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( Gentle Warning :- Picture Heavy Post :) )


Goodness me, where does the time go! It does not seem like 5 minutes since the last time I blogged, yet since then Julia has been Christened and celebrated her 1st birthday, we’ve been super busy decorating the house ( and still are! ), and now we’re into Autumn and thinking about Christmas!

Julia has two teeth now, is crawling all over, and walking ( holding onto furniture ), and my clever girl has taken her first steps unaided! Really, where does the time go, it only seems like last week since she was newborn, and now, she is a toddler!

We’ve been enjoying trips to the Catherine Cookson museum 

I watched Baby Boom, a film I love but had not watched in years! Loved it!

( I want to live in that house, and cook baby food in that kitchen! )

( I want to shop in shops like this! :) )

Love, love, love this film!!!!!!    

Julia and I have been watching the beautiful Beatrix Potter cartoons together,

I’ve crocheted the No Sweat jumper by Doris Chan , kind of enjoyed crocheting it, but pleased it is finished

Tonight I am going to begin crocheting Julia an orange cardigan and a pumpkin hat to go with her Halloween outfit :)

And we’ve been having lots of fun, playing with Julia’s new toys, even the doggies want join in! They’re never far from Julia’s side, Foxy and Scrappy both adore Julia,



Julia is always smiling, she is such a happy baby, I love her so much!

We’re a happy house :)

And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Weekend xxxxxxx


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    Bev C 

    Hello Melanie,

    Belated Happy Birthday to Julia, she has such a lovely smile. I haven’t heard of that film, must check it out. Good luck with your decorating etc.

    Happy days.

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    Hi Bev, thank you, can’t believe she is one already!
    It’s a really lovely film, I’m going to watch it again soon,
    Thanks, wish the decorating was finished but we’ve a canny bit to do yet :O
    Hope your having a nice day :-) x

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    Good to see you blogging again. Julia is absolutely gorgeous! She has a beautiful smile and you are right – the time just flies by! I can remember when my little son, Stan, was just starting to walk and now he is 15 and taller than me!!! Enjoy this precious time, it goes by sooo fast. xx

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    Hi Mia :)

    Thank you, it is good to be back blogging, and thank you for your kind compliments about Julia too :)
    I am enjoying every moment, as I know time goes by all too quickly! x

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