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Hello Ladies, how are you today?

I believe I still have a touch of this virus, as one day I am ok, the next i feel poorly again! Sick of it now!

This week, we have been painting, and I baked a cake. I am going to call it Triple Choccie Cake, as it has 3 different types of choccie in it, normal cocoa in the sponge, nutella chocoalate spread in the middle, and melted cadburys chocolate on the top, and it was yummy, even if i do say so myself :) ……..

John was calling it death by chocolate cake, lol :)

Also this week, I finished putting the black border on all my granny squares, and have begun joining them together….

I can not wait for this throw to be finished, I think it will look lovely on our settee, very retro :)

I have been searching the web for images of 1950s style crochet dresses and skirts, and have found 2 images that I think look quite 50s, this skirt certainly does….

i love it, love how it flares, so I am going to try my level best to crochet one similar :) I also found this dress….

Kind of 50s dont you think? Anyway, I’ll be crocheting one similar, but with sleeves and a fuller skirt :)

While searching the web for 1950s hairstyles I found this wonderful picture…

This picture did make me laugh, substitute her knitting needles for a crochet hook, and it could be me, lol :)

John is working today, I am going to clean the house, then watch Miss Marple while crocheting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving comments.

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :) xxxxxx

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    Pom Pom 

    Oh my goodness! The cake looks scrumptious! The Darling Buds of May came in the mail and I am enjoying it! It’s so much like the film. These are the first three, the Pop Larkin chronicles. I think it’s so funny how the author describes Ma.
    Wow, your crocheted dresses are going to be lovely.
    I’m sorry that you are feeling a bit under the weather. You’ll be all well and in tip top shape when Neen comes. I bet you are excited about that!
    I like the black border around your g-squares!
    Have a lovely day. I am going to watch the first disk of Pride and Prejudice while I knit or crochet. I haven’t decided which yet! :)
    I am also reading Nella Last’s War. It’s good, good, good!

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    Thanks Pom Pom :) It is funny how H.E.Bates describes Ma, bless her :)
    I love P&P, I hope you enjoy watching it :)
    I have not read Nellas Last War, but have been meaning to get it, I may do now :) xxxxx

  3. Ooooh that cake looks delicious! I’ve used Nutella as a cake filling before and it’s perfect. Saves a lot of time making up a filling from scratch. If there’s any cake left over that’s a little stale (not very often with my family!) I like to cover it in evaporated milk, leave it for a few moments to absorb and then eat it for pudding. Nice nice nice.

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    Good idea, think I’ll try that Betty :) xxx

  5. Wow that cake looks great! ‘Death by chocolate’, what a way to go!! lol
    Love the black round the granny squares, it looks great. :)
    Have a good weekend.
    Vivienne x

  6. Sorry you are still feeling under the weather. I reckon some of that delicious cake dripping in chocolate will be a cure for all ills. I could just do with a piece right now. Love the granny squares and I reckon a skirt would look great in that design. Try wrapping your finished blanket around you to see how it looks! Miss Marple! Now that sounds like a good plan for a dull Friday evening. I think I’ll ferret around in my video stash and pull one out. I’ve watched tham all so many times but they make relaxing viewing and you can always do a bit of crochet (or knitting in my case) at the same time. Have a good weekend and try not to eat too much cake!

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    Death by chocoalte is a fab way to go, lol :) xxx

    A skirt may look good in that design, I’ll try out your idea :) I am definitely going to do some crocheting while watching Miss Marple, then I’ll watch Lark Rise, oh, and the cake is gone, lol :) xxx

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    Oh wow Melanie the cake looked so yummy! bet it was lovely with a coffee! I cant get over how wonderful the blanket looks! so retro baby!! the skirt and dress is amazing would love to see a mix of the two,
    love Neen

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    I saw that cake – and I just wanted some. Right now. Will have to get started on one so we can have some for afternoon tea.
    The black border looks great and the finished blanket will too.
    Have a great weekend Mel.
    P xx

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    Hiya Neen :) It was lovely with coffee, yum yum, he he :) Thank you for loving the blanket, I am trying my best to make it look retro :) The skirt and dress mixed would look good wouldnt it :) xxxx

    Lol Pam, I am addicted to chocolate, so I was in Heaven while eating the cake :) Thanks for complimenting my blanket, hope you have a great weekend too :) xxx

  11. Death by chocolate sounds about right, but it does look yummy! Hope you had a good weekend x

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    Lol, thank you Nicola, hope you have had a good weekend too :) xxx

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    Okay Melanie your Choccie cake looks sooooooooooooooooooooo delish! The pic of the woman in the hair dryer cracks me up. I remember when I was little and my Mother would be getting mine and my sister’s hair ready for our dance recitals. She would put our hair up in curlers then put that contraption on us! Too funny. Hope you feel better soon ;)

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    Thanks Kelli :) that piccie is so funny isnt it, love the contraption on her head though, and you’ve had first hand experience of it, lol :) xxx

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