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Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all the best for 2012 :)

We had a very nice Christmas, we enjoyed spending time with one another and family, and everything was just lovely :) Everyone liked their crochet presents I made them I am pleased to say, so everything was just perfect :)

John and I received some wonderful gifts, I will show you some of the lovely things I got, but also, we received Christmas money too from family, and I spent mine on wool, lol, I have not took photos of all the wool I bought, but lets just say I bought a lot :)

On Christmas Eve I baked John and I  quiche for our supper, yum…

and we enjoyed a very lovely Christmas Eve together, then on Christmas morning, John got up first and left me to sleep a while longer in bed, bless him, then he came up to wake me, and we went downstairs and into the sitting room, and I was greeted with this…

John had lit all the candles in the sitting room, put the fire and tree lights on, to make the whole room look so cosy, warm, welcoming and festive, and there on our little table was my morning cup of coffee, isn’t he lovely!!!

So we enjoyed a lovely Christmas morning together, drinking our cuppas, opening our pressies, seeing our lovely animals all excited at their pressies we got them, it was perfect. Among the presents I got from my darling John were some wonderful crochet books….

This crochet border book which I love, and have took photos of my favourite border patterns from it…

(sorry that the pics are blurry :) ) and also these 2 wonderful crochet books..

I plan on making a blanket using the squares from these books, then adding a border from my border book :) John also kindly got me a lovely Christmas Crochet book, a Christmas recipe book, and Peggy Coles Countryside Year (by Peggy Cole) and English Cottage Interiors book, I love them :)

So we had a lovely morning, then my dad and Pam arrived and we all had Christmas breakfast together which was lovely and exchanged gifts, here are some of the things I got from my kind dad and Pam…

( in the back ground of the above photo is a snuggie blanket which I love :) )

I also got some lovely smellies and choccies, and this absolutely gorgeous quilt…

I love absolutely everything, we are so very lucky :) Once we had all exchanged presents and had a lovely morning together, we went to Johns parents to exchange gifts with all the family and to have yummy Christmas dinner.  Then John and I came home and enjoyed a lovely Christmas night together, perfect :)

On Boxing Day, I started crocheting a blanket with the wool I bought with my Christmas money. It is a blanket I have been wanting to make since the summer, when I first saw it on the tv series, True Blood, so on Boxing Day, with all Christmas crochet gifts done, I started to make it. I posted on Ravelry asking if anyone had a pattern for this blanket, and someone did, so I am following that pattern. Here are some screen grabs of the blanket in True Blood…

I have crocheted the 35 pink centre flower squares so far, and today I will make a start on the 28 white centre flower squares, here is what I have done so far…

here are the 35 squares I have done, though it does not look like there are 35 there does it, lol, but there is :)

I really love this pattern, I am loving making the squares for this gorgeous blanket :)

And on that note, may I wish you all a Happy New Year again, and thank you for reading my blog and leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

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    Oh my goodness — so much loveliness! Beautiful cosy home, so many pretty gifts and wonderful books, and the True Blood blanket (that doesn’t sound right, does it ;) is looking so very pretty!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

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    Hi Melanie,
    Happy New Year!

    Looks like you have had a lovely christmas with some lovely presents. Your front room looks very cosy on Christmas morning.
    I am trying to get back into blogging for the new year. Hope we can catch up soon.

    Sarah x

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    Hi Gigi :) Happy New Year :) Thank you for your lovely comment :) We did have a lovely Christmas and were very lucky with all our gifts, and I am loving making the True Blood Blanket, lol :) xxx

    Hi Sarah :) Happy New Year :) We had a wonderful Christmas, and it was so snug and cosy sitting in our candle lit sitting room on Christmas morning :) I am looking forward to seeing some new blog posts from you, and catching up with you too :) xxx

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    What a sweetie your lovely man is! What a sight to greet you on Christmas Day…wonderful!
    Your gifts are you will be sleeping in a bed of roses…how romantic!
    *Happy *New *Year * ! to you and your family Melanie,it’s going to be a busy one with all those crochet books you’ve got!

