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A few days ago, I finished crocheting this little cutie, which is in actual fact the very first toy I have crocheted for our little one :)

She is inspired by the wonderful mice of Brambly Hedge, and since there are no patterns available to crochet these lovely mice, I had to make one up myself, I’m quite pleased with how she has turned out, and our baba seems to like her too :)

Mrs Mop will live in our baby girls bedroom, until she is old enough to play with her, Mrs Mop will be kept forever, our baby’s first toy crocheted by her mammy :)

And speaking of toys, I am currently crocheting another toy, again of my own pattern as I can not find a pattern for this toy anywhere,

Do you know what this toy is going to be? Here is a clue, it is a very traditional, old fashioned toy :)

In-between crocheting, I have been enjoying spending time with our beautiful baby, how I love this girl so much!

She fills our lives with such joy!

Our gorgeous animals have been enjoying warm, cosy days, all snug at home,

As have I, with refreshing pots of tea,

Life is good :) x

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    Im so happy for you, love mrs mop, you are so clever :) is the new toy going to be a clown or teddy maybe? Enjoy every minute of these precious days dear friend xxx

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    Thank you so much Julie, I really enjoyed crocheting Mrs Mop :) Nope, not a clown or a teddy, good guesses though :) I hope you are having a lovely day x

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    Ahh – you have a baba! How wonderful! Haven’t been on Rav for months, have been very unwell (not because of pregnancy – my youngest is 31!) then I find your blog again with this amazing news. You’re going to be a fantastic mama and have such fun with your baby girl. I love the toys you’re making for her – she’s going to love them. I’ve got 2 guesses for the new toy: a gollie or gnome. Happy new year to you all. xxx

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    Hi Deborah :) So sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you are feeling much better now. Yes, we have a baba, it is wonderful! I love been a mam :) You guessed right, he is a gollie :) I hope you are having a lovely day x

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    Pom Pom 

    So cute! Your babe will be rich in sweet soft toys! Her little hands are so precious.

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    Thank you Pom Pom, I am really enjoying crocheting for our little one :) x

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    Pom Pom 

    You are so kind to your animals. You never complain about the extra work. I love that! Your little angel LOVES her mama. What a blessed baby she is!

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    Thank you Pom Pom :) We love our animals very much, wouldn’t be without them :) Our Little J is just amazing, we love her so, so,so much :) x

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