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Julia is keeping her glasses on now, with the help of a band, and she is becoming more and more used to them as the days go by, my heart melts when I look at her, she looks so blooming cute in those glasses!

I’ve being crocheting more jumpers for Julia, well….. it is jumper weather after all, I am currently crocheting a pink basket weave jumper for her which is working up lovely! I enjoyed crocheting the ones above. I also crocheted the little blue outfit Julia’s tiny 6 inch dolly is wearing, we bought this dolly as a stocking filler for her for Christmas but the outfit it had on was not too nice, so I crocheted the blue one, and as soon as Julia saw her little dolly in her new outfit, her eyes lit up and she started hugging her dolly, tightly into her neck, so sweet! I’ve also just recently crocheted Julia the pink bonnet, to go with a jacket she got for Christmas, our baby is staying warm and snuggly wearing her mama’s creations :)

We had a trip to our local museum and winter gardens, and Julia loved it! Last time we were there Julia was tiny and still in her pram, now, she is toddling, we took her out of her push chair and let Julia explore the museum, there were not many people there so Julia was able to run all over, looking at the exhibits and having a great time, we all loved it!

John made what we call a Julia cake, well he made 2 actually, a concoction of his including such delights as digestive biscuits, condensed milk, coconut and chocolate, delicious! He named this sweet creation in honour of his little girl :)

We’ve had a little snow last week, not much to write home about, but it was lovely seeing Julia’s reaction to it, she was amazed by these white flakes falling from the sky, and was looking at the window in wonder, saying ‘wow!’, I took her to the back door in my arms, and held out my hands to catch the flakes, Julia copied and was delighted by the fast melting snowflakes in the palm of her hand, my sweet baby girl!

I’ve been reading the Chicken Soup For The Soul books, the ones on motherhood and mother and daughters, I have just finished this one, and really enjoyed it, and now I am am reading this one, these are such wonderful books, and it seems there is a Chicken Soup For The Soul book for every occasion imaginable, so I shall not be running out of anything to read any time soon!

Today is a quiet family day at home, the kind of days I just love and look forward too, my beautiful little family, all enjoying spending time together.

I hope you too are having a lovely day xxx

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