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Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening! How are you enjoying the Summer? Here in the UK,  we’re getting some nice days, and some not so nice days, so we are trying to make the most of thenice days  :) We went to a Roman Fort last week which was great, very interesting indeed, I love historical days out!

I wonder who this was in life? Every time we visit a museum, if there be human remains there, I always wonder about that persons life, who were they, what did they do in life, ect…


After seeing the living quaters for ordinary folk in this Roman Fort, I am quite certain that I definitely would not liked to have lived then!

We went to the sea front for chips after the Fort as we were close by and Julia loved her chips, a nice seaside treat :)

Last weekend I did some baking, apple pie, and jm tarts made with homemade strawberry jam, yum!

More books have been arriving, Christmas books for Julia, and two Alison Uttley books for myself, which I found going cheap on Amazon

Julia just loves the Cbeebies show, Katie Morag, so much so that we have treated her to the dvd, and book which the tv show is based on, the book we got her is the first four Katie Morag stories, so more will follow, as Julia just loves it!

I just love Katie Morag’s jumper! I plan on knitting Julia one when she is bit older :)

Speaking of knitting, I have finished the main part of Julia’s hearts and bunnies cardigan, and am now working on the sleeves, it is a little big, as I used DK instead of 4ply as stated in the pattern, but that is fine, it means it will fit Julia for longer :)

I love working on this cardigan at night! I am still crocheting the blanket for John’s mam and dad for Christmas, picking it up an doing a few rows every now and then.

At the moment I am reading again, for the umpteenth time, my all time favourite trilogy, Lark Rise To Candleford

I love these books and have read them so many times! These, as well as other books by Flora Thompson, the Miss Read books and Alison Uttley books are defiinitely my all time favourites! I am onto the last chapter of lark Rise, so tonight I’ll be starting Over To Candleford. I’ve also been watching Lark Rise To Candleford on dvd, and am just about finished series 2, I love wathing this beautiful, gentle period drama while knitting! This series is definitely one of my favourites to watch! This, along with Call the Midwife and The Darling Buds Of May are my favourite tv series :)

Well, I am going to print some patterns out just now whilst I am on the computer, and then get on with our day. I hope you all have  a lovely weekend!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog :)  

Take care, bye for now xxx

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    Pom Pom 

    I am so impressed with your knitting, Melanie! What skills you have! I always go back to Larkrise, too!
    I ate lots of chips when I was in New Zealand!

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    Thank you so much Pom Pom! :-) I’ve already got planned what I’ll be knitting next, matching Christmas jumpers for myself and Julia :-D
    Oh yes, Lark Rise is something I always go back too and never tire of,
    Chips are good aren’t they lol! I love a nice chippy chip! ( chips from the fish and chip shop :-) )
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I am so sorry I missed your post, I thought this morning about you & checked just now. Your day out looked great, we love anything like that.
    Your reading is wonderful, so many books choices.
    Love your knitting too Melanie.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Fondly Michelle

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    Hi Michelle :-) that’s ok, not to worry, I am due another blog post soon, it’s just getting round to doing it!
    Yeah, we all had a lovely day out,
    Yip, I have to have a book on the go all the time,
    Thank you, Julias cardi is done now and I’m knitting my Christmas jumper now :-)
    I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Interesting post. Missing you on ravelry. Nice to see you here!

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    Hi Patricia :-) thank you, I don’t go on ravelry much these days, only for patterns really.
    Hopefully I’ll be doing another blog post soon x

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    Pom Pom 

    Hello dear Melanie!
    I know you are a busy mum, though.
    How’s the knitting going? Whatcha watching?
    Any fun holiday plans?
    How are the animals?
    Baking cakes?
    Thinking of you, good girl.

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    Hello lovely, I was just thinking of you & thought I d pass by your blog, hope,you are all well. julia sgrown so much since I was lasthere . She s beautiful . Aww love all,the books you ve shown and a few of them i ve not read im going to,try at the library :) the hearts and bunnies jumper,is,amazing . Hope you can blog again soon and I,won t leave it so lomg to visit :) take care & best wishes julie xxx

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    Hi girls :-) thank you for your lovely comments, I will do a post soon, promise! Xxxx

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