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Hello everyone :) I hope you are all feeling well on this fine Summers day :) This is a catch up post, I have lots to share with you :)

Do you like the floral arrangement above? Myself, and a few others made it in this months Women’s Guild meeting :) We were all shown, by our lovely Chairwoman, how to arrange flowers, as she is an expert and is a member of a flower club, then, 4 people, including me, were selected to be heads of a team, and we 4 had to then go and choose another 4 members to be in our team, once we did that, the heads of the team were given a bunch of flowers each, and what we had to do was, each member of the team took something from the bunch, and placed it in the wet oasis that was set out on a table infront of us, thus creating a floral arrangement :) It was fun, and I enjoyed it, and my team kindly voted for me to take the floral arrangement home, which I did, and I love it :)

It was a great night at the Guild, the Chairwoman kindly brought in some old copies of the Guilds magazine for me to bring home with me, and I have read them all already, and they are great magazines…

and with the Country celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee this month, and with the Guild been very big on the Royals ( The Queen was once a Patron for the Guild, and now Princess Ann is, and at the end of each meeting, God Save The Queen is sung ), we were all given a present in honour of the Jubilee! How lovely is that! All the members in our Guild were given a tin of Ringtons Tea, I do not know what the members of the other Guilds up and down the Country got, but I know that the members in our local Guild, including myself, were very happy with their Jubilee presents :) Here is the tin of tea…

and even the packet inside the tin, containing the teabags, is a special Jubilee packet :)

And whilst on the subject of the Jubilee, my kind dad and Pam kindly bought John and I a Jubilee pressie too, a tin of biccies :) So we can drink Royal Tea, whilst eating Royal biccies, lol :) ..

I really enjoyed all the Jubilee celebrations, and watched all the coverage on TV, it was wonderful :) And I really enjoyed this months Guild meeting :)

I thought I would share with you all a book I have recently bought…


I love the Country Diary series, and someone on Ravelry told me about this book, and how it has crochet patterns in it, so I just had to get it! The photos in this book are delightful!…

I can not wait to make a start on some of the patterns in this book :) And speaking of patterns, would you like to see my latest crochet? Well, remember in the last post, I showed you the Venetian 1914 Opera Bag I was crocheting, as a possible contender for one of the County Shows I am entering this year? Well, I have finished it, and love it! I love it so much, that this is the bag I am going to enter, but I am re-crocheting it in white thread, which is better quality, and will line it in a pink, or blue satin like material, and that will be my bag entry for the Show :) But here it is, my trial run version of the bag :)

And some detail shots of this bag :)

So that is the bag I am currently re-crocheting, ready for entering into the Seaburn Show :) I had crocheted 2 bags, and chose between the two which to re-do and enter, here is a photo of the two bags together…

So the little one, is the other bag I was thinking of entering..

But I think I have made the right decision in deciding to re-do and enter the Venetian bag, out of the two :)

I have also just finished crocheting an entry for the other County Show I am entering in September :) This entry is for the craft section, under the category ‘Something to commemorate the Jubilee’, so I have crocheted a filet doily, to commemorate the Jubilee :) Here it is blocking….

And once it is blocked, I will mount it, and then put it away until September, to then enter into the Show :) So the Show where this doily is getting entered, I only have one more thing to crochet for this particular show, as I am only entering 2 pieces of crochet into this one, the doily above, and a small dressed doll, as stated in the schedule, so I will crochet an outfit for my favourite childhood doll, my Tiny Tears doll, and enter that too :) The other Show I am entering, where I will be entering the bag, I still have that bag to finish, and also a flower corsage, a hat with a side decoration, and perhaps a Christmas tree skirt to crochet too :)

And another thing I have crocheted, which was just for fun, for a Garden Themed CAL/KAL I started in one of my groups on Ravelry, is this….

A cute little fairy :) The CAL/KAL was to make anything you associate with a garden, and just for fun, I crocheted a flower fairy :)

Speaking of Ravelry, I am also having a Lark Rise To Candleford Read Along, and Watch Along, in the LRTC group, so if you are on Ravelry, please feel free to join, and to also join in with the CAL and KAL that are going on in the Thriftiness group :)

I think I have caught up now, on all my latest bloggy news, lol :) I am actually unwell right now, I have caught this flu that is going around, so am feeling quite under the weather :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, thank you for leaving your lovely comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)




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    I love visiting here :)
    You are so clever – good luck with the shows.