    Have fun! :0)

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    Hi Bellaboo :) Yes, John is such a sweetie, I love him to bits! it was wonderful been greeted by a candle lit room on Christmas morning :) I love our new quilt, it certainly is romantic looking :) Thank you for your lovely comment, and a Happy New Year to you and yours too :) Yes, it will be a busy one for me, with all my lovely crochet projects, good job I love to crochet :) xxx

  6. Happy New Year Melanie! :)

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    Hi Melanie, wonderful Christmas presents, sounds like you had a lovely time.
    Your blanket is coming on very quickly, it is a lovely pattern, look forward to seeing it finished.
    Thank you for your good wishes, hope that 2012 brings you and yours peace, health and happiness.
    Carol xx

  8. WOW!!!!What wonderful pressies:))))
    Cant wait to see pics of your wooly haul!!!!
    Best wishes to you all

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    Oh Mel, what a lovely Christmas morning you had. Well deserved as well :) And your presents are gorgeous. You can see that the people who got them for you really spent time finding something you’d like. And I can’t wait to see this blanket finished! x

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    Thank you Vivienne, Happy New year :) xxx

    Hi Carol :) We did have a lovely Christmas, all back to normal now though, I took the tree and decorations down last night.
    I loved the blanket the very first time I saw it on telly, so am very excited to be crocheting it :)
    Thank you for your good wishes too, heres to a happy 2012 :) xxx

    Hi Issy :) Thank you for your lovely comment, I may take photos of all the wool I bought and put it on here, but it is all put away now, apart from the wool I am using on the blanket I am crocheting right now :) Thank you for your best wishes, and a Happy New Year to you :) xxx

    Hi Ellie :) Thank you for such a nice comment :) Christmas Morning was lovely with all those candles lit, John is so wonderful :) We love our pressies, they are such thoughtful gifts which makes them all the more special :) I am looking forward to posting my finished blanket on here, and to seeing it all finished too :) xxx

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    Happy New Year!!!

    What a fabulous way to wake up on Christmas morning!

    Victoria xxx

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    Happy New Year Victoria :) It was indeed a fabulous way to wake up on Christmas morning :) xxx

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    Pom Pom 

    I’d like to see a picture of all the wool!
    Everything looked so pretty for Christmas! Have you taken down all your decorations or are you going to wait a bit?

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    Hi Pom Pom :) Lol, I may take a photo of all the wool for my next post, but a lot of it is getting used right now on that blanket I am crocheting :)
    All the decorations are down now, and packed away until November :) xxx

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    what lovely gifts you got, but saying that what lovely gifts you gave!! your home looked gorgeous and christmassy!! and LOVE the true blood crochet blanket your making- it is fab

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    Hi Neen :) I did get some really wonderful gifts :) Thank you for your lovely compliment on our home and the blanket I am making :) xxx

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    Hi Mel,so glad you had a lovely Christmas.Happy new Year! to you both too. I love all of your Christmas pressies,love,love,love the look of your new crochet books ;O) What a lovely pattern on the new blanket it is so pretty.Hope your keeping well,lots of love ,juliexxx

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    Happy New year to you too Melanie and warm wishes for 2012.

    Nina x

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    Hi Julie :) Happy New Year to you and yours too :) I am loving the crochet books, the patterns in them are fab, especially the borders one :) And the new blanket I am currently crocheting I am loving too, and can not wait to see it all done and sewn together :) I hope your keeping well too, thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

    Hi Nina :) Thank you, Happy New Year to you too, and all the best for 2012 :) xxx

  20. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to come by to wish you a very Happy New Year Melanie. Wonderful photos as always!

    My goodness it’s cold here this weekend. Keep warm and all the best to you and John for 2012.

    Ali x

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    Hiya Ali :) Happy New Year to you and yours and all the best for 2012 :)
    It is freezing here too, we have had a hard frost on the ground these past few days. I hope your keeping warm too :) xxx

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