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Hiya everyone. :) How are you all today on this rather sticky, clammy Sunday? I am doing great, I have just been to Church, enjoyed a lovely service and was made to feel really welcome (first time in this Church), it was lovely.

You will all be wondering who Whiskey is no doubt, well, Whiskey is our new kitten….

And this is how we came about giving her a home. Well, we did not plan on adopting another cat, what with 2 dogs and 1 cat already, we thought that was enough, but a friend of ours took dear little Whiskey in just before Christmas, she was crying at her door, only problem is, our friend does not like cats! But she persevered, kept her for about 7 months, then decided that she had to find her a new home, so she asked around, no one wanted her, so John and I took her in, and she has been with us since Tuesday night, and she has settled in perfectly, our other animals were wary and dubious of her at first, but they are all getting on wonderfully now, John and I love her to bits, she is part of the family. :)

For the past week, I have furiousley been crocheting granny squares, for my up coming settee throw, I have crocheted a canny few, but now I am running out of colour combo’s….

It is going to be such a tedious job sewing in all the ends, that is one thing I loathe about crochet. Do any of you have any suggestions for skipping this step, or making it quicker?

Also this week I have been devouring my Miss Read books, I finished reading Over The Gate, then read this one….

Then this one…

And then this one…

And now I am currently reading this one…

I love the cover to Tylers Row, is’nt that just a perfect kitchen, with its curtain under the sink, it’s patchwork curtains, basket of logs and a ginger cat drinking milk, I love it, so cosy and oldfashioned.

The other night I had the urge to do some knitting, I began knitting just before Christmas, and gave up on it just after Christmas, as I found it a tad slow, though I did enjoy doing it, so, the other night, I knitted up a plain square, to just refresh my memory, and I really enjoyed doing it, so I think I will take knitting up again….

Today, John and I are going to walk to Johns parents for yummy Sunday’s dinner, we will all sit around the big table together, eat and chat, then retire into the sitting room for a quiet Sunday afternoon. I will be taking my crochet, so I can make more squares……..

I have been thinking about joing the W.I, I did attend a few meetings of our local W.I, but this time, I am going to try another branch, and this branch also run a knit and natter group once a month, so I am thinking of joining that too, I will let you know. Do you attend any clubs, groups, societies ect…. I have been looking into joining quite a few, but I am at a loss for what to search for on the net, so any suggestions would be great, then I will see if they have that particular group ect…. in Sunderland. :)

I am so so please Spellbound won Britains Got Talent last night, they deserved to win, they were amazing.

I hope you all have a really lovely day, enjoy yourself, whatever you are doing.

Bye for now everyone, take care. xxx :) :) :)

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