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Hello Everyone :) I hope you are all keeping well and are enjoying the weather whatever you are getting at the moment, here it is quite sunny and mild today which is lovely, I can see soon I’ll be hanging the washing on the line to dry again instead of drying it in the tumble, I do like line dried washing. I have been quite busy of late, let me tell you what I have been busy doing :)

Busy looking after this little beauty :) I had her booked in to get her fringe trimmed to stop it going in her eyes, but had to cancel the appointment as something came up, so I’ll have to make another, she will not leave bobbles or slides in her hair while at home, so her fringe is constantly falling into her eyes!

I finished crocheting Julia’s basket weave jumper but it was too small ( even though I followed the pattern for Julia’s age ) so Julia’s teddy bear now has a lovely new jumper :) I’m now crocheting Julia another jumper, hopefully this one will fit! I have also just finished crocheting this teddy bear…


to give to Julia on Valentines Day, I shall wrap it up and she can open it Valentines Day morning, it is such a soft, squidgy cuddly teddy bear, I think she will enjoy snuggling this one :)

I have been busy baking all kinds, I made bread

cheese and tomato pinwheels


ginger shortbread with ginger icing made from a National Trust recipe book

and more bread, and a ginger cake with ginger icing for Sunday tea :)

I’ve been reading my Miss Read books again, I love Miss Read, she is definitely my favourite author! And I’ve been browsing some of my crochet books and looking at the stunning photographs in my English Cottage book, and watching the wonderful My Uncle Silas

I’ve also been watching the wonderful BBC series Wartime Kitchen and Garden with Ruth Mott and Harry Dodson on Youtube and really enjoying it! The full series is on Youtube.

Julia’s bedtime stories of late have been Beatrix Potter, we are both really enjoying reading these together, the books were mine when I was a little girl, the little books my dear grandad gave me when I was very young, maybe about 6 years old, and the larger book of complete tales my grandad gave to me when I was a little older, I treasure these books and am finding it wonderful that Julia is enjoying them too. We read the little books first and are now making our way through the bigger book

Well, that’s about it for now, thank you so much for reading, take care, bye for now :) x

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  1. Hello Melanie,
    What a lovely post, I see Ruth Motts book on the side.
    I can remember hair in the eyes of our little one’s, I used those mini bands in the girls hair. They have just had their first hair cut at age 5.
    Love Uncle Silas too, our cottage is similar which drew me to it.
    Your baking is wonderful.
    Fondly Michelle

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    Hi Michelle :-)
    Yes, I love Ruth Mott! I have the Victorian Kitchen and Wartime Kitchen books too.
    I was putting off getting Julias hair cut, but it is always falling in her eyes so it must be bugging her, I’ve tried those mini bands too but she always pulls them out. It is wonderful that you were able to hold off getting your girls hair cut until they were five!
    I too love Uncle Silas, his cottage is so snug and cosy ( as is yours ), I love the hamlet cottages in Lark Rise To Candleford too.
    Thank you, I love baking!
    Take care x

  3. I have those books too Melanie, just made the wartime chocolate pudding, I love baking too.
    I think H E Bates is one of my favourite authors, we have been down to the farm used for filming Darling buds & that is were Sidneys name came from.
    I have tried to add you to my blog list but it will bot work, maybe as it is not a blogger blog.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Fondly Michelle

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    Did you watch wartime kitchen on YouTube? I’m going to bake some brownies today, ready for tomorrow’s tea.
    How lovely to have visited the farm where the darling buds of may was set! I love that series, and ma larkins kitchen! I love how you have named Sidney after the buds of may!
    Oh dear, I wonder why my blog won’t add onto your Blogger list? That is strange, maybe it’s because it is not Blogger like you said but WordPress?
    I hope your having a lovely day
    Take care
    Melanie x

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    Pom Pom 

    You are baking up a storm, good girl! I love looking at pictures of your books. I am going to look that war program up on Youtube right now. I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, friend! :)

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    Hi Pom Pom :-) lol yes, the baking went down a treat! I love books and love posting about them too !
    I hope you enjoyed the wartime programme, I love it!
    Take care
    Melanie x

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