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Hello everyone :)

How are you all on this bonfire night? Sick of hearing fireworks go off yet? I am because each time one goes off, Scrappy, our youngest dog, echos the bang with a bark, for each and every one, and it is driving us nuts!!!!

Anyway, this is going to be a very long post, with lots of piccies, so I suggest you go and make yourself a nice cuppa, grab a biscuit, get comfy, and lets begin :)

Halloween was lovely, John and I went to Johns parents for yummy dindin, and then we walked home in the dark, seeing lots of scary little munchins all dressed up in their costumes :) When we got home, we lit our Halloween jar lanterns, and Halloween Pumpkin Head, which we made the day before, and put them in the sitting room, turned off all the lights and watched a horror film, it was scary, but cosy at the same time :)

I hope you all had a really happy Halloween 2010 :)

This week has been seriously hectic, hence why I have not posted before now, every day has been packed full of things to do, but in between I managed to read my new Cath Kidston magazine

some lovely things in there, I can dream, lol :) I also got my settee throw finished and I have to say I am in love with it, I really am! I am so proud of it too, want to see?????

it is so warm and snuggly to sit on, honestly, sitting on this, with a blanket wrapped around you is pure cosy heaven!!!!

I also made some new cushion covers, on the sewing machine, using the gorgeous fabric I got from the Christmas fair a few weeks ago, and I edged them in crochet, I love these too :)

So our settee is all practically homemade now, lol, the throw, the cushions, every day our home is turning more and more into a homemade home, eat your heart out Kirstie Allsopp, lol, speaking of whom, I loved Kirsties Homemade Home this week and cant wait until next weeks :)

Whiskey had her op, bless her, and she is doing great…

Her wound is healing well, and she has been great all week, what a lovely, smiley cat she is :)

On Wednesday just gone I went to the W.I, and I really enjoyed it, the one I went to, I have been too twice before, last December and last January, but then  I stopped going, but I have missed it, so I thought I would attend this months meeting and I am really happy I did as I loved it, all the ladies remembered me, they were all lovely, chatty and smiley, and a great talk was on, a man who is a comedian/magician/ventrilaquist gave a talk about his 43 year career, then he did some magic tricks and a ventiliaquist act with his puppet dog, which was super funny and really entertaining :) The W.I has a little stall in their hall, selling bits and bobs, last time I bought a homemade knitting bag, which I still use to keep my current W.I.P in, and this time I bought a bag of smellies

a box of Harrods loose Christmas Spiced Tea…

and 3 issues of BBC Homes and Antiques magazines, they are the past 3 issues, including the current one that is out now…

and I got all that, for just £2.00, wow!!!! I had a bath using my new smellies today and they smell delightful :)

After the W.I, John collected me, we walked home, had a cuppa, then we had a trip to Dunelm Mill, and I bought some gorgeous, lovely, beautiful, fabulous things, ohhhhh, I could buy up that whole shop, love it!!!!! I got a lovely apple scented candle…

Gorgeous vintage rose tea towels…

Which I am going to add a crochet trimming onto

A gorgeous new bathroom set…

(please excuse the grouting, we need to retile), all these items were sold seperately, I thought I may aswell buy the set so they all match, I love them, the floral print is gorgeous on them, I also got a soap dish to go with them…

and a light pully…

Which we have not hung yet, lol. so last night, I cleaned all the bathroom and put our new things in, which I am loving :) I also added a lacey thingy onto the toilet, to try to pretty that up a bit, lol

Now all we need is a new shower curtain, new bath mats, and some floral towels, and the bathroom is done :)

Also from Dunelm, I bought the Ditsy Floral Seriously Soft blanket, which I have been longing for ever since I saw it on Bellacountrys blog

it really is seriously soft and I absolutely love it! I have just put it on the bed today, after changing the other sheets, so I can not wait to go to bed now, and sleep under its warm, pretty, snuggliness :)

Yesterday, John went into town to buy a new computer desk and chairs, and we have re-arranged all of the dining room now, and from now on, we will call it the computer room :) Anyway, when John came home, he had some pressies for me, bless him, he is so kind and thoughtful :) john bought me some new winter pyjamas and bedsocks…

and 2 new books!

I am wearing the cupcake pyjamas and stripey bedsocks now, and they are so warm and snuggly! I love them :) I read the books last night in bed, fabulous they are! The Made From Memories book contains 18 vintage inspired projects, and I will definitely be doing quite a few of them, and the knitting and crochet book has some great photos, illustrations, writing and patterns in, I would definitely recommend these books to any craft lover :)

Tomorrow, John and I are going to a jumble sale, and I can not wait, I love jumble sales :) So hopefully, I will have some fab bargains to photograph and share with you all :)

I am going to make myself a cuppa now, have a toffee cake, snuggle under the blanket and crochet while watching The Darling Buds Of May, a perfect Friday night :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave your wonderful comments :)

Take care everyone, bye for now :) :) :) :)

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