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    Hi Melanie, lots of wonderful creations, lovely to be able to look at all your work.
    I’m sure your beautiful bag and doily will do really well at the shows.
    Hope you are soon feeling better.
    Carol xx

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    You never cease to amaze me. You are so talented Mel, I’m so glad you’ve joined this group of ladies so others in your community can now and see your talent.
    The tea tin commemorating your Queen was a lovely gift from them and the biscuits from your dad and pam as well.
    I love the opera bag you made the right choice, everything else is wonderful too.
    Feel better soon, kick back and enjoy your LRTC while you heal.

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    Pom Pom 

    Hi Melanie! Oh, I loved reading about the Jubilee! I enjoyed the whole thing via my bloggy friends!
    Your bag is a work of art! WOW!
    Yes, I am joining you on Ravelry. I have a smaller copy now (not so heavy!) and I love it so much! You are the one who told me about Lark Rise!
    Love love love! :)

  5. #5

    Hi Lynn :)

    Thank you so much for your kind compliments, and your good luck wishes :) I am so pleased you enjoy visiting my blog :) Take care, and I hope you’re having a great week :) xxx

    Hi Carol :)

    Thank you so much :) I am pleased you like to look at my work all at once, you normally see it on Ravelry, lol :) It will be fun entering the Shows :) Thank you for your get well wishes :) xxx

    Hi Barb :)

    What a lovely thing to say, thank you :) I love going to the Guild, it is wonderful :) I love our Jubilee gifts, and will keep them forever :)
    Thank you for the get well wishes, I think I will do as you suggest, and relax whilst watching LRTC, and getting better :) xxx

    Hi Pom Pom :)

    I am so pleased you enjoyed reading about the Jubilee here, and that you enjoyed it via your bloggy friends :) Thank you for saying my bag is a work of art :) I am pleased you are joining in the LRTC Alongs on Ravlery, it will be fun all sharing our thoughts and feelings on it :) I am so pleased you love LRTC so much, as you know, I am a huge fan :) xxx

    I hope everyone is having a lovely day :) xxx

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    Hello Melanie,

    Hope you are feeling so much better. I love the tin and biscuits you received, a real keeper. Your crochet is stunning, love the filet one of Elizabeth, I am sure it will win a prize in the show.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. #7

    Hi Bev :)

    Thank you, I am feeling a little better now :) I know, I just love the tea and biccies, the tins are fab, and I will keep them always :) Thank you so much for your kind compliments on my crochet, I am looking forward to entering the Shows :)
    I hope you’re having a lovely day :) xxx

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    Claire Down Under 

    Hiya Melanie, thanks for sending me the link to your blog. My goodness I can’t believe all those beautiful pieces of art that you’ve created! The opera bag is especially stunning and I bet it will look absolutely amazing in the white thread. What a talented girl you are!! Good luck with all the shows and it was lovely catching up with you and John last Saturday :-) Take care and all the best. Love Claire :o ) xoxo

  9. #9

    Hiya Claire! :)

    Thank you so much :) And thank you for the good luck wishes, I’ll let you know how I get on :)

    It was lovely seeing you all again last weekend :)

    Take care

    Love Melanie :) xxxxx

  10. Hello……loved reading your latest post…….it’s really nice to see what people from my hometown are upto!

    Did you check your rav messages. I would like you to crochet me a little something in black for special show I am attending. I can pay u with paypal if you want?
    Thank you!

  11. Hello……loved reading your latest post…….it’s really nice to see what people from my hometown are upto!

    Did you check your rav messages. I would like you to crochet me a little something in black for special show I am attending. I can pay u with paypal if you want?

    Hope you are well …….sorry if this message posts twice as I’m having problems with my android!

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    Hi Melanie,I was only thinking of you the other day and have been meaning to pop by,I hope all is well? Sorry its been a little while,love all the jubilee things wasnt it great? Your crochet skills are amazing and I LOVE the fairy doll its sooo cute :) Hope Your summers been lovely?Take care love JulieXxx

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    p.s. How do you join the LRTC as You know I’m a huge fan,I’m I too late?Xxx

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    Yey, the blog is back :D Your entries are just beautiful, and I can’t believe your opera bag only came 2nd!!! It is way more beautiful than the jumper, anyway it is to me!!!

    And that’s one big mountain of wool, but you did so well to take advantage of the sales. I would have done the same, and would have probably tried very hard to save on food just so I could spend more on wool :)

  15. #15

    Oh no, I commented on the wrong post….. Ooops, sorry!

  16. #16

    Lol, no problem Ellie :)

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