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I love Woman’s Weekly magazine. It is a British institution in my humble opinion, this magazine has been going strong for over a hundred years, to this day it still has a huge, loyal following. I think the success of this magazine is because it covers a little bit of everything, health, beauty, the home, fashion, gardening, fiction, crocheting, sewing and of course, knitting, and it has always been thus, this magazine has been here for us women, helping us, guiding us, for so many years, and I think it will continue to do so for many, many more years.

As well as the iconic weekly magazine, Woman’s Weekly also do specials, they do a fiction special, craft special, knitting and crocheting special, at Christmas a special Christmas special is released, a gardening and health special now and then, and now, my favourite of the specials is well on it’s way, and that is A Vintage View.

I have mentioned this magazine briefly before, but this here post is dedicated to, what is to me, the best magazine on the shelf at the moment.

A Vintage View is a monthly magazine, and at the moment, issue 3 is out. Each issue covers a decade, so the first issue covered from 1910-1920, the second issue covered the 1920′s, and the current issue ( which is my favourite so far ) covers the 1930′s, and also has a vintage wedding special thrown in too, what could be better! This magazine will cover each decade up to the 1980′s, so it is a collection, and I am an avid collector! I am very much looking forward to the 1950′s ( my favourite decade ) magazine been released in June :)

I have took a few photos of the current issue ( the photos are not that good, I do apologise for them, but you can still see how wonderful this magazine is through these photos ), to let you see the kind of magazine it is. Everything from A Vintage View has been taking from the Woman’s Weekly archives, even the vintage adverts which I love!

The front cover is tantalizingly tempting! A little peek to the delights inside….

Picnicking 1930′s style, how glamorous!

Sewing, crocheting and knitting within it’s pages.

Fantastic vintage ads, I particularly love the advert for the Micky Mouse Night Light :)

And of course the wonderful Vintage Wedding Special…

With plenty of Royal Weddings there, fabulous!

Yes, this magazine is fantastic! Go out, buy yourself a copy, make a nice cup of tea, put your feet up, and enjoy this wonderful magazine :)

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    Pom Pom 

    Oh, I wish I could get it here. I might be able to find it but it’s probably prohibitively expensive.
    You always share the BEST stuff, Melanie!
    I hope you and your sweet family are doing well!

  2. #2

    I really hope you can get it Pom Pom :-) thank you so much for your lovely comment, I think annew post is long overdue xx

  3. Melanie! I finally caught up with you, thanks to Barb. Last I heard from you, you and John were expecting your first child. And I see you had a girl. I’ve been looking at the photos here and my goodness, isn’t she an absolute angel! Congratulations to you both.

    Now, having found your blog again, I’m going to bookmark it.

    Ali x

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    Hi Ali! Lovely to hear from you! :) Thank you so much, Little J is an absolutely wonderful baby, we’re smitten!
    I hope you’re keeping well, speak soon :) x

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