get nicely settled in the most festive room on our house, and have a lovely and cosy night together, I LOVE this time of year, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your wonderful comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

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    You are a real joy to read :)

  2. #2

    Thank you so much Lynn, I am pleased you enjoy reading my posts :) xxx

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    Your living room is a true ‘winter wonderland’. We used to have the same red leather chair as I spied in your photo.
    The cake looks delicious. I’m better as pastry than cakes – this weekend’s tally was 3 apple pies, 12 mincepies and a tray of flapjack, all very good for the waistline! (but I did take some to my sister’s)
    I’m sure everyone getting one of your handmade gifts this year will be delighted, love the slippers.
    I used to watch Celeb but went off it last year. I love romcom films, cookery, comedys and programmes which make me smile or weep! Also anything featuring Gareth Malone, his latest series with the Military Wives Choir was the best yet. They should clone him and distribute them to every community, such an inspiration.
    Carol xx

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    Pom Pom 

    Hi Melanie!
    I love to read all about your organization! Good job! Your sitting room looks lovely! I have not decorated our tree yet. I hope I can do it soon.
    I adore the slippers! I wish I could find that pattern!
    Take care and have fun!

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    Hiya Carol :) I am pleased you like our festive decorations :) Yip, we have the settee and little arm chair to match the leather settee in the photo, all very comfy :)
    Thank you for your kind compliments about my cake :) I like to make pastry things too :) You have done a lot of cooking this weekend, wow!!!! I love apple pie and flapjack, yum :) I bet your sister loved you taking some of your baking around to her house :)
    I am hoping everyone likes their handmade gifts this year, I will try to make better things for everyone next year :)
    I too love romcom films, and comedies and cookery, :) And of course period drama’s :) I have never seen anything by Gareth Malone, I will have to look out for his things on tv.
    Thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

    Hiya Pom Pom :) Lol, yes, I like to be organized :) Thank you for your lovely compliments about our sitting room, it is my favourite place to be right now :) I am looking forward to seeing your tree and decorations :) Thank you for liking the slippers, it is from a pattern on the Redheart website, I love this website, so many good patterns on there :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

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    Oh my goodness Melanie,you certainly do LOVE Christmas don’t you,your house looks so festive with all your decorations! I know what you mean about leaving them up all year. It seems such a short time and then they have to come down again :0( I especially love the knitted Nativity characters,so sweet! I’m going to start putting mine up this coming weekend.I bought an artificial tree last year,but it wasn’t the same,so I’m getting a real one this time…I love the smell..not all the needles dropping though! Cake looks yummy.I made one today,as my Mum came over for was a sponge but I put Nutella in the mixture,and filled it with apricot jam,and it was delicious! :0)

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    Hiya Bellaboo :) I do indeed love Christmas, lol :) Thank you for your kind compliments on our decorations and my crocheted Nativity :)
    I hope you have fun putting your tree and decorations up this weekend. Yes, the smell of real tree’s is lovely, I love them, but we stick with an artificial tree, more practical with 4 pets in the house :) Your cake sounds delicious, I bet your mam really enjoyed it :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

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    Hi Melanie,Your living room looks gorgeous,so cosy.I love your crochet slippers that you have made.You are clever. Thankyou for the link over to the BBC,I’m going to go over and check it out now.I hope theres something a little old fashioned,some sort of period drama or something..I’m missing Larkrise soooo much ,:O( Love your cake ,that glitter icing looks so magical.Take care,love julie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hiya Julie :) Thank you for your lovely compliments on our sitting room :) I love to sit in here of an evening, it is very cosy indeed :) And thank you for your kind words on the slippers too :) On the BBC over Christmas there is a few Dickensian things on that I am looking forward to watching, I do like a good Charles Dickens adaptation :) I am missing LRTC too! I wish the BBC had never cancelled it, it was a wonderful series! I am loving the edible glitter, I will be covering everything in it before long, lol :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment, take care :) xxx

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    Oh how lovely Mel ! Your house looks even cosier: I didn’t know it was possible. Alex and I went for a huge artificial tree this year. It is gorgeous: nothing like a lovely christmas tree to make one happy! God bless you. xxx

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    Hiya Ellie :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment on our home, you know I try to make our home as cosy as possible, and I can really indulge on this at Christmas time :) I hope you enjoy decorating your tree and get great pleasure from sitting back and admiring it :)
    God Bless and take care :) xxx

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    Your home looks so lovely cosy and the cake looks absolutely delicious. Have a lovely Christmas xx

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    Thank you Rosie :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas too :) xxx

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    Everything looks so inviting, you work overtime in making a house your home.
    The cake looks yummy.
    Mel, I’m sorry I didn’t get your card out when I had planned I should do a notebook too it might help especially with so much going on.

    Love the crocheted nativity. have you tried donkeys and cows?

    Going to D C for the holidays I’ll have picts to put on when I get back.

    Merry Christmas to you and your hubby.

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    Hiya Barb :) Thank you :) That is so kind of you, I like to make our house a home :)
    And I love baking too :)
    Please dont worry about the card :)
    I have not tried crocheted cows and donkeys yet, maybe next Christmas :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in DC :)

    Merry Christmas Barb, I hope you have a fabulous one :) xxx

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