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I hope you all had a good Halloween :) We did, it was wonderful actually, we put Julia in her cute little pumpkin outfit

Then put her coat and hat I crocheted on her, nice and cosy

And we all went to see the illuminations on the seafront and park, including the pumpkin, lol

It was truly magical, the park was transformed into a magical wonderland and Julia was mesmerized, she was in awe with the lights and kept saying ‘wow!!!!’, love her so much!

And it was a perfect moon for Halloween too

Happy Halloween 2014 Everyone! :)

Julia’s books are arriving thick and fast now, and all are utterly perfect! I could not resist taking a few (ahem ) photos for you all to enjoy with us :)

The fabulous ‘ My Crochet Doll ‘ book also arrived, can’t wait to make dolly and her outfits from this for Julia :)

Maybe for Christmas :) And speaking of Christmas, I got these out to look through to seek inspiration, though I already have quite a few idea’s of things to crochet for Christmas

And tonight I’m going to watch Eloise At Christmas, I love Christmas films!!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, bye for now :)

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    Pom Pom 

    I’ve missed you so much! I love your Halloween! SO CUTE! Little Julia looks quite the happy girl!
    I don’t know about that movie! Must find it!
    Take care, good mama.

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    Lol, thanks Pom Pom :-)
    Halloween was great, hope you had a good one too :-D
    It’s a Disney film, canny good, , hopeyou get to watch it xx

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    Bev C 

    Hello Melanie,

    I must apologize I have lost your email address when I changed emails and I sent my last comment of yours to another person, can you let me know your present email address.
    Julia enjoyed the lights in the park, she has grown into a beautiful little girl. The crochet jacket looks wonderful. I wish now I had kept some of the Little Golden Books, they are such lovely books to read, so many wonderful pictures for the little one’s and adults to look at.

    Happy days.

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    Hi Bev :-)
    Not to worry, I’ll send it to you :-D
    She did, it was wonderful, we’ll definitely be going next year. Thank you, I love crocheting things for Julia. The little golden books are wonderful aren’t they, the pictures in them are so charming, love them!
    Hope you have a great weekend x

